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A sex summit for us men who like men: SEXY TIME is a fun but substantial meeting of like-minded men (People Like Us), gathered to talk about sex in a positive and non-judgmental way. It is free-of-charge, discreet, and confidential. Free HIV testing will be offered too to all registered participants. COME! Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012 in a secret location near SM San Lazaro in Manila. Register here:

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  1. Cruiser Dude said on 28-02-2012

    Good move mitril…be Smart, Safe and Sexy.

  2. mitril said on 28-02-2012

    Hi Migs! I’ve been a frequent visitor on your site, and at first, I was really afraid to get tested for HIV. You were right when you said that it’s like a white elephant in the room, and so yester, I finally decided that enough was enough, so I went ahead and got tested today. It turned out to be negative, but I still need to come back after 2-3 months for another test since I last had sex in January. Reading your website has finally convince me that it’s better to know your status than to continue on with your life with that white elephant in your mind. Thanks again!

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