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You’re probably reading this because you’ve decided to go against the flow this Holy Week — while everyone else has shipped out of Metro Manila for some out-of-town fun, you are enjoying the bliss of an almost-empty city. What to do, what to do?

The Fabcasters and several other friends have decided the same. Dito rin lang kami ngayon sa Manila, and we’ve thought of staying at a hotel in the Ortigas area to have some wholesome fun together. Chikahan galore, meeting new friends, eating, movie marathon, konting unholy spirits (hehe!), etc — all on Good Friday to Black Saturday. Wanna join? Tara! We’re friendly and we like meeting open-minded and fun-loving friends! Email me at — taralets!

Comments (6)

  1. Raph said on 08-04-2012

    too bad. ngayon ko lang nakita.

    anyway, happy Easter!

  2. RetZej said on 06-04-2012

    sounds fun. so bored.

  3. mcnursie said on 05-04-2012

    ako din double pay sana pero double fun naman ito :mrgreen: sali na keo 😉

  4. el toro bumingo said on 05-04-2012

    I have work tonight, Maundy Thursday and tomorrow, Good Friday. Double-Pay :)

  5. Dexter said on 05-04-2012

    just beep me up where particular in ortigas. Heres my number 09277930277.. thanks..

  6. Dexter said on 05-04-2012

    Hi1 mi want to meet you guys and share some moments and hopefully having friends. thanks..

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