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Sixty-four award-winning authors and illustrators such as Michael Cunningham, Amy Bloom, Jacqueline Woodson, Terrence McNally, Gregory Maguire, Daivd Levithan, and Armistead Maupin, make imaginative journeys into their pasts, telling their younger selves what they would have liked to know then about their lives as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender people.


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  1. jiles said on 29-05-2012

    you are young and there’s a lot in store for you.

    be open. it is in this way you will appreciate life’s diversity more. there are so many things you may not seem to understand now, but trust me, embrace them anyway. because later it will all make sense.

    be brave. listen to me, when i was young i never was. now i realized how i wished i was brave back then. how i widhed i would have dared to do things im not comfortable of doing. and most of all, i realized that all those years, life has been so boring just because i chose not to be brave.

    do not be afraid to be yourself. because later in your life everything that has happened to you, and the things people say to you, shall pass and you will still find yourself still standing.

    relax lang bakla. kaya mo yan. :)

  2. Wel Lara said on 22-05-2012

    well, I’m still young.

    but I would still want to say something to my younger self!



  3. Dlan said on 17-05-2012

    Thanks for sharing. :) I needed that.

  4. Closer2Fame said on 15-05-2012

    Things I would tell my younger self..

    While being yourself, go out there, grab every opportunity and have as many friends as you can. You will never know whom you have most in common if you don’t test the waters and see where it runs. You can’t choose your family but you can always choose your friends

    Listen to the voice experience and it will equip you in your journey. Don’t always rely on experience to teach you but always keep an open mind. And yet, Don’t let anyone hinder you from exploring a possibility unless you find out the exact reason why.

    It’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. Learning to forgive will make life easier. Love yourself more than anything in the world and you will learn to love others even more.

    • Closer2Fame said on 17-05-2012

      By the way, Find your soul-mates! They could be anyone, anywhere and everywhere.. I’m sure there’s more than one. :-)

  5. el toro bumingo said on 13-05-2012

    I would tell my younger self to just enjoy college, don’t take it seriously. Chill out and hang out more, travel and take photography lessons.

    I would also tell my younger self to explore safe sex with other young, gorgeous guys :)

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