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Dear Migs,

Good day.

For so long a year now, i’ve been searching for a community or a site in the internet who could possibly enlighten me about my predicament.

I am a married person, happily married I must say. Before I got married, I am the playboy in our barkada. I enjoy alot having sex with 2, 3 or 4 girls at the same time. My sex life is a wild type puro adventure.

One day, my best friend admitted to me that he is a bi. And all those years that we’ve been friends he is in love with me and he’s been yearning to have me in bed. He opened up everything way back when we were in college. He made his admission on the eve of the Christening of his baby kung saan ako ang kinuha niyang Ninong. Migs that night I felt pity, if that is the right word to say, to my best friend. He’s been crying because for him it is hard to open his real person specially to me.

While consoling him Migs, something went “wrong?” that I cannot say no. He began touching my nipples and kissing me. I tried to stop him pero sinabi nya “ Ikaw na lang ang iregalo mo sa binyag ng anak ko” Migs I am terribly confuse, I pity and I don’t want to add insult to the situation that my best friend is in to. Thinking I have nothing to lose, Migs my best friend prevailed.

[pullquote]Migs iba pala talaga magpaligaya ng lalaki ang isang gay.[/pullquote] After that, tahimik lang ako… wondering why this happened. But then at the back of my mind, something crazy is going on. Migs iba pala talaga magpaligaya ng lalaki ang isang gay. I experienced something wild, something that has never been done to me before ng mga babaeng nakasama ko. I feel so special that night.

After a while, my best friend and his family left for Canada. Open pa rin ang communication namin. And occasionally nagpapadala ng regalo ang best friend ko para sa akin.

Now, mahilig pa rin ako sa pambabae ko pero, i must admit, dumadating ang oras na bading ang hanap ko. It’s like I need to go to a different dimension to experience something different again.

Migs bakit ganun? Ano meron sa gay na hinahanap ko? Bading na rin ba ako? Nakakahawa ba ang pagiging bading?


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  1. Closer2Fame said on 04-12-2012

    Guys, don’t forget to vote!

  2. red_ said on 04-12-2012

    Interesting story. Dumaan din ako sa confusion na yan dati pero it turned out na minsan nangingibabaw lang yung takot (of uncertainty) than confusion. Alam na natin deep inside kung ano talaga ang nangyayare, ayaw lang natin tanggapin. There is something very different kasi in having sex with guys (ganun din naman kapag sa girls) but since nauna mo na naexperience yung sa babae, “kakaiba” na ngayon ang naramdaman mo nung nangyare yun with your best friend. If you will take a look at it very closely, pwede mo naman maenjoy both worlds eh, if you will just be open-minded. 🙂

  3. martinluverking said on 20-10-2012

    I dont think he’s gay coz being gay is doing the things that a gay does. Wud u suck a cock? If not then ur not!

  4. Mark said on 09-08-2012


    Interesting story.. Nakakarelate ako dahil ako din ang babaero ng barkada. Haha.. May girlfriend din ako ngayon and I have plans of seetling down din pag nakaipon. Para masupport ko ng maayos yung magiging family ko.. Sana mabigyan mo ko ng advice sa buhay may asawa. tate_yaki@y.c

  5. MattR said on 03-08-2012

    i think there’s no 100% straight guy.
    men have XY chromosomes. Eve came from Adam. And blame it to the husband if girl or boy ang baby.

    i believe ALL males are bisexual. its just a matter of degree. maybe dun sa mga nasasabi nating straight: 99/1 sila. 99% male, 1% female. but still they’ll have one slip within their lifetime.

    • Closer2Fame said on 04-08-2012


      I agree!.. Almost everyone and anyone could slip up at least once and possibly get addicted to it..

      That is why most cultures and religions forbids it.. Ang sarap ng bawal!hahaha

  6. blue beetle said on 31-07-2012

    your confusion can be answerable by a yes and a no. u CAN’T be gay if your sole intention of having sex with the same sex is just pleasure. on the other hand, you CAN be gay if you’re already doing what bi’s/gays do to you in bed (i.e. sucking).

    pero ito lang ang masasabi ko sa issue mo: i understand that you can not deny the testosterone surge especially if the right stimulus is there in front of you, but please be responsible. pareho na kayong pamilyado!

  7. Closer2Fame said on 26-07-2012


    Gawwwwd! a lot f people r really interested w/ your topic.. Well, me too! hahaha…

    maybe because, I’m kinda dating someone like you right now except he has a long time GF who knows about him and his “preference”.. weird huh?! …luvet! hahaha All I can say is that he better break up w/ her GF ASAP or else I’d get rid of her myself! Joke!Hahaha…

    And I also don’t want some hag stalking me at work just to gime a piece of her mind.. And then I’d be like “Get a dinga-linga-ding-dong, Hoe!” or “Findaz keepaz, Loosen up yow ass crack! ..Bitch!” hahaha

  8. bluetooth said on 25-07-2012


    Every one of us has its own preference and character in the society we live in. Its either we live like what others want us to do so or hold on to the ones we have in our selves, to be happy how we conquer our fears and laugh at our mistakes, if there is.

    totong, you need a friend, a real good friend who can listen and unpretentious of the peculiar bliss you are dealing with at this phase.

    I am married, i have a happy family and a son. We live by the beach and everything in our lives here is just pure simplicity. I must admit I have met people like you and over a beer or two – it happens like you just had a great short “trip” hahahaha.

    Hope you will find some light bro.

    • Mark said on 26-07-2012

      …at hindi rin halatang yanong excited ka sa topic. May research ka pang ginawa. Pang thesis! Pero kidding aside, malaking tulong yung studies ni Alfred Kinsey. I think it helped a great lot of insecure people to break out of their shells.

      …naalala ko tuloy si Liam Neeson. Boses pa lang, nakakanginig na.

      • Mark said on 26-07-2012

        Teka maling reply, para to kay Closer2fame, haha…tanga lang…censya na

      • Closer2Fame said on 27-07-2012


        Anu meron sa nakakanginig na boses ni Liam Neeson? Googled him and his teenage pics looks god damn hottt!!!..

  9. JASON PRING said on 25-07-2012


  10. JASON PRING said on 25-07-2012


  11. Mark said on 24-07-2012

    ampowtek, ‘Tong, di mo na kelangan iemphasis ung pambabae mo. I think all men has a longing(be it consciously or subconsciously) for another man’s touch. Pinalaki tyong kapos sa haplos, yakap o halik ng ama. Maybe in a way, this longing is expressed in a more sexual manner. … O kaya manuod ka na lang ng Kinsey available yan satorrent download mo na lang, hehe

  12. sixto said on 24-07-2012

    im definitely BI..but how come i enjoy more yong makipag sex sa mga straight guys kesa sa kapwa ko Bi.Di talaga ako naaatract sa kapwa ko gay or bisexual.feeling ko ZOMBIE ako pagnagkataon.hahaha..seriously, i ve had a few boyfriends.lahat sila married and talagang mga lalaki.mahihilig pa nga magbasketball.I almost got married last year sa ex gf ko kaso ive decided to come out of the closet and tell her and my far maayos naman.but there’s just one problem though…lage akong naiinlove sa lalaking may asawa..heeelllppp!!!!

    • Closer2Fame said on 26-07-2012


      Yeah, same here! 1 time I found out that I’m dating someone who already has a girlfriend.. I tried hanging on for a while which kinda blew on my face.. It was bittersweet! (Yeah, figuratively!.. Yow nasty! hahaha) What I mean is it was a mix of emotions but in the end, I’m the one who lost. And yet, I’m at it again.

      Good thing, I never dated someone who’s really married. Well not yet but I usually discover that this guy is married to his dogs, job, family, and worse one is married to his mom. The person you keep on answering on the phone and the person you prioritize is the one your married to.

      Right now, I guess I never learned my lesson. As much as I want to sabotage the relationship of the guy I’m dating and that poor little girl A.K.A Miss slutty whorebag, I still have a conscience. What if that girl was my sister and her BF had his own slutty hot gay guy? Well I’d be furious cause her BF is not that good looking!.. Ok seriously, I know my sister would be devastated and I don’t want that.

      I know he’s in a grey area right now but I guess I just have to wait. I plan not to make a move until he sorts things out. It’s impossible for him to have both so if he can’t choose then I have to say good bye! I really feel sorry for that girl and I pity him because he can’t find contentment.

  13. marcuz21 said on 23-07-2012

    Ang dami ko ng anrinig na ganitong story… Even ung bestfriend,. he admited na mas masarap makipag sex sa samesex.. As in.. from curiosity to addiction. LOL. funny pero ung ang totoo, mas enjoy xa makipag sa kapwa lalaki, iba ang feelings…


  14. Closer2Fame said on 21-07-2012


    I have just checked out the Kinsey Scale…

    What is “The Kinsey Scale?”

    The Heterosexual-Homosexual Rating Scale, sometimes referred to as the “Kinsey Scale,” was developed by Alfred Kinsey and his colleagues Wardell Pomeroy and Clyde Martin in 1948, in order to account for research findings that showed people did not fit into neat and exclusive heterosexual or homosexual categories.

    Interviewing people about their sexual histories, the Kinsey team found that, for many people, sexual behavior, thoughts and feelings towards the same or opposite sex was not always consistent across time. Though the majority of men and women reported being exclusively heterosexual, and a percentage reported exclusively homosexual behavior and attractions, many individuals disclosed behaviors or thoughts somewhere in between.

    As Kinsey writes in Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948):

    “Males do not represent two discrete populations, heterosexual and homosexual. The world is not to be divided into sheep and goats…The living world is a continuum in each and every one of its aspects.”

    You mentioned that you love girls but you don’t mind letting gay guys pleasure you from time to time…

    In conclusion according to the Kinsey scale, your rating is “2” which means “Dominantly heterosexual but more than incidentally homosexual.”

    I totally agree that you can look gay as a drag queen but sexually straight as an arrow or be macho as Daniel Craig but addicted to being fucked by a guy dressed in a crotchless rainbow colored unicorn costume…hahaha!

    • totong said on 21-07-2012

      Oohhh….. Ahhhhh….

      Thanks for your time to researched my concern.

      Sana ma meet kita minsan it seems that ur a very interesting person to talk to. heheheh

      • Closer2Fame said on 21-07-2012

        Nahhh.. wag na.. hahaha

        I think I’m a 3-4 on the scale but I’m not efem enough.. I think?!…
        I dated some1 like you before… I was a hot mess…You somewhat remind me of that person….

        Right now, I have straight friends who are so nice that I wish their at least “4-6” on the Kinsey scale but their not…

        I hope one day I meet that person. 🙂

        I’l pray that you’ll find who or whatever your looking for. Good luck!

  15. Mr. Blue said on 19-07-2012

    i had these experiences. i mean ako yung nagbigay ng ligaya dun sa 2 straight friends ko. isang single, isang married. isa lang mapapansin mo sa mga straights when doing those things sa kanila, they will not comply to your actions. they will just stand or lay there para namnamin yung isa pang indication, they will not kiss you back…

    • Alvin Macaso said on 19-07-2012

      Mukhang tama ka diyan Mr. Blue… pag walang kiss at hug e baka nga talagang straight yun ka partner mo, pero parang ang selfish ng sex pag siya lang nasasarapan. Its either that o nagpapaka straight lang siya dahil selfish siya talaga o kailangan lang niya ng pera.

      Buti na lang di ako napa partner sa “straight” men na ganyan, yun pa lang kase sa interaction bago ng sex alam mo na patutunguan nun. Kaya Totong, alamin mo ang gusto mong klaseng sex bago pumasok at maki eyeball.

  16. Closer2Fame said on 18-07-2012


    I suggest you ask your wife to do the stuff that you experienced w/ guys even if she has to lick you in weird parts of your body or she has to put on a strap-on and dominate you… That’l definitely spice-up your marriage! hahaha 😈

    • totong said on 20-07-2012

      Mahirap ko siguro mag compare sa wife kc may feelings ako. mahal ko un.siyempre iba ang pakiramdam pagahal mo gumagaw sa iyo at iba naman ang feelings pag may humahalay na gusto mo din… hehehhee

      • Closer2Fame said on 20-07-2012

        I also don’t mind being raped by a hot guy…Well, that won’t exactly equate to being raped..hahaha

        My suggestion to spice up your marriage is for you to have the feeling of both scenarios, have a loyal loving relationship w/ your wife and to prevent acquiring any STD’s from your promiscuity.

        Ok correction
        “I don’t mind pretending to be raped by a hot guy!”.. hahaha

  17. danastig said on 18-07-2012

    Pareng Totong wag ka maniwala sa mga nadsasabi na bakla ka na… yan ang opinion ng mga baklang nagaral at nabrainwash ni Freud…

    Ang tanong ko sayo ay… ano ba ginawa sa yo ng kaibigan mo? Kung chinupa ka lang at yun lang ang hinahanap mo, ang chupain ng bakla, eh hindi ka bakla. Malibog ka lang tulad ko. Ako basta sa huli kepyas hanap ko… Ikaw ba ganun din sa yo?

    Pero kung chinupa ka nya at chinupa mo siya at nag69 kayo… at yung pagchupa mo ng ari at pag69 ang hanap mo… ibang istorya na yun… may bahid ka na nga bro.

  18. tutoy bird said on 18-07-2012

    nod nod. Marami tuloy nagkainteres sa mokong na to makasiping. Show of hands. Agree agree 😈

  19. Ryan said on 18-07-2012

    The fact that you’re now consciously desiring to have gay sex after that encounter with your best friend (despite the fact that you engage in heterosexual sex with women on a regular basis) suggests that your latent homosexuality is now bubbling to the surface. In research, all men are predisposed to homosexuality except if the masculine gene becomes dominant in which case, you’ll end up as a typical heterosexual male. If however, your masculine gene is recessive and you’re raised in an environment where you didn’t have a positive male role model and a dominant mother image, chances are these factors will conspire to bring out the homosexual in you.

    On the other hand, your admission that you still actively engage in heterosexual sex and derive satisfaction from it can mean you’re a bisexual – a man who is capable of experiencing emotional and physical arousal with members of both gender.

    Given your conservative upbringing, I understand your dilemma about your sexual desires but for your peace of mind, learn to peaceably accept the fact that you like sex with both men and women. This acceptance doesn’t in any way suggest that you now wantonly engage in indiscriminate sex with both genders. It only means you have attained a higher level of understanding as to who you are and what you want and that this understanding makes you a better person, not a pervert. It also suggests that while you recognize your need for gay sex occasionally, it is not an excuse for endangering your domestic relations with your wife and kids. Be mindful of your actions and their consequences. If you can’t fight it, then at least be very discreet and careful. The more you resist your nature as a bisexual person, the more it will express itself in destructive and dysfunctional ways.

    In the end, I believe that you will gain balance and perspective as to why you’re behaving like this. When you accept this desire as part of who you are and be okay with it, then you would have freed yourself not only from your self-imposed torture, you would’ve also become a more sensitive and understanding human being. After all, this I believe is what we should all aspire for, regardless of our sexual preferences and ideals.

  20. Dry bones said on 18-07-2012

    Siguro ako bi talaga im having sex with girl and a boy.. Lahat ng sex masarap lalo na kapag na eenjoy mo xa. Same feeling’s both either its a girl or boy.

  21. tutoy bird said on 17-07-2012

    a feeling of empathy and sexual deprivation. No you’re not gay. You’re a 😎 sexual circumnavigator.

  22. marky said on 17-07-2012

    @Totong making “love” with a gay is a very special experience.. and its true minsan hahanap-hanapin mo. Gays appreciate the male anatomy better than females, they know what you want and will do anything to satisfy your expectations, gays will give you a different kind of pleasure…. BUT not all gays are the same… having a person that really loves you makes it very special and memorable. 🙂

  23. thor said on 16-07-2012

    this thread reminded me of the press conference nung pelikula ni vice ganda ” Private Benjamin” a press asked Eddi Garcia, Carlos Aggassi, derek ramsey etc.. ang tanung – Nagkaroon ba kayo ng karanasan sa gay?

    sagot ni eddie lahat ng lalake dumadaan dyan… at isa lang ang sumagot na di pa siya nakak experience. what surprise everyone eh sa sagot ni carlos aggassi dun sa kasama nila na wala pa karanasan. Sabi ni Carlos – Malas ko naman ikaw lang ang naiiba.

    ibig sabihin gay experience is a common thing already… but it doesnt mean na gay na rin ang lalaking magpatikim sa gay…

  24. vlad said on 15-07-2012

    Question: how exactly does/should a straight man react ba to a situation like that?
    Kung sa tanong naman ni totong na kung bading na siya, i’ve got this theory that all sexually active and promiscuous straight men in your situation eventually get to curve and bend after each experience.
    Some say that by the time the guy gets used to the “activity” it becomes more natural, which may open the mind for other things in relation to that.

    I believe it’s happened to straight guys before but sometimes it never goes as far as reciprocating (the exact) amount of affection for the other guy… and it usually takes years to get to that point.

    Haha I remember Jeremy Lory, this really hot webcam pornstar who’s allegedly straight. He does these hot jerkoff videos on the webcam and theyre all over the net. Eventually he got fanmail from a lot of gay fans who wanted to see more. He got turned off and uploaded a response to’s on youtube, even. He made it perfectly clear that he’s not interested in gays and would never want to entertain them ever in his life, circling around his own words over and over.
    Years after, he got back to his live videos..which then included him “spooning” himslef. lol. He put a spoon up his ass. and in later videos, seductively doing oral sex on a beer bottle. He deepthroated that bottle like a boss. :))

  25. Well thats story ay something credible, well based sa na experienced ko a straight guy his name Becbo ayaw niya ng bading pero nang na blow job ko siya nagustuhan na niya, kahiit nag asawa na siya hinahanap pa rin ang blowjob ko said on 13-07-2012


  26. tony said on 13-07-2012

    latent homosexuality

  27. spotter said on 13-07-2012

    fiction ❗

  28. Keanu said on 12-07-2012

    Conspiracy Keanu here. Why do I feel that Migs wrote this letter himself?

  29. rommel said on 12-07-2012

    Totong, pa experience..

  30. flick said on 11-07-2012

    Totong, ako ang iyong konsensya, choz.

    i believe that everyone is a bisexual in a degree. The difference with each other is the intensity. other factors include social stigma, family, friends, etc.

    In your case totong, you might just be confused. maghunusdili ka. may asawa ka na. are you willing to sacrifice everything you’ve got for this?

    regarding your question if you’re gay or not, ask yourself. do you feel anything romantic with someone of the same sex? can you love someone from the same sex romantically to the point that you’re willing to lose everything just to have a life with him? if yes, you’re indeed gay.

    • totong said on 11-07-2012

      hindi po aq na a-attract sa kapwa lalake or sa bading. sabi ko nga po ung kakaibang karanasan lang ang hanap ko. no more no less.

      • Arthur Gomez said on 12-07-2012

        Totong, kaya ka nag enjoy sa experience mo e dahil si kumpare ang nakadale sayo, meron feelings. Para din sex sa babae, di lahat ng sex sa lalake e masarap. Sumasarap lang yun dahil sa “fucking with the mind” eka nga. Pare-pareho lang naman ng ginagawa dyan e, ke babae o lalake. Ang kailangan mong mahanap e yung tulad ng meron kayo ni kumpare… yun bang discrete stable loving relationship. Una kasi sa lahat sa tulad natin, think of your family, ingat ka dahil di lang ikaw ang pinag uusapan kung nakahahawang sakit na ang topic. One more thing, walang stable na m2m na relasyon, kaya wag mong ibuhos ang lahat, ibigay kay Maria ang para kay Maria. Good luck sa iyong paghahanap.

      • totong said on 12-07-2012

        Naku po di ko po naseryoso ang nangyari sa amin…

      • Jij'Z said on 13-07-2012

        ang issue kasi dito is the “trill”!!! subukan mo kaya sa kumare mo at agkataon rin an malapil sayo totong!! and See the difference!

  31. Anonymous Tots said on 10-07-2012

    It happened to me also what you experienced from your gay best friend a long time ago. The difference only on my experience was that the person is of great stature in our place i could not say no to his advances, like what you said i did not want to insult him kaya go na rin ako. And i also felt i was very special that night afterward the incident. Like you, I was looking for a different dimension in sex that a gay person only can give us. And the problem for me is i got addicted(that means daily not to mention twice or thrice in some days) to what he did to me. My addiction was stopped only when he was assigned to a far destination. I was like a deranged man looking for any gay person to have sex with during the early times of his far destination. And the good thing, we became friends later.

  32. el toro bumingo said on 10-07-2012

    OMG! Naka-relate naman ako sa kumpare mo Totong. For the longest time kasi, I’ve been in love with my childhood friend. He’s married na at kinuha n’ya kong ninong. All this time, at the back of my mind, I’ve always wanted to be in bed with him. I wanted to let him know, sexually, how I feel for him 🙂

  33. Edward said on 10-07-2012

    one day, i hope everyone would be able to understand this statement.. we love the person, not their gender…

  34. Thor said on 10-07-2012


    I dont think na gay na rin ang.isang tao kapag pumatol sa gay o hanapin ang sexual happiness na nakita nya sa pakikipag sex sa Ska ang pagiging bading requires continiity at consiatency. walang o 1 oras. hindi parang epileptic ang.pagiging bading na.may mga Seizures. kung ang pagpatol ng straight sa isang gay ay nangangahulugan na gay na.rin siya eh wala ng straight ma callbpy o macho dancer.

  35. Closer2Fame said on 09-07-2012

    @ Totong

    I believe that sexuality is fluid. Gender exclusivity is a product of man’s civilization and intelligence. I’m sure a lot of cavemen have been experimental and yet was able to create normal families that’s why the gay genes have survived until this day. It’s all about nature and nurture and one day in the future both of which could become obsolete.

    The act and label of being gay has always been a guilt factor for most guys who were brought up in a religious household. At a young age, a lot of boys have been brainwashed by their family and religion to abide by its laws and avoid what is prohibited. There are even children who were forcibly instilled with a negative image about homosexuality by their parents. I’m sure anyone waking up being sucked in the dark initially enjoys the feeling before he discovers who’s doing it to them. To most straight guys who were cultured to hate homosexuality, their guilt and disgust towards the act and idea of being labeled negatively is greater compared to the sexual satisfaction that they would achieve after experiencing a homosexual encounter.

    If a person has a homosexual gene to begin with then it still doesn’t matter because it may or may not be triggered by his or her environment. Each of us have varying degrees of our sexuality and it is our choice to explore or suppress it. You may or may not have a gay gene but being a sexual person and being exposed to homosexuals may have given you an open mind. Therefore, this may have lesser guilt in experimenting with your sexuality compared to other straight men. It’s just like chimpanzees or dolphins who doesn’t have any moralities or sexual orientations to bind their instincts. It’s our society who dictates that we choose one person of the opposite sex. It’s up to you if you want to abide by the rules or make your own.

    • totong said on 10-07-2012

      thanks. I like this one. modesty aside, gwapings ako nung kabataan ko and even now (hehehehe) kaya siguro habulin din ako ng mga babae at bading.

      one thing for sure, I don’t discriminate with homosexuals. they exist and therefore society must accept that they are part of the world we live in. my incling to be with homosexuals does not mean I prefer them over women. I still love women. But with homosexuals it is more of experiencing a different kind of more no less.

      • Closer2Fame said on 10-07-2012



        By the way, your story sounds familiar..
        Did we meet before?..

        Joke.. hahaha! 🙂

      • gymbuff said on 10-07-2012

        I donno. may be and probably s New York Spa hahahajaj

      • Closer2Fame said on 10-07-2012


        I have never been to that place but I do have a few questions for you:

        1. Why, would you be there?
        2. Are you one of the masseurs?
        3. Ikaw ba si Totong?

      • totongutong said on 10-07-2012

        Marami naman po siguro ang nalagay din sa pinagdaanan ko

      • princeahmir said on 10-07-2012

        yap i’ve been there and still there…

      • Closer2Fame said on 11-07-2012

        Yeah, I know.. I kinda experienced almost the same thing before…

      • Closer2Fame said on 11-07-2012

        In addition, your not gay enough to be labeled as one until you fall in love and lust with a man.

        I’l pray that you meet that person who will make you fall 360 degrees head over heels that you’ll be suicidal with out him… hahaha!

      • totong said on 11-07-2012

        i just hope your prayers will not reached the high heavens hahahaha. ur cool.

      • Closer2Fame said on 13-07-2012

        It will!!! .. muwahaha 😈

  36. jason said on 09-07-2012

    I like.

    A conventional example of “you wouldn’t know until you let yourself experience it”. 🙂

    Nothing’s wrong with what you feel.
    I salute the self admission. It’s never too late to explore your sexuality.
    Just enjoy… and remember to be SAFE 🙂

  37. stinger said on 09-07-2012

    hope you don’t take this negatively, but i think you are gay. the fact that you felt something after the intimate experience you had with your bestfriend (at hinanap mo pa) already manifests that you might be gay.

    being gay doesn’t necessarily mean you only like guys but it’s more of “appreciating” something or everything about a man…physically, sexually, emotionally. you might be confused at this stage, but you’ll be fine. there’s nothing wrong in exploring new sexual heights as long as you do it safely, be it hetero or homo.

    i-enjoy mo lang ang pagdiscover sa sarili mo, ser. best of luck! 😉

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