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Dear Migs,

I read your blog every now and then, and I always get entertained by the life stories I read there. Since it’s late and I have sleeping problems, I just wanna share mine too.

I’m barely 20 years old and am a pure bottom. For around five years now, I’ve been (moderately to slightly extremely) sexually active. I just LOVE sex. Ang sarap kasi. As my friend would say, Knorr Tinigang sa Miso ang peg ko. Anyway, in the span of the five years I’ve been sexually active, I’ve found that I’ve gotten really good at it too. Almost to the point that being a bottom doesn’t hurt anymore at all – ganung level (pero masikip parin ako ha LOL). I’ve gotten compliments here and there and I enjoy them. At one point, I even thought of being a call boy even though I’m not pureza, kasi masaya lang mag sex.

However, recently, it’s like I went from 100 to zero in a matter of seconds. It’s been more than half a year and ni-isang lalaki wala akong nakakasex. What’s worse is, I’m not looking for it. I just wanna know, ANYARE? I’m pretty sure hindi ako pumangit, and I’m pretty sure hindi rin pumangit ang general population, and I’m pretty sure dapat hormonal parin ako. Is there anything wrong with me? MORE IMPORTANTLY, should I go looking for sex even though my body doesn’t see it as necessary? After all, ayaw ko naman masayang ang skillz and youth ko. What do you think?

And while we’re on the subject, lately I’ve been thinking to implement a three-date rule. I guess it’s just the part of me that’s trying to be more mature. However, my qualm is, I don’t know how to handle a three-date rule. Since the day I started dating and fucking, I’ve found that the sex gets rid of the awkwardness of meeting someone new. How exactly do you go about dating the way celebrities do in the movies? Is it even possible? Kasi for once, I wanna experience dating a guy who I didn’t meet in a social networking site or through a referral. I want something real (kadiri). And I think the way to achieve that is to just wait for it to happen. Tama ba ako? Or am I being too idealistic? Has anyone really ever experienced that kind of love? Ano?

And lastly, I just wanna ask. Just out of genuine curiosity, bakit masaya maging top? I tried doing it dati, pero wala talaga eh. Hindi ko talaga gets. Nakakapagod, nakakangawit, at wala akong maramdaman. Why do guys like being top? It’s not that I want them to stop – obviously my existence as a bottom depends on it. I just wanna know – why?

At isa pa, bakit wala kang clear face pic anywhere on the net? I’ve been trying to look for one within the net, pero wala talaga. Hindi ko tuloy ma-decide if I should have a crush on you or not.

Sorry ginawa kitang best friend bigla.


* * *

Dear Gino,

Should you go looking for sex even though your body doesn’t see it as necessary?


You do it when you feel like it. If you don’t feel like it, nothing is wrong with you.

Part of knowing who you really are is embracing what you really want. Kung gusto mo, go. Kung ayaw mo, eh di huwag. Ganun lang kasimple yun, hijo.

Kung nanghihinayang ka sa skillz mo, aba hanapan mo ng ibang outlet. Why not give a workshop entitled, “You and anal muscle control: how the world can turn upside down with a squeeze of your bum.” Keri di ba?

Anyway, hanga ako sa iyo, kinse ka pa lang umaariba ka na. Kaloka.

Have fun and be safe always!


P.S. Para sa iba mo pang katanungan, hahayaan ko na muna ang ating mga blog readers na sumagot. Bilang bet ko ang audience participation. Go!

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  1. Kudo said on 31-10-2016

    Just found this blog yesterday night! And I can’t stop reading your posts!! XD Hahaha I didn’t even notice that the time is already 4:19am. Will go to sleep now.

    Hoping to read more interesting stories!! 😀

  2. francis dela cruz said on 24-12-2012

    Masarap maging TOP. The best part is sliding the head of the cock inside a well lubed asshole. Kaka libog!

  3. Cruiser Dude said on 29-10-2012

    May picture kaming dalawa ni Migs sa isang event.Super duper bait n’yang taong ‘yan. Mamahalin mo s’ya, promise.

  4. Edwin said on 28-10-2012

    I read your story here. Although I am not Filipino and don’t speak Tagalog I could catch most of the meaning. I too do volunteer work with the HIV program in a provincial town here in the Philippines. Why should a foreigner like me get involved? It’s mostly because the locals don’t want to talk about it and choose to ignore it thus the extremely dangerous sex practices continue, and this is what is most dangerous about the HIV situation – people prefer to ignore it rather than face it and fight for life.

    I too have many friends who have tested positive for HIV and I have aggressively kept in contact with them as some would choose to ignore it, choose to spread it or become depressed and even suicidal. I also know of several PLHIV (people living with HIV) who still use the gay social networks looking for sex and organizing orgies – never with protection.

    Here’s a story about 2 guys – Mr A and Mr B – who tested positive for HIV. . .
    Both were partners and had unsafe sex and eventually broke up their relationship. I knew both of them. They both went on to have multiple sex partners. Over 3 years ago, Mr A came in and tested positive for HIV. He went through a whole array of emotions – anger and continued to spread it, became suicidal but finally sought treatment. His CD4 was below 200.

    We contacted Mr B to encourage him to take the test. Upon hearing the news he broke out in tears and refused to do so and refused to believe that he could have HIV. He went on with his life having multiple sex partners without using a condom. 2 more of his sex partners tested positive for HIV and encourage him to take the test – again in tears he refused to look at reality.

    Today, Mr A is on the ARV medicine. His CD4 count is improving – he’s seems to be a picture of health and is positive on the future of his life.

    Last November, 2011, Mr began coming down with so many sicknesses – pneumonia, TB, losing eye sight among others. By September, 2012 his body decrease to the point that he looked 80 years old although in truth he was only 33. He died. It was a terrible death but it was his choice because he didn’t want his family to know but in the end they knew. It was all a waste because his purpose of “hiding” it was futile.

    I told this story to my North American and European friends. They were shocked! Their response was, “Hardly anyone dies of HIV/AIDS anymore”. And they are right – but there is a catch.

    People who face it can get help and their chances of survival is much better.
    People who refuse to face it due to fear and shame
    will slowly die.
    Let’s face this.
    Let’s choose life.

  5. Johnny said on 27-10-2012

    I mean being a “power bottom” not ADHD.
    Weird, sa baba nailagay comment ko.

    • Closer2Fame said on 28-10-2012

      Yeah, I agree, it’s a super power! hahaha

    • Closer2Fame said on 28-10-2012

      Yeah, I agree, it’s a super power! hahaha

      • Johnny said on 28-10-2012

        Imagine the pain they have to go through just to please their top.

      • Closer2Fame said on 29-10-2012

        I think you should try it so that you would know how it really feels.. 😉

      • Johnny said on 30-10-2012

        I attempted twice. But backed out during the process.

      • Closer2Fame said on 30-10-2012


        OK, they should teach this at school…

        You just have to follow the guidelines:

        1. Imagine a banana

        2. put lube on the banana

        3. put rubber on the banana

        4. put lube again on the banana

        5. put lube on the opening

        6. relax the opening

        7. slowly shove the banana inside the opening

        8. partially pull out the banana

        9. Shove it back into the opening

        10. do step 7-9 repeatedly until you cum.


        P.S. For children below 15 years old, strict parental guidance is advised.

      • Johnny said on 30-10-2012

        Thank you for the effort.
        BTW, it’s a peeled banana right? 😛

      • Closer2Fame said on 30-10-2012


        I always get peeled bananas cause they say it’s more sanitary… I wana try an unpeeled one someday just for the fun of it.. 😀

      • tutoy bird said on 31-10-2012

        puro bottom ano ba yan? Sobra naman atang luwag para maoasok ang peeled banana, lambot kaya nun… 😕

      • Closer2Fame said on 01-11-2012

        @Tutoy Bird

        Dude, it’s a metaphor…

      • tutoy bird said on 01-11-2012

        🙄 duh. Of course. Simile nga lang yun sir.

  6. WEL LARA said on 27-10-2012


    I’m 22 and hindi ko pa naman nararanasan ang maout of LIBIDO.
    ANGAT DAM pa naman. LOL

    Though there were times na I feel like not interested jacking off anymore as in
    ipagtetetext ako sa mga BOTTOM kong contacts at papapuntahin ko sa place ko!!!

    My point is regardless whatever our SEX LIFE STATUS now so long as we keep safe and felt satisfied… then odds will be in our favor 😉

  7. Thor said on 25-10-2012

    Hi closer2fame…sorry late reply ata. Anyway, I was asking for your email add on the other topic here where you commented… kung pwede lang naman…need to consult something abt my personal problems..

    • Closer2Fame said on 28-10-2012

      What personal problem?… Dito mo nalang sabihin… Btw, yung chinitong masculado you mentioned na taga golds, yun ba yung walang leeg na mahilig sa neon colors or yung semical na nilaser buong katawan tapos hindi makinis mukha?

      • Thor said on 30-10-2012

        Huh? what chinito masculado i mentioned? Wala po ako binabanggit na ganun? First timer ko pa lang po na magcomment dito..baka iba pong thor yung sinasabi mo?

      • Closer2Fame said on 30-10-2012

        Ahh oo nga magkaiba kayo ng avatar ng Thor na mahilig magcomment sa New York Spa post… Hmmmm… anyway, what’s your problem ba? please give me an idea please?

      • tutoy bird said on 31-10-2012

        saang gold’s yan?

  8. Wilberchie said on 23-10-2012

    punta ka po sa events para mameet si MGG! hihi!

    Like you bottomesa din ako. At proud ako dun! never ako magiging top! di ko fillet!

    I think hindi naman po kadiri having a serious relationship. Siguro di ka pa po ready to give up the sex machine title. But sooner or later, mararamdaman mo na you want to have that special someone, not just a Fuck Buddy.

  9. martinluverking said on 20-10-2012

    Puro nlng, okrayan nila sailormoon at closer2fame nkikita ko sa thread para bang commentbox lang sa fb. E kung mag private chat kaya kayong 2! Eto ayoko sa sangkabadingan puro insecure. Oh well, sigh…

    • Closer2Fame said on 24-10-2012


      Sorry naman.. Sailormoon started it months ago.. pinatulan ko naman… hahaha 😆

  10. Sailormoon said on 18-10-2012

    Kalurky napunta sa taas comment ko eh para pa naman kay closer2fame un? 😀

    • Closer2Fame said on 19-10-2012

      Your such a Hater daw kasi…magpopost ka na ngalang ng sarcastic comments mo mali pa?!

      • Sailormoon said on 19-10-2012

        sarcastic? it should be u…look at ur comments sa post ni jethro. tama naman sinabi ko, sya si toro. do u think he will reveal his true identity here. hater? yes galit ako sa katulad mong mayabang at akala mo kung maka pag comment ka ubod ka ng talino. bitter? ako? kanino sayo? sa isang taong hindi pa nga nakakalabas ng pilipinas? hahaha u made me laugh! nag post ako minsan dito, di ko makakalimutan ang comment mo, sobrang sarkastiko mo at sobrang yabang mo! pag nakapag side trip ako sa pilipinas magkita tau dyan at tingnan natin kung dapat ba akong maging bitter… at pakinggan mo english ko kung puede na kasi feeling mo ikaw lang marunong mag english 🙂

      • Closer2Fame said on 20-10-2012

        Hahaha.. Is that the only thing your proud of? “You’ve been out of the country”?! 😆 ..

        You don’t know me… I’m just posting about my experiences like everyone else.. Anyway, I can’t blame you for hating on me cause that’s what I love about this blog. You can say aaaaaalllllllll you want but you absolutely have no idea who your talking to. hahaha.. 😆

        One thing I’m sure of is that “Haters are losers in real life”! 😎

  11. Sailormoon said on 18-10-2012

    Who u daw? Si toro nga sya, echosera lang!

  12. brndn said on 15-10-2012

    I guess you were in a state of hypersexuality. Then you figured out sex isnt everything 🙂 sex is nice, but really…there are many things better than sex when you want to relate with someone.

  13. Jam said on 11-10-2012


    I believe na kahit ano man position mo during sex ay masarap as long as you’re doing the right way and ofcourse, if you know how to do it. Obviously, you are enjoying your position as a power bottom kaya mas feeling mo walang dating ang pagiging TOP mo.

    Honestly, I started as pure bottom too. I think most, if not all, naman ng PLUs ganon ang story. Pero unlike you, nong natry kong mag-TOP, I’m proud to say na I’m a VERSA na (charaught!) Pero seryoso, mas nasasatisfy na ako pag nag-to-TOP ako. Unfortunately, not most of my partners gustong magpa-TOP sakin. Malas lang.

    Regarding the three-date rule, medyo hindi rin ako pabor dyan. I totally agree with you when you said that sex makes everything less complicated. Pag na meet mo, alamin agad kung compatible. And for us, it’s through sex. Pangit man pakinggan, pero kasama na sya sa criteria ko when looking for a partner. Ang akin kasi, hindi na ako agad agad naniniwala sa mga bagay na pinapakitang kasweetan sakin. And if in doubt, I go for SEX. Mas solid ung reason na un kung papasa ba o hindi. Babaw ko ba?

    Well anyway, regarding MIGS pics on. Lemme say this…

    Only the bold and the blessed are given the rare chance to see Migs in person.

    Suffice to say, I saw Migs na and got the chance to somehow talk to him in person 😆

    And i’m telling you, once you got to know him, the search and the wait are all worth it! 😉

  14. Xedy said on 09-10-2012

    i saw migz sa TLY orientation sa CEBU, hehe

  15. sunshine kinney said on 07-10-2012

    migs doesn’t have any face pic anywhere on the net. but i saw a link of a video clip before and i really feel that one guy in it was migs. kaboses nya kasi yung guy sa video pg nagpopodcast sila. kalkalin ko lng usb ko for the link. i asked migs before through a comment here if he was that. i even included the link. but my comment wasn’t allowed to be posted. i wonder why. hmmmmm?!

  16. Closer2Fame said on 07-10-2012


    Isn’t it a staple to put Waterbased lube on the penis before and after you put on the condom?… And then, I sometimes use ribbed/dotted condoms..

  17. Closer2Fame said on 07-10-2012


    I think, it’s part hormonal and mental… Anyone can miss the excitement but in time maturity will get you sooner or later… I myself used to have a “List” during my raging hormones stage.. but I stopped counting when I reached 40 people.. It may sound like I’m a total slut back then but sorry I did count plain kissing as a sexual encounter. Nowadays, I try my best to date them for weeks as friends before anything else. It’s kind of far-fetched to avoid sexual encounters but yes it’s possible. It’s like trying to dodge bullets and yet it feels empowering to be able to do so. I guess, It is true that wisdom comes w/ age. I learned that falling in love is deeper and longer lasting when you started out as best friends. And the words “I love you” is more breath taking at the moment when you truly mean it.


    For me, being top is the best ab work-out compared to killing yourself at the gym, .. And it’s also good fore-play prior to the good stuff! 😉 😎

  18. el toro bumingo said on 07-10-2012

    Oo nga naman Migs, bakit wala kang pic anywhere on the net? How do you keep yourself undetected by cameras? 🙂

  19. Jucjuc said on 06-10-2012

    It’s time that you realized the real dangers of STD/HIV.

  20. flick said on 06-10-2012

    Its normal. Usually, even in a relationship, there comes a point when sex is not a daily activity anymore. lols

  21. Cheverlina said on 06-10-2012

    Hindi naman necessary na kelangan mong makipag-sex dahil nakasanayan mo na, syempre napapagod ka rin (kahit hindi mo alam). Tama yung isang nag-comment, mag explore ka pa ng iba mo pang kayang gawin, like your talent mapa-art, mapa-sports, mapa-academics, alamin mo…lalo na’t bata ka pa…sex madali lang matutunan ‘yan kahit mag-stop ka…yuck, dapat ko ba ‘yun sabihin eh virgin mary pa rin ako hanggang ngayon? hahaha Dapat future mo pinag-hahandaan mo ngayon…

  22. Ulon said on 06-10-2012

    Gino wag mong problemahin kung bakit me taong top. sadyang ganyan talaga, diba? me top, bottom, o versa. ‘di problema yan. wag mong pag-iisipin yan.

    pagdating naman sa pag-ayaw mo sa sex, seguro napagod kalang diba? baka kasi gusto mong makatalik ung taong mahal mo, di lang sex diba? iba kasi ang sex lang at sex with commitment (ung me love na kasama).

    saka believe in love ok… di iyan kadiri. kasi pagganyan ka, di ka talaga makakakita ng true love. kasi kadiri nga diba? 😛

    bata ka pa naman. make yourself busy. dahil di lang naman sex ang magagawa natin sa loob ng isang araw. do something you like, sports?, computer games?, saka mag-aral ng mabuti( 😆 ). pag-active ka nanaman sa sex, go for it(use protection), then ask the guy, bakit masarap mag-top… 😆 .

    gusto ko sanang magkwento, kaso baka mag-react si closertofame. nakakatakot tuloy magcomment *peace 😆

    • Jose said on 06-10-2012

      Hahaha! Natawa naman ako sa last statement mo :p mag kwento na 😉

    • Jose said on 06-10-2012

      Hahaha! Natawa naman ako sa last statement mo :p mag kwento na 😉

    • Closer2Fame said on 07-10-2012


      Me ganung statement?! 🙄

      E anu naman kung mag react ako?!hahaha 😆 try me! 😛

    • Closer2Fame said on 07-10-2012


      Me ganung statement?! 🙄

      E anu naman kung mag react ako?!hahaha 😆 try me! 😛

    • Gino said on 07-10-2012

      Thanks Ulon. Although just to clarify, when I said na ‘kadiri’ ang true love, I meant kadiri siya in a cheesy way. Hindi naman talaga ako nandidiri sa love! Haha.

      • Ulon said on 08-10-2012

        your welcome… don’t stop believing, ika nga. napaisip tuloy ako, 15 or 20 ka pa lang taz kadiri na ang love, un pala in a “cheesy way”. 🙂 enjoy life… don’t think too much…

    • Johnny said on 07-10-2012

      He gets into your nerves.
      Kakatuwa naman. He trolls around sometimes. Pero mukhang di naman sya nakakatakot.

      • Closer2Fame said on 08-10-2012

        Hmmm… I personally think that I’m not scary but a few people also told me that I gave them that kind of impression when they met me in person… I wonder y???!?

      • Ulon said on 08-10-2012

        maybe because your “closer to fame”. 😆 joke…

      • Ulon said on 08-10-2012

        sobra naman (got into my nerves).. 😆 di naman ganun…

      • tutoy bird said on 08-10-2012

        baka naman yung sexual nerve ang tinutukoy niya 😛 pero ok naman siya wag lang sober.

  23. Carlito said on 06-10-2012

    Dear Gino,

    Normal lang na suddenly bababa yung sex cravings mo, ganyan din ako dati before I turned 19. At age 18, more than 20 na ang nakasex ko (most of them are one-night stands, and yes, hindi ko na rin maalala kung sino sino sila, LOL) Pero nung mga ages 19-20 na ako, I’m not really looking for sex anymore. So if you don’t feel it, don’t look for sex. Just because nakasanayan mo, it doesn’t mean kelangan lagi mong ginagawa.

    Hindi naman kadiri ang ‘real’ (maybe you meant cheezy) Anyways, about the 3-date rule, go for it, nasa sayo yun. Sex pangalis ng awkwardness? hmm.. remember that sex is not everything. Hindi lahat ng guys out there eh sex ang habol, yung iba naghahanap talaga ng genuine people and genuine relationships (the ones you’re referring to as ‘kadiri’) Again, nasa sayo yun, sex after the first date is ok as long as like mo naman yung tao and nafefeel mong may chemistry nga kayo (considering na he also likes you and hindi lang sex ang habol niya, or else baka wala ng 2nd or 3rd date)

    Hindi naman sa you’re being too idealistic, ganyan din kasi ako, pero I don’t wait, ako yung naghahanap (example: nanliligaw) Basta love happens when you least expect it.

    Lastly, pure bottom din ako before, pero now narealize ko, masarap din magTop. It’s like jerking, only better, tighter, warmer and wetter. >_< Nakakapagod? kung di ka sanay, try mo munang maupuan, tipong yung bottom yung umaariba sa ibabaw mo para hindi ka masyadong gumagalaw at mapagod. hahaha.. Walang maramdaman? try different condoms (you are using condoms, right?) or try mong gumamit ng konteng lube sa loob ng condom (bliss fire/ice)

    Carlito 😉

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