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Hi Migs,

I recently bumped into your blog from the office computer, and since then I have been an avid fan of your blog. Recent incidents in my life make me question who I really am and what I really want. I want your advice and as well as your readers about my scenario.

Just call me Jethro, I’m from Cebu and recently tied the knot with my long-time girlfriend because she got pregnant. She’s now 7 months on her pregnancy, and the doctors adviced us not to do “it” because of the sensitive nature of her pregnancy. This is where my problem comes in.

Lets call him Josh, he is my office mate. When I joined my current company, he was the most senior in terms of tenure, so he was assigned to guide me learn the ropes so to speak. He would go out with me for client calls, and would guide me in whatever I need to do when making presentations. Usually we would go out after work with other office mates and he would drive me home after a few drinks since he has a car and I don’t. We became really close because of this, and people in the office would usually tease us as the master and his protegee.

One time, we went out because one of our co-workers celebrated his birthday. We had a beer too much (wasted as you would put it) and on our way home, he started to ask me about my wife’s pregnancy, and how sensitive it was. He also joked with me about having no sex at all for months since my wife has a delicate pregnancy. I just shrugged off his comments and laughed, then all of a sudden he asked me, “Na blow job ka na ba ng lalaki?” to which I replied with a laugh “hindi pa, bakit mo natanong yan bai?”

He then put his right hand on my leg and started to tell me how good it feels to be BJ’d by another guy. I was dumbfounded with his statement, and asked him if he was gay, he just answered me with a laugh, then removed his hand from my leg. I didn’t realize it but we went in a drive thru motel and parked inside the garage. I was confused with what he did and ask him what are we doing there. He then told me that he finds me cute and he wants to give me a BJ. Remember that during this time we were both wasted and drunk.

He shut off the engine and proceeded to open the door of the car. He told me he will go inside the room because he was so drunk he can not drive anymore and needs to take a rest, I can just stay in the car or go in with him. I dont know what got in to me that I followed him inside the room. Maybe I was worried something might happen to him because he was so drunk (or maybe I was secretly hoping something will happen between us) but all I know is, I went inside the room with him.

Once we were inside, he told me to lock the door, which I did. Then he came near me and told me “I know you’ll come in” and started kissing me in the lips. I was taken aback by what he did and tried to turn my head to the other side. He started undressing me. I did not resist (blame it on the alcohol) then he continued in giving me what could be the best BJ of my life. Admittedly it felt awesome because I have been sexless for quite some time, but after I have reached climax and he came laying down on top of me, my head start spinning and confusion began to set in. What have I done? I began dressing up and started to leave but he pulled me back and told me he will bring me home.

During the trip home, we had awkward silence inside his car. You can even hear the flies buzzing sound. Then when we reached home, he was the one who broke the silence and told me that he liked me a lot, finds me cute, but knows I can not reciprocate the feelings he had for me. He apologized for what had happened and he hoped things will not be awkward in the office, and we will still maintain the same closeness that we have. I did not say anything, opened the door and stepped out.

That evening, I had the wildest dream I ever had in my entire life. I dreamed that we were making passionately love, that I am giving him a BJ, and I was fucking him and after the sex we were hugging each other and saying “I Love You’s” It was indeed a nightmare! After I woke up, I felt wet and realized I had a wet dream. I got scared at this point and ran to the bathroom to wash myself. I am now freaked out and don’t know what to do.

The next day, I did not report to the office to avoid that awkward moment with him. I told my wife I would accompany her to the doctor and told the same excuse at the office. He texted me asking why I was absent, and I replied to him that I already called HR about my absence.

Things went back to normal the following week. I am just civil with him, acted as if nothing happened. My problem right now is this, I cant seem to get off my mind the BJ incident that happened to us. Though it did not happen again, but secretly deep inside me, I am hoping that it would happen again, that we will both get drunk and he would give me a BJ. Am I becoming gay? Please help me.


* * *

Dear Jethro,

Confused with what you want? I don’t think so. You seem to know what you want, you just don’t know what to do with it.

Yours is a tricky situation, and I can only imagine how tough these times are for you. You’re going to be a father soon, and only at this point are you grappling with this thing. Tough.

Because you said you are an “avid fan” of this blog, and that you “secretly hope” that that sexual tryst with Josh would happen again, many people would say you are definitely gay. I have a feeling that you are, but it’s not for me to say that you actually are. I’d like you to be the one to really observe yourself and your feelings, and based on that, have the courage to embrace the truth.

It may be that this is “just a phase” — no I won’t argue with you on this — but it may also be that you are a late bloomer. So many possibilities, but only you can really tell.

My suggestion for you is to continue with your quest for better self-awareness. It’s not going to be easy, given your situation (married, and soon-to-be father). Let these not be barriers though for your growth in self-awareness. Let not fear of embarrassment, or what-ifs stop you from embracing the truth of who you really are.

But give yourself some time. You deserve some time to think and feel this through. I just wish that as you explore, please be kind to your wife and upcoming kid. Being truthful to oneself may be accompanied by pain, but there are ways to handle it with finesse and elan.

I suggest you speak to someone you trust, better someone who’s gay too. I’d be that person but I’d recommend someone you can talk to in person. Talking it out with another would greatly help.

I wish you the best in your journey, Jethro. Light and love.


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  1. MarcMari said on 23-01-2017

    Jethro advice ko wag mo na ipagpatuloy kase considered cheating sa wife mo kahit saan mo naman kasi tingnan masama yun kahit bj lang. Sa tanong mo naman kung gay ka nga sa tingin ko malalaman mo kapag ginawa mo ulit yun with a guy i totally agree with closer2fame pati yung pagpili ng magiging friends na gays den dapat piliin mo yung totoong kaibigan lang ang motibo pero i support you pa ren kung mapili mo maging gay lagi mo lang isipin na may anak ka na and you should be responsible with your actions πŸ™‚

  2. Mikeraf said on 12-06-2015

    Bai, im in a situation like you. Please add me at FB–Mikeraf Yo.

    We can talk.

  3. from_panagdait said on 02-02-2013

    Hi Jethro,

    “Sorry for this late response.
    ulhi na sa trending.How was your baby?Im sure nanganak na imo wife.”

    Ayaw pada sa imo libog ui,maka bayot baya ng sa call center,LOL!.1 hit wonder ra na.if you fantasize,why not masturbate coz it will help,swear!
    BJ raman to.wa ra to niya.
    Just keep it a secret sa imo wife kay maybe if u will tell basin mawala ang iya trust nimo.
    If you are open,you may reach some TRUSTED people na maka help to give you advise about that.By the way naa nay LOVE YOURSELF PROJECT dre sa Cebu.

    Acairoe Fourth.

  4. alex c. said on 02-12-2012

    the fact that you addressed your concern to this website indicates that you have been discreet gay for quite some time already. just learn to balance your world and, right, fidelity is important if you want to pursue that endeavor to be a father and a family man; less-hassle and guilt-free.

  5. Edwin said on 28-10-2012

    Many readers here, including myself, know exactly how you feel. It was a situation like this that lead us down the road to realize that we have sexual feelings for the same gender.

    I believe you too have the same feelings and I believe that there is evidence for that. You sought out this site manilaGAYguy to tell your story. If you felt that perhaps you like the experience but was not at all gay, why go snooping around gay sites?

  6. syepre siktret said on 28-10-2012

    k lang yon the important thing is magaling kang magtago kay kumander at magbalance ng oras sa kid at sa family mo… aang same sex libog ay madaling hanapin yan take me from the pro am kids of six and caution dont get seriouly and emotianally envolved sa mga gustong tumikim sa iyo

  7. syepre siktret said on 28-10-2012

    k lang yon the important thing is magaling kang magtago kay kumander at magbalance ng oras sa kid at sa family mo… aang same sex libog ay madaling hanapin yan take me from the pro am kids of six and caution dont get seriouly and emotianally envolved sa mga gustong tumikim sa iyo

  8. syepre siktret said on 28-10-2012

    im a late bloomer and also like to be confused when right times comes ..kaibigan am a father of 6 at from the start or even today my wife sometimes joking me eh kasi bakla ka… for me its just balancing your feeling towards to what you dicretely feel ,dont get seriously emotianally envolved only adventure … then love more your future … your children.. ang sex sa same same ay
    for one night stand lamang …bet mo naaglipana ang malilibog sa labas…

  9. jr said on 27-10-2012

    Closer2fame: Yeah, I agree.. but itÒ€ℒs Jethro who chose to commit to a girl so he has to deal with the consequences. No matter what sexuality, fidelity is always a choice.

    -i so much agree, lalo na sa last part! Galing galing πŸ™‚

  10. Juner said on 26-10-2012

    Stage 1 yan ng gayhood hehehe I know. Dinaanan ko na yan. Nasa Stage 3 na ako hehehe. May hanggang stage 7 pa. Samahan mo ako.

  11. Wilberchie said on 23-10-2012

    try to assess the situation after you have sex with your wife after the pregnancy.

  12. Red_ said on 16-10-2012

    From Love of Siam: “Choose what you think is the best for you.”

  13. tonydgorgeous said on 16-10-2012

    jethro, it doesn’t matter what your sexual preference is… you may be a latent homosexual, or a confused straight man… you were without sex for months because of your wife’s pregnancy… a blowjob is a blowjob… you needed that kasi tao ka na may sexual needs… if you feel like wanting to experience another bj, definitely nothing wrong with that… what is wrong is having troubled conscience and losing peace of mind because of something that you enjoyed…

  14. taekopink said on 14-10-2012

    Narito ako! Umiigiiiiib!!!!Òℒ«ÒℒΒͺÒℒ«ÒℒΒͺ – ala regine.
    “Salamat bai if ganahan ka puwede ta maging migo, email lang sa tayo. Biga lang tayo,..”
    Dito nanggaling ang unang reaction ko. At dahil hindi judgmental at pang WORLD PEACE ang beauty ko, no further comment 😐

  15. Aetoroa said on 12-10-2012

    Hhahaa! Natatawa naman ako sa discussion dito. Sagutan to the hoghest level! Eheh

  16. Jethro said on 11-10-2012

    Again, to those who have shared their two cents worth of opinion, thank you for clearing the air for me. All your comments and suggestions are well taken into consideration. For those who emailed me back and consoled me thru email (im not sure kung sino sila, im sure u know who you are) thank you! What I need now is someone who is mature enough with whom I can share my thoughts with, and not someone who will judge me for what I did!

    • Alvin said on 12-10-2012

      Tama yan Jethro, wag mong intindihin yung mga humuhusga sayo. Alam naman sa buong mundo ng LGBT na ang mga late bloomer Dads na kagaya mo ang prime commodity. Kung baga, ikaw ay Certified Black Angus T-bone steak at hindi buto-butong pang nilaga sa palengke, hahaha. Yan ha, hinuhusgahan din kita kung anu ka, hehehe. At kung baga sa palengke, parokyanong barat lang yung mga nagmamagandang nagda-down sayo.

      Ang mahalagang masagot mo sa sarili mo e kung kailangan mo pa ba talaga ng kalinga ng kapwa mo lalake o di mo na nanaisin pang ulitin yung nangyari sa iyo. Pag nasagot mo na yan e madali na lang maayos ang lahat.

  17. Jam said on 11-10-2012

    Naisip ko lng…

    Hindi kaya isa rin sa mga dahilan kung bakit naenjoy mo ung BEST BJ OF YOUR LIFE kasi bakla ung gumawa sayo at hindi yan dahil sa magaling ang bakla mag-BJ, kundi dahil pag sa bakla galing less ang guilt mo?

    Naisip ko lang din… kasi sabi ng isa kong friend lahat daw ng lalake, kahit straight, eh may gay experience… (hindi naman ako masyadong naniniwala dito sa idea na ito)

    Naisip ko lng…

  18. Johnny said on 10-10-2012

    Makiki share lang kahit off topic.
    What makes married guys(gays) attractive.
    1. Discretion. They are not allowed to show “it”.
    Knows how to act straight.
    2. Virility. Manly than an average gay guy. (Quite
    amazingly, most of them are top)
    3. NSA fun. They’re only after the fun. Mababa ang
    chance na maghabol habol.
    4. Repressed. Starved of gay sex.
    5. Great sex. They know how to pleasure.
    6. Maturity.

  19. green_archer said on 10-10-2012

    This experience opened your eyes to the reality that this happens, even to married guys. Perhaps this may be forgettable, but not regrettable. Just be happy and enjoy that awkward moment in seeing him around. Trust me, I know the feeling. πŸ˜†

  20. flick said on 10-10-2012

    The more you entertain it, the more you get involved. Since late bloomer ka nga, the first days, weeks, months are the crucial periods kaya think it over before giving in.

    • Closer2Fame said on 10-10-2012

      I agree…

      If he really loves his wife then he knows what to do..

      @Jethro – you know the right thing to do.

    • Johnny said on 10-10-2012

      It happens to the late bloomers. The first encounter can be followed by a series of encounters. I think some call it “whoring stage” (You badly want to make up for lost time).
      But it is a different case for Jethro -married and soon to be father. I say it is better to stay away from it all. Focus on raising your family and your other commitments in life. This will also give you enough lead time to asses your life. Because at this point, pursuing your happiness will come at a price. I am not saying you suppress your (other)sexuality, all I mean is you take your time to think things over.

  21. cockooo said on 10-10-2012

    bai…mas lami jd mu chupa ang mga bayot, mga maya kaysa mga babayi!

  22. Kanuto said on 10-10-2012

    bet na bet ko ang istoryahe ni kua.. aylabet! heheh…. kembot lang!

  23. Jethro said on 10-10-2012

    To everyone who have shared their thoughts and comments, thank you. You guys have definitely enlightened me on things. I would like to share my two cents worth of thought…

    1. Giving out your email address and looking for friends doesn’t mean your looking for sex. Why are some people so judgmental.

    2. People like you are the reason why our society is still close minded about the third sex. You are giving them the impression that all gays only think about sex.

    The reason why I opened up my story is for me to have an avenue to share my deep dark kept secret, a secret affair that has been bothering me for a while. When I hit the send button, I understand that I will be judged by people who are also members and are free to comment on my story.

    Thanks Migs for sharing my story to the group. I have learned a lot from all the comments.

    • Kanuto said on 10-10-2012

      true! i had shared once my story, pero di man dito… amsama ng mga koments, pero ginusto ko iyon. kaya, wala ang sisi sa kanila kundi sa akin….pero okay na din atleast nailabas ko ng husto ang aking mga karanasan, kabadingan, at kung ano anu….anyway, life must go on.

    • diesel said on 10-10-2012

      sayang there’s no like button… just wanted to send my two thumbs up to you Jethro! for the courage you have in sharing your story!

    • Efren said on 10-10-2012

      Hi Jethro,

      My first time to post here. I have been reading this blog for some time now but never posted. Just wanted to give my support to you bro. I wish i were in your place that i have a wife. If you were confused maybe you enjoyed the act. That fact does not make you totally become one. The experience was not traumatic to you that is why maybe it bothers you. Sometimes, things happen in our life that leaves an imprint. It is up to us if we will allow ourselves to be continually affected by that or use that experience to open our eyes and understand the world more. Maybe, this experience will make you understand the struggles of people struggling with homosexuality. So lesser straight people will be judgemental of the third sex. Maybe use this experience to have a better understanding of life and maybe you can use that experience to become a better father to your son.

    • sentosa park said on 10-10-2012

      Jethro, sorry if you find my comment sarcastic. In the first place i;m not a cebuano like you kya cguro ganun ang dating. If you read my comment, it’s just the same as Migs comment when he said “avid fan of this blog”, me saying “giving your email add to guys” as signs. Peace.

      • Sailormoon said on 12-10-2012

        @ sentosa park… Sus dong hugas kamay ka pa… Sarkastiko ka din mag comment pareho lang kayo nyan ni closer2fame… Mga bayot., echoserang palaka kayong dalawa ni closer2fame. Feeling nyo mga pretty kau teh, well mga chaka ever kau!

      • sentosa park said on 12-10-2012

        bwahahahhaha….affected kba sailormoon…stand infront of the mirror and tell that to yorself!!!!

      • Closer2Fame said on 12-10-2012

        Anu ba?!

        Ang nakakakita ng panget sa iba ay panget din…

        Kaya alam mo teh, ang ganda mo!

        yun na! hahaha πŸ˜†

  24. Closer2Fame said on 10-10-2012


    Arte mo teh.. nangbuntis ka tapos sa BJ mo lang gus2 ipagpalit ang pamilya mo? Kahit aksidente pa yan.. Anu yun, pakalat kalat dick mo sa kalye tapos aksidenteng nabungo ng vagina nya ng paulit ulit?!..

    Wait nalang natin interview with your future kid… Anu kaya sasabihin nya?

    Your Child as a Todler: ” Ayaw po kasi ni Mommy mang BJ kaya naghiwalay po sila ni daddy… teacher ano po ba ang BJ?”


    • Jethro said on 10-10-2012

      Closer2Fame, thanks for the moral support ha. Now I know what I will choose, I don’t need sarcastic gay friends in my life and I will definitely choose my friends if ever I will have gay friends… I will never leave my wife and soon to be baby for people who will never support how I feel.

      • Closer2Fame said on 10-10-2012

        Dude, this is for your own good…

        Believe me after sharing your story, madaming gus2 ma meet ka…… Yan ang mga type ng mga bakla .. me asawa at anak… kumbaga e tunay na lalaki… You’ll be like the Holy grail of gay guys.. And I’m sure a lot of them will see you as a trophy to fulfill all their insecurities.. Imagine, isang straight na lalaki me chance ipagpalit ang kanyang asawa at anak sa isang bakla… Ang haba ng hair ng bakla… Even though there maybe a few people here w/ real sincere and selfless intentions, I will not be surprised that there would be gay guys who would see your email as an opportunity to convert you or as a ticket to fulfill their fantasy… Dito ka nalang magcomment for support… dahil kung gawin mo pa yun sa ibang paraan e baka lalo ka lang lapitan ng temptation at tuluyan ka na mapahamak…

      • Ulon said on 11-10-2012

        ay hirap naman nito. mali pala parating ng comment ko. i’m offering a support not sex. ung mapaguusapan ung nangyari, ung mga tanong na di nya pwedeng itanong sa mga straight friends nya. a talk as a friend not something else.

  25. taekopink said on 10-10-2012

    10 years ago, if i would’ve read this, i would be totally aroused. Astig kaayo bai. Pero ngayon, i find this post, and the correspondence, totally – isang napakalaking kabayutan 😐
    Supporting actress ako parati pero this time kontrabida ako at pagsasampalin ko na kayo mga bayot kayo!!!!
    waw pareng migs oh, may hook-apan sa site mo.
    Inday, ang abaniko kohhh! kainezzz!

    • Ulon said on 10-10-2012

      i think his trying to figure things out, who he is and what he wants. so hes trying to have friends (like us)… there’s nothing wrong with that… πŸ˜€

      • Closer2Fame said on 10-10-2012

        Yeah suportahan natin maging bading yung me asawa att anak.. tama yan…

      • Ulon said on 11-10-2012

        usap lang po… πŸ˜•

      • Closer2Fame said on 10-10-2012

        Teh, pag nag convert itong si Jethro to the dark side hanapan mo ng bagong asawa wife nya and step-dad his unborn child ha?.. don’t forget…

      • Ulon said on 11-10-2012

        hay naku. ano ba ito… πŸ˜† di naman inisip na mag-orgy. usap lang naman. as in usap lang, talaga. pwera biro… di ko naman i-co-convert si jethro. usap lang naman. sya… wag na lang… πŸ™‚

      • Ulon said on 11-10-2012

        na misinterpret ang comment ko. gay friend, at hindi gay sex buddy, ang nasaisip ko sa comment kong ito…

  26. mac said on 09-10-2012


  27. Neutral said on 09-10-2012

    What’s the difference between a mouth of a man and a woman? Nothing. How good a blowjob is based on skills.

    Don’t worry about your sexuality as it’s irrelevant to why you can’t get your mind off the BJ. You wish to feel pleasure and that’s it.

    It’s just that subconsciously you feel less guilt when you get pleasure from a man than a woman since you’re not cheating on your wife with another woman.

    The question that’s tearing you apart is not “Am I gay?” but “Should I do it again?”.

  28. Alvin said on 09-10-2012

    Jethro, madaming mga Dads na me secret life like us. The only concern is being totally discrete. In your case, its a big no no to get involved with someone within your circle of relatives, friends and acquantances. Sabi nga “wag magkalat sa sariling bakuran”. Kaya last na yun for Josh ha. It will be very complicated if you continue your thingy with him. Madami pang iba dyan kung talagang gusto mong i-explore ang nararamdaman mong attraction sa same sex. I agree with Migs, meron kang berdeng dugo, kaya lang late bloomer ka tulad ko, hehehe. Nothing wrong with it as long as ibigay mo ke Pedro and ke Pedro at ibigay ke Mrs. Jethro ang sa kanya. Wag problemahin kung anu man yung kasarian mo, ang mahalaga, you give an avenue to your hidden side para me lakas ka to face life stresses like a regular man. Ingat sa sakit and enjoy your secret life.

  29. sunshine kinney said on 09-10-2012

    make it simple jethro. go for what you want. life’s too short for us not to be doing our heart’s deepest desires. πŸ™‚

  30. from_cebu said on 08-10-2012

    i think you’re not gay… there are just times that only a man can give what the other man needs/wants.

    “biga ra cguro na bai hehe :mrgreen: .. bcin parehas raka nako na usahay mo fantasize og having sex with other guys, but when it comes to romantic and long term relationship I still prefer a woman’s warmth, ako buhaton bai if mag sugod nakog fantasize og lain laki ako ra e-lolo after ana mawagtang rasad, tan-aw nako bai dili ka bayut,parehas raka nako na from time time we prefer fantasizing having sex with other men”

    love your wife and your soon to be child, they are a blessing.

  31. Ulon said on 08-10-2012

    Who you are and what you want? You’re the only one who can answer that. Meeting people like us is a good way to figure that out. Friendly meet-up.

    Jethro ang sabi ni Papa Jack πŸ˜€ , hindi rason ang pagpapakasal, dahil nakabuntis ka. But because you love her.

    Master and his protegee. I love the sound of that. Ika nga walang kuwenta ang iyong nalalaman hangga’t di ito naipapamahagi sa iba.

    OK, its saying DANGER AH!OH!… But your drunk and there is nothing you can do. Pero nagustuhan mo naman diba, so there is nothing wrong with it.

    Ayos naman pala dude, naiintindihan naman nya ang nangyari. Libog at alcohol lang lahat iyon.

    Oh shit, he just awakened something in you. Problema ito.

    Mmmm, tatapatin na kita, usually incident like this, pagdating sa mga straight is just sex and alcohol. But since your making a big deal out of it, i think, you might be bisexual.

    Well, wala na tayong magagawa, ayan na yan nangyari na. Ang maganda mo segurong gawin eh, prioritize things. Anu-ano ang mahalaga sau? Your baby and your wife, malamang diba? Seguro set aside that feeling of yours and focus on being a father and a husband. Sometimes experience is just an experience, fantasize with it, dream about it, but don’t let this ruined you, and those people that needs you most right now. Hang on, hold on (lahat ng may on πŸ˜† ) don’t lose your self. You’re not just the only one who experience this kind of things. You’re not alone… sing with me dude… πŸ˜€ Don’t forget to πŸ™‚

    • Jethro said on 09-10-2012

      Salamat Ulon. Ganahan ko maki kanta nimo. Kung ganahan ka puwede tayo maging migo sa email Salamat ulit bai!

      • Ulon said on 10-10-2012

        walang anuman dude… kantahan na!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜†

      • Ulon said on 11-10-2012

        walang anuman dude…

      • Closer2Fame said on 10-10-2012

        Mahal mo misis mo pero kailangan maghanap ko pa ng friends d2 sa blog na to?!

        Tapos pag me nangyari update us uli ha..

      • Jethro said on 10-10-2012

        Closer2Fame, I am currently in the state where I don’t know what I want, that’s the reason why I need support from people like you. If you guys will just castigate me for what I did, I can not do anything. What I know is, I love my wife and the baby she’s carrying. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in looking for friends right?

      • Closer2Fame said on 10-10-2012

        Yeah choose gay friends…

        pag tayo naging friends.. wag ka mababading sakin.. kaya mo?!

      • Ulon said on 11-10-2012

        kaibigan lang kailangan mo, ung makakaintindi ng problema mo.

      • Jethro said on 11-10-2012

        Its ok Ulon, I understand where you’re coming from. I hope a lot of people will be as open minded as you.

        And to Closer2Fame, I understand where you’re coming from as well, both of your points are well taken.

        I am happy with this healthy discussion. Some comments might be a bit offensive, but hey thats their opinion.

        When I decided to share my story, I know I will be soliciting a lot of comments, some good and some bad, its up to me who to listen to right?

      • Lola said on 20-10-2012

        :mrgreen: Mas magaling ako bumi J sa office mate mo, try mo lang po…thanks

      • Closer2Fame said on 29-10-2012

        What the?! isa ka pa! πŸ˜›

  32. rommel said on 08-10-2012

    You’re bisexual. I didn’t believe there are bisexuals but only in denial gays till I came to Canada. There are really a LOT of REAL bisexual men.. If you love your wife then don’t play with fire.

  33. Closer2Fame said on 08-10-2012


    Don’t you love your girlfriend who just became your wife and future mother of your unborn child?

    • Closer2Fame said on 08-10-2012

      There’s like a lot of things you could do with out penetration. I know a lot of soon to be parents who doesn’t have any sensitivity issues and yet their able to enjoy themselves sexually without it. It’s not like she’ll go in labor once she reaches orgasm.

      I don’t understand why your wife can’t give you a blowjob while she’s pregnant?..

      Doesn’t she want you to play with her vagina at least from the outside like rubbing or licking her clit?

      If worse comes to worse, can’t you at least jack it off for a few more months?

      • Ulon said on 08-10-2012

        bat nila di ginawa ang mga ito. but pagdating sa best bj, i think, tayo lang makakapagbigay nyan… πŸ˜† *peace

      • Closer2Fame said on 08-10-2012

        Yeah, I agree.. but it’s Jethro who chose to commit to a girl so he has to deal with the consequences. No matter what sexuality, fidelity is always a choice.

      • Ulon said on 09-10-2012

        amen to that… πŸ™‚

      • Closer2Fame said on 10-10-2012

        Amen ka dyan? akala ko ba:

        “i think his trying to figure things out, who he is and what he wants. so hes trying to have friends (like us)Ò€¦ thereÒ€ℒs nothing wrong with thatÒ€¦ ” – Ulon

        So itolerate natin na magka friends na bading xa para mas lalo pa maimpluensyahang mag convert?

      • Jethro said on 10-10-2012

        Having gay friends doesn’t necessarily mean ur gay right? Are you saying if I stay away from gay people, it will remove the confusion I have now?

      • Closer2Fame said on 10-10-2012

        Hahaha.. it depends on who they are… to be honest, if you’ll be friends w/ me.. I don’t think you’ll stay str8 at all.

      • Ulon said on 11-10-2012

        @Closer2Fame: I LOVE YOU

      • Closer2Fame said on 13-10-2012


        I love you too! Hahaha πŸ˜†

      • Jethro said on 09-10-2012

        Bai, mahal ko akong misis pero sa tinuod lang, wala ko ka sabot sa feeling ng na BJ! Dili ko karon naka tulog kc nimata ko after mag damgo about di incident! Buanga lagi! 😈

      • Closer2Fame said on 10-10-2012

        Sorry I don’t speak Cebuanon..

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