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Hi, Migs.

I have never been in a relationship and very poor in reading gesture/body language especially of that a man. Im 29 yrs old and I would say I am a discreet bisexual for sometime i get attracted to women but most of the time I get attracted to men.

My problem is, there’s this guy in the office which I find interesting. He’s a new hire like me and we’re on the same floor but we belong to different teams. He’s tall, handsome and has this “nice guy look” so whenever he passes by in my workstation I cant help but look at him. Our first conversation was during our new hire orientation where we had small talks. So whenever we see each other, we smile and nod to one another.

What confuses me is that whenever I stare at him at far, I see that somehow he’s looking at me too for we are ending up having an eye contact. Then, he’ll suddenly direct his eyes to somewhere. This eye to eye contact happens every now and then. One time, I went to the CR to brush my teeth and saw him almost done brushing his teeth. We did not talk but we nod and smile to one another like we always do. As he exits the CR, I stare at him and saw him looking at me too so we had an eye to eye again. This happened more than once and since I find it unusual to a man to do that, I observed other man if they’ll do the same as they exit door, none of them did the same thing. This eye to eye contact also happens in the pantry.

I added him in FB but it’s been a week and he has not accepted my friend request. Despite of that frequent eye to eye contact, still he smiles and nods whenever our paths cross.

Nahihiya tuloy ako for I feel he knows that I always look at him since lagi nya akong nahuhuli nakatingin sa kanya.

Please help me interpret his gestures towards me. Thank you.

best regards,

– o –

Dear Ray,

Invite him for coffee, invite him for lunch, invite him for anything. Do something more than just looking, and imagining.

Life is short, teh, sa kaka-interpret mo, next thing you know it, drift wood ka na. So go lang ng go.


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  1. creepyboi said on 22-05-2015

    Wag pilingera! Bka nmn nhalata nyang iba tingin mo sa kanya kaya pinagtripan kana pla nya. Tutal mas matutuwa ka sa ganun, yun nga lng pogi points lng sa knya yun kya nya ngagawa sau yun dahil alam nilang my humahanga sa knila and their reason na “wala nmng masama sa ganun eh!” Yun nga lng, sa side mo, ang masama ay nageexpect ka.

  2. Ray said on 05-01-2014

    Hi, Migs – Thanks for the advice. I did try to message him on FB but i never received a response. Last November when I decided to avoid him as much as possible and not to look at him whenever he passes by my work area, i think na halata nya since i notice before at least 3 times in a day sya dumaan sa area ko, lately once na lang. and then, just last December, nakita ko sya sa Mall may ka holding hands at nagka GF na pala sya nung last week of October. Nung christmas party namin nakita ko na naman sya that he’s checking on me too. At nakakainis lang yung tipong im trying to move on and try to forgt him saka ko naman palagi nakikita/naririnig yung Name nya kung saan saan. last Christmas eve i did greet him on FB but he didnt reply. nun new year’s eve din i did the same thing and still no reply. on jan 2, nagkasabay na naman kami sa CR, short smile and nod lang ulit kami sa isat isa. awkard no dialogue at all. at itong last friday lang, napadalas na naman ang pagdaaan nya ng station ko and during these times, nakikitang ko he’s checking me out. hays nakakalito ang tadhana at ang mga kilos nya towards me.

    • Pen said on 06-04-2015

      I also have the same experience. But my experience has far away from you. I alksos added him on fb and did the same thing. I asked his friend and they said I need to ask him. But I tried to push his frien totell me thge truth. And he said I was cute. Lol. Nothing more nothing less. Lol. And as I was thinking maybe he just wat you to become friends. He feel the comfortness kapag nakikita ka/ nakakausap.

  3. flick31 said on 17-10-2013

    I’m currently experiencing the same thing. There is this cute guy that I really like. Lagi ko syang nahuhuli na nakatingin sa akin. Or maybe he knows that i’m also checking on him. Yung tipong konting ingay na mapoproduce ko nakikita ko sumisilip sya at nagtatagpo ang aming mga mata. I could have started a conversation but I know I musn’t. I’m done with married guys.

  4. Greg said on 15-10-2013

    Good advice Migs. A friend told me that the imbalance in same sex relationships is due to the fact that most people are just waiting to be lapitin, and few are making the lapit. I belong to the few who make the lapit.

  5. tristan said on 13-10-2013

    bakit ka mahihiya, considering kung nahuhuli ka niya looking at him, it means he was also checking you out.

  6. tristan said on 13-10-2013

    bakit ka mahihiya, considering kung nahuhuli ka niya looking at him, it means he was also checking you out.

  7. mar said on 12-10-2013

    Hahaha! Natatawa ako sa advice ni MIgs! Very straightforward but true!

  8. Georg said on 10-10-2013

    Pwede din naman na that the guy with the nice guy look is really just being the nice guy that he is. Parang eye contact kasi is barely enough. Kapag gestures kasi, di lang eye contact. At least if that happens to me, that’s how I’ll interpret it 😆

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