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I have this friend, hes’ a priest. And still is a priest.

Recently, he shared with me that on the day of his ordination, he had a boyfriend, a then-fellow seminarian. He continued to relate how they were, as lovers, and as brothers in the faith, as future leaders of their Catholic community, and as gay men loving each other. While many others may raise their eyebrows, I felt nothing but–how should I call it?–love for them.

Months after his ordination, the boyfriend just vanished, not literally, but he just disappeared from his life. Did not answer calls, no messages, no nothing. Perhaps the guy was thinking that since my friend has been ordained, it would serve them best not to continue on with their relationship. And maybe the guy is right. Now, my friend is a very good and upright priest. He knows he is gay, and he is open about it. He says he has been practicing his vows (most notably celibacy) and has not broken any of them since his ordination.

Gay, celibate, priest, and a good human being. Those words can mix in one sentence, as it can be in one person. I bless you, Father.

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  1. Rye said on 06-04-2015

    I know someone who does this. He is Fr. Dennis. When I was in the seminary, I have this gut feeling that he is gay. I have this batchmate goodlooking and muscular, and they usually have this private session: Fr. Dennis gets a massage from Marvin (my batchmate). Just few years after I left the seminary, I saw Fr. Dennis in Farenheit just wearing the white towel while walking around the maze. You know what I mean. :) hahaha

  2. MrCens said on 20-03-2014

    Gay, celibate, priest, and a good human being… idol!

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