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Hey Migs,

I stumbled on your blog a few minutes ago and read some of the stories. Seems like everybody’s really nice and all. Anyways, I’m J and i was kinda wanting to talk about stuff. I’m seeing someone now but somehow I always end up watching a movie alone or spending the more the usual “me time” at the mall. He’s almost always busy and truth be told, I’ve given up on trying to spend my extra time looking for ways to see him. Yeah, the relationship is dying, dead to be exact (it has been for a long time) and I know we ought to move on. But how do i do that? I don’t have a lot of friends that i can talk to about this and i dont want to spend my days sulking at the corner while everybody else is happy and all very well to do.


– J

* * *

Dear J,

Yes, you are on the right path — MOVE ALONG and MOVE ON. How to do that? You said it yourself — why not try to meet more friends, those you can talk to, those you can be happy with?

Being in a relationship is fine, but I honestly think it is over-rated. There are so many great things one can experience in being with friends! Sadly, too many people spend too little effort in initiating and nurturing lifelong friendships. This I think is what you can start to explore.

There is an upcoming get together you might want to consider joining, there you might be able to find nice chaps as potential friends. If that is not your cup of tea, at least start looking. For friends.



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  1. kentot said on 23-06-2014

    Read the old post here re movin on! If u only had a few friends or like an introvert type. Y not insted, go to social net sites, I’m sure ul b able divert ur attention and won’t b emo again…or yet onlines games which I’d like to try myself. Naka move on din ako as times past by:-) po ol ol lang

  2. Ron said on 31-05-2014

    Hi Migs. I’m your newest fan here in Florida. Your advice to the poster and to those who had asked for your wise counsel is sound and actionable. Please continue your life’s mission.

  3. noni said on 13-04-2014

    J end your current relationship muna then go and meet some friends. Why not go to parties and meet new people? 🙂

    • J said on 15-04-2014

      hey noni. it’s over. and im really okay with meeting new people but`thing is i dont party! hahahaha anyways thankyou :))

  4. Wilberchie said on 28-03-2014

    MINGLE! No use being with someone who doesn’t care. Gora!

  5. deandark said on 26-03-2014

    Agree with JL.. to change something, you must willing to leave something else behind.. because it clearly doesn’t work out for you.. It’s a big world out there, be open but also be cautious at the same time.. wish you all the best.. 🙂

  6. JL said on 26-03-2014

    first things first:how can you start to move on when in fact the relationship is not yet over?!

    as youve mentioned its still on the dying stage.then kill it if you want to move on.and doing that is to say to the other person that its over.

  7. J said on 25-03-2014

    Hey Migs. Yeah i ought to start meeting friends. I’m generally a shy person and not a lot of people know about me but I would to join that get together (if my schedule permits hehe) Thank you for the invite! 🙂

  8. Bb. Melanie said on 25-03-2014

    Go go go and meet new friends! They can help and make you feel the beauty of the world different from having a romantic relationship. Smile 🙂

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