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Dear Migs,

I just discovered your blog yesterday ang yet I’m already composing an email for you. Hope you and our friends there can help me.

I’m not into writing letters or expressing myself to anyone ever since. Kaya siguro ang laki ng pasasalamat ko sayo dahil sa 30years ng buhay ko ngaun ko lang maeexpress ung sarili ng totoo as in ako.

Ok, a little bout me. I’m almost at my 30s with a girlfriend and working in an IT/Bpo company and I’m from pateros. Alam ko na attracted ako sa older men/daddy looking men and still do not have plan to go out ever! Di ko gustong maging bakla/bi, gusto ko kasing magkaroon ng sarili kong pamilya. To cut my story short, can you help me reach out to our gay daddies to share their stories with me? Gusto ko malaman mga bagay bagay pag nandun na, kasi nagbabalak na kami magpakasal in 1 or 2 years from now. Thank you in advance.


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  1. John said on 05-09-2015

    25, slim. Looking for older. 😛
    Kik: pateachoo

  2. Adrian said on 03-09-2015

    Hi! Just like JJ, I am also about to turn 30 by the end of this year and I am somehow attracted to older men (maybe those in their mid 30s to late 40s). But unlike JJ, I am sure I do not plan to marry a woman. I am in the closet but I know I want a man in my life. I now get uneasy when people around me ask me about my plan to start a family. I am starting to run our of reasons (excuses). It gets harder when it is my parents who ask the question.

    As for my attraction to older men, I guess it started at my second full-time job where I admired my boss and I later on realized that it was more than a simple admiration. I have left that work for more than one year now but I still have that kind of attraction to older men (there’s no one I am attracted to at my current office, but I have noticed some older/dad-type men in other offices we transact business with). Perhaps, what happened in my previous office triggered my inclination towards older guys. Or maybe I had it in me for the longest time and only noticed it when I started admiring my previous boss. I can only guess.

    • Cruiser Dude said on 15-09-2015

      Hi, Adrian, let’s talk..please text me your email add at 0999.448.4617. I only reply thru emails. I am a working professional, in my 40’s. I have lots to share…

  3. callum said on 26-08-2015


    I a dad with 2 kids i had a relationship with a younger guy we are now 8 years and i am still with my wife.

    My wife caught us several times but she stayed i told her again it was over so that she will stay. But she told all of our friends about me and now i feel im friendless. Im looking for groups that i can join not gay groups at least a really discreet mens group or business group.

    Hope u can message me on facebook my facebook email is

    • popoy6in said on 28-08-2015

      Its quite sad to hear ur story. I would like to be ur friend. Im a dad as well. Im 33 from manila. Im also in search of people I can talk to who can relate with the same situation as I am in.

    • closeteddaddy said on 06-09-2015

      cant find you in fb

      • popoy6in said on 14-09-2015

        I dont have an fb account. I do not usually go online. I can give u my number if u want. But I can only respond on weekdays while im in the office if that is fine with u and u understand my situation.

  4. Confusion said on 22-08-2015

    Got the same story with this guy. Di pa ako daddy pero I am thinking about my future. I am sure that I want kids and I have my girl now whom I love so much. But, I also see myself sexually-attracted to daddies , lalo na yung mga malalaki ang katawan. Pero ayokong ma tie sa isang same sex relationship. Ang gusto ko lang po ay ma experience ang mga daddies. Mahawakan ang katawan nila. Would it be a problem in the next days of my life? And can I have here a daddy (with kids and a wife) who can let me experience the romance but without strings attached? Just for fun? Please reply. I am competing to many pageants and I’ve been an escort many times and I guess, that’s enough for you to kniw how I look like.

  5. gm said on 17-08-2015

    Wow.. this is exactly my story! I never thought there’s someone out there who has the same story/life as mine..

    Hmmm.. sa tiingin ko, gusto lang nya malaman what’s life being a gay dad. That’s also a big question mark for me.

  6. popoy6in said on 28-07-2015

    I hope I can converse with u and share my thoughts on your questions. I am married, im a dad as well. I may be a good source of infotmation for ur queries. I will share with u my digits soon if you want to talk to me. Just let me know.

  7. M said on 25-07-2015

    What’s unsettling here is the fact that breaking up with your eventual wife, or cheating on her is premeditated. If you love her, let her go now and let her have someone who’s going to be true to her. This is not love but selfishness. It’s quite evil. Leave the woman alone. She deserves better than be married (and be legally tied) to a cheat.

    • gm said on 17-08-2015

      I’m sorry dude pero natawa ako dito.
      So you are saying na lahat ng gay daddies eh selfish and evil?

  8. Percy said on 08-07-2015

    hi po. uhm hindi ako isang daddy but i’m daddy- lover. im single right now pero nagkarelasyon ako sa isang daddy for more than 2 years. Hindi naman ako expert pero sana makatulong ako, after all parang daddy-lover ka rin naman kasi naaarouse ka sa kanila. Para sa akin, wala naman sigurong masama kung sexually attracted ka sa older men. Ikanga nila, kanya kanyang trip lang. Hindi mo rin naman siguro niloloko asawa mo kasi mahal mo naman siya. Yun lang naman talaga ang tunay na batayan ng pagpapakasal, ang love. Kung ako ang tatanungin mo, explore all you want. But be cautious. Try to test your limit at subukan mo kung hanggang saan ang kaya mong sikmurain sa attraction mo towards older men. Malay mo, pag mas nakilala mo na ang sarili mo ay makatulong pa sa relasyon niyo ng gf mo. Desisyon mo na rin siguro kung sasabihin mo sa gf mo o hindi. Kasi ikaw naman ang mas nakakakilala sa kanya. Pero kung ako ang tataningin mo, wag nalang muna.

    Hindi ko sinasabing magpakabakla ka. Hindi mo rin naman kailangang i-label ang sarili as gay or bisexual. Kasi minsan talaga, may mga tanong tayo tungkol sa ating sarili na hindi natin maintindihan kasi hindi pa naman natin nararanasan.I guess tama na rin siguro na nagtanong ka dito, its your first step to truly know yourself. Kagaya ko, alam kung lalaki ang gusto ko, either suxually or emotionally. Pero nalilibugan parin ako sa mga hetero porn or m2f erotic stories. What im trying to say is, every desire has its own tolerance. Malay mo, hanggang imagination lang pala ang kaya mong itolerate. Tapos pag kaharap mo na ang lalaki sa kama ay hindi ka na tigasan . Or pwede ding tigasan ka man sa lalaki pero mas titigasan ka pa rin sa babae.

    Sabi nga ng ex ko, mas naging sexually aggressive siya sa wife niya nung naging kami kasi mas naging open minded daw siya noong naging kami. Mas naging confident siya sa sarili niya. Mas naging responsible daw siya kasi kaya na daw niyang tingnan both sides of the coin. For now, hindi ko muna ikukwento kung paano kami umabot sa 2 years. Mahaba haba yun.

    I hope bro makatulong ako 😉
    Hey email me if you have question

  9. random reader said on 24-06-2015

    There actually isn’t any problem with finding (older) men attractive. It’s your brain that’s telling you that, you don’t have a choice with regard to that. Your choice is limited to what you (don’t) want to do with the attraction and feelings.

    Being “bakla/bi” is not a choice. Having a family, getting married, being happy is also possible with homosexual relationships. I think it’s only fair if you resolve this conflict before you commit yourself to marrying a woman.

    What is your objective for reaching out? A hook-up to “try” what the “gay lifestyle” is like? Tips from closeted, gay men who are married themselves?

    I would think that by visiting and posting in this site already affirms your attraction. Is expressing yourself enough to get yourself rid of the guilt or shame? You must be clear with what you want, otherwise people here wouldn’t know how to help you. Help can come in many forms. If it’s experience you’re after, I’m sure you’ll get plenty of offers. If it’s (unsolicited) advise, you’ll get them plenty of them as well.

  10. kumpadre said on 23-06-2015


    Thank you for reaching out to us(dads), first of all I didn’t like the tone of your mail. I’m not certain if your trying to distance yourself from who and what we are. Please accept yourself first and happiness will follow. Yes we are men but we have tendencies and there’s nothing wrong in doing that its innate and yes can be suppressed. But for how long?brother, gender spectrum is broad please accept who you are before you give your commitment to someone.

    Let’s go now to your dillema, I bet she knows that you are not on the side of cisgender, remember woman’s instinct? If your gf loves you she will accept you no mater who you are.

    Wedding plans: push for it, make it simple yet solemn.
    Remember k-12 is inevitable and cost of having baby(ies) is high like formula, diapers, yaya etc. You need to prepare for it.

    Its my opinion and may differ to other dads point of view.



  11. Jet Pangilinan said on 19-06-2015

    Magri preach ba tayo ke JJ imbes na tulungan natin siya na ma reconcile ang kanyang conflict? Bawat isa satin e meron sarisariling dahilan kung bakit nag a out o nag tatago sa ating sitwasyon. Kung choice niyang huwag maging ladlad e who are we to condemn him? Ke ladlad o tago, parepareho lang naman tayong me mga ginawang dishonorable actions in terms of relations, ke sa kapwa lalakeng partner o sa babae. Maaring ang inaalam lang niya e kung pano mamuhay na tago na me integridad sa sa wife. Hindi din ka ipokrotuhan mag asawa ayon sa batas porke nalilibugan ka sa kapwa lalake. JJ, kung isa kang bisexual e i’m sure na nasisiyahan ka din sa sex sa babae. Kaya isipin mo lang na ang temptation mo na manlalake e katumbas lang din yan sa temptation sa pambababae sa mga straights. Nasa sayo na kung pagbibigyan mo yang temptation na yan as a husband and father. Don’t be afraid, kase sa dami ng nakilala ko ng mga bi fathers, they are almost always good Dads and husbands.

    • John said on 20-06-2015

      This is exactly my point! Thanks jet!
      Kasalanan ko din kung bakit may confusion, sobrang summarized kasi ng mail ko. Haha
      Like whatI said, im not into writing.. nabobore kssi ako pag mahaba na.
      In terms of sex, wala pako experience sa same sex. Ung sa temptation, to be honest hindi ko alam!
      Yes, im looking forward to have children (dalawa lang cguro) and raise them

      Thank you very much!.

  12. Cruiser Dad said on 19-06-2015

    Snowy has a good point on this. J.J. why are you attracted to Daddies by the way? Did you grow up without a Dad? You have so many curiosities and you want to try/explore before marrying? Another question would be – after your get married, what is your assurance that your attraction to daddies would cease? If you say no, you would telling a lie.
    I am single, 47, working professional and with a glamorous job, a kind of job with gorgeous men around. I chose not to get married because I would be living in a world of lie wherein I already know what I want. It would be unfair for my wife to be in case I marry her. Yes, I had girlfriends before. Maybe you need to speak to yourself first before marrying your girlfriend. J.J. being happy is a choice, and you can still be one rather than living in a world of lie.

    • John said on 20-06-2015

      Gaya ng sabi ko kay snowy,hindi ako curious. Sexually attracted lang ako, at sa tanong mu kung bakit? Hindi ko alam, haha. (Bakit nga ba?) Hindi pa ko nainlove sa lalaki so far.
      Well like you said, being happy is a choice. You chose to be single coz ur happy with that. Anyways, you’re out or still in the closet?

      Thank you for comment. 🙂

    • clark said on 23-06-2015


      just curious, what is your line of work?

  13. Snowy Avecilla said on 19-06-2015

    Ano ung kapag andun na? You want to meet with gay daddies for story telling? Also, I find it a bit offensive that you don’t want to be gay/bi yet you pre-proclaimed that you are attracted to older man/gay looking dads.

    Una, hindi choice ang pagiging bakla in the same way na hindi choice ang pagiging straight. Choice mo na babae ang piliin mo at pakasalan, but it does not make you straight. Your attraction to men made you non-straight.

    Pangalawa, what is your reason in case you want to hear stories from gay daddies? You want to hook up before ka ikasal (ala bridal shower/stag party) sa babae? Kung oo, that is unfair to your fiancee.

    Pangatlo, kamo 30 years na buhay mo, ngaun ka lang nagpakatotoo sa sarili mo. Why plan to marry the girl kung alam mong attracted ka sa lalake? You are marrying her for the wrong reasons if you just want to bear offspring kaya mo sya papakasalan.

    Huli, gay daddy ako and siguro ang kaibahan lang ng istorya naten, I have explored both worlds bago ko nakilala ang partner ko. Alam nya ang past ko, alam nya kung ano ako at tanggap nya ako bago pa man maging kame.

    Maybe you should tell your fiancee too.

    • John said on 20-06-2015

      Hi – thank you for opinion. I guess kulang sa impormation ung email ko.

      Bagay na gusto ko malaman, what is it being a gay dad? Happy kaba sa naging desisyon mu? May mga regrets kaba like ‘sana di na lang nagpakasal’?

      Nung sinnabi kong hindi gusto na naging gay ako, meaning nun wala akong choice. Kasi ganto ako ginawa. Ou choice kong magpakasal, kaya alam kong ito ung magbibigay sakin ng happiness in the long run. At higit sa lahat, alam ko na pure lust lang ung aattraction ng older men sakin.

      Nagpakatotoo sa sarili? Ang sinabi ko lang, ngaun lang ako nakapagopen sa iba. Sa sarili ko alam, alam ko SEXSUALLY attracted ako sa older men.
      Maybe you’re right in this one, alam ko na hindi ako magiging fair sa kanya kung hindi ko sasabihin. Pero mahal ko sya at alam kong mahal din nya ako. That’s why we are planning this.

      Well, that’s goos for you 😉 i just dont know if I can or when i can tell her na ganto ako.

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