Manila Gay Guy
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I have a little secret. 

And it is this — nice guys? Go to Bangkok. Good looking guys? Go to Pampanga. Good looking nice guys? Go to Cebu. Yes, Cebu! And here’s one proof!

Presenting, 19-year-old James Gelbolingo Clapano. 



Photo credit: Michael Archangel of Pierre Angelo Photography  

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  1. JM said on 18-08-2015

    I disagree, although cute /handsome guys can be found anywhere.I still find Metro Manila has the most number of good looking guys. I stayed in Pampanga for 5 years and Cebu and Davao for 3 years each . On a daily basis I’m on the field during this time and compared to Metro Manila (where I’m from)i it’s easy to spot one on the street, mall, parks or bus and jeepneys, not so in other places. For girls Pampanga is it, you can see them everywhere.

  2. clark said on 23-06-2015

    Kapampanga here, hot daddy at 6ft tall..

  3. jimmy oyao said on 22-06-2015

    wow guapo

  4. Cruiser Dude said on 22-06-2015

    Looks so fresh. Ang sarap beybihin.

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