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Allow me to publish this note I received from a mother named Jennifer, who’s just beaming with pride because of her son. Jennifer – I am so proud of you! Dear readers, send Jennifer a dose of your rainbow thoughts and wishes!

Dear Migs,

Last week, my 7-year-old was on the football field happily holding hand with another little boy. After the game, as we were returning home, I asked him if he is gay. He said yes. I asked him if the neighbor girl was still his girlfriend. He said, “we’re just friends”. I explained that some people like boys and girls, and asked if he did. He replied, “I kind of like girls, but I’m gay”. I consider this a parenting win. I’m so proud that my child feels safe saying, “I’m gay”, without fear of judgement from his parents.


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  1. arnel rivas said on 05-10-2015

    Hi. Much as I would like to profess my admiration for Jennifer, at this point I would like to reserved it for another time. There is no mention of her status on the letter. If she is a single parent, then I would profess my admiration immediately. If not, then we are discounting the other side of the filed, which is the side of the father. Since she did mention the child is only 7 years old we do have to take into account several more years needed to nurture the boy to become an adult. That is where good parenting comes in. Although society is more free thinking today than ever, it is not as homogenous as being brandished by others. Sad to say Pariahs are amongs those who are seated in a position where they have clouts and can control. But for Jennifer rest assured that you will not be alone in your thoughts, I am also with you.

    • Anonymous said on 11-10-2015

      chill out dude. the mom’s just happy with the fact that her son can easily say that to her because it meant she was able to provide an environment of acceptance – that the son knows he is loved no matter what he becomes

  2. Cruiser Dude said on 27-09-2015

    One of a kind Mom and one of a kind kid to have the courage to be honest to tell her Mom her sexuality at a very young age. Honestly, marami pa rin sa atin ang natatakot at nagtatago na ipakita ang totoo sa ating sarili sa maraming kadahilanan.

  3. Manila Party Kid said on 27-09-2015

    This is such an inspiration! We need more moms like her!!!

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