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DIAMOND DISCREET MEET is a small gathering of select men. If you think you are a discreet guy wanting to connect with others of your kind, this gathering is for you.


Happening on 19 December 2015, Saturday at 5 PM in a discreet location in Mandaluyong City. To be invited, please fill out this discreet form.

Comments (4)

  1. Puck said on 26-11-2015

    Hi – i cannot make this one – but I hope that in the New Year there will be another chance…

    I would love to know how it actually is arranged though!

    Best Wishes


  2. arnel rivas said on 26-11-2015

    Hi…this seems nice. I would like to join too. Hope to receive an invite. Thanks.

  3. Puck said on 24-11-2015

    what is this?

  4. adonis villafuerte said on 23-11-2015

    i want to join

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