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Hi Migs,

I was deeply attracted and had feelings for a close friend of mine who is straight but is bisexual at times. I am bisexual. me and him have been intimate with each other numerous of times but I started falling for him hard so I stopped hanging with him and talking to him for awhile and wasn’t having sex with him. well I decided to move back in at his house a couple months ago and we started back messin around here and there and now I’ve kinda caught feelings for him again. I try to shake those feelings as much as I can and try to push them to the side but it makes me want him even more. he is cool messin around from time to time but said he would never date a guy and I would love to be in a relationship with him. I don’t know what to do. I need some serious advice.

– M.N.


Dear M.N.,

There is no easy way with feelings, as the mind can many times be powerless over emotions. One option is to just let it pass, which is kinda boring; if you are the type who can articulate how you feel about him straight then why not? In short, ask. Because if you don’t the answer is always no; when you do, you create the possibility of a yes.



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  1. Alexander said on 29-01-2016

    Just enjoy it. 🙂

  2. Vhon Dwayne said on 07-12-2015

    Enjoy while it lasts…. just dont ask for anything… also, try to clarify the cards both of you are holding on…

  3. Bluery said on 02-12-2015

    As my friend told me: ‘Test the water’ -it’s how you’ll find out if he also feels the same way too.
    Anyway, i miss the old lively exchange on this site migs. Mukang nagsawa na ata ang tao sa mga HIV posts mo?

  4. jo said on 02-12-2015

    i think the guy definitely likes you because both of you wouldn’t be so initimate if you dont compliment feelings with each other… at least that’s my opinion. but in terms of getting serious, that’s a different story and we cannot assume. im on a similar situation but the other way around. i dont have feelings anymore to ‘my’ guy (i loved him before) whom i’m leaving with in my apartment and teasing/flirting like everyday (please dont judge me). You may want to be straight forward with him but honestly if im on your deet, i wont be able to do so because of self-superiority (pride?) or should i say fear of being rejected?

    By the way i’m new here hope someone would welcome me. Hi to our moderator =)

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