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gotas de lluvia sobre hoja de laurel

To ‘rest on your laurels’ means that you get lazy or complacent about what you could achieve because you’re too busy basking in the memories of former glories.

Former manager and star masseurs of that spa on Quezon Avenue have reinvented themselves on the heels of the closure of their former establishment named Bayleaf. Definitely not resting on their laurels, and pushing themselves to provide an even better experience to massage patrons, they have turned over a new leaf and built a new and reinvigorated place called HOJA DE LAUREL (or HDL for short).

Starting this week they will be on “by invitation” mode. I recommend to try their heavenly Turkish Bath with their Signature Massage. You may request for an available schedule by contacting their spa manager at 0917-9117821. Their location is beside Heartbeat Mega KTV, across Capitol Medical Center.

Aaaaand…. if you are curious on who to try as your therapist — try my therapist Yael. There is “ok” massage, there is good massage, but Yael’s is excellent, just a hue lower than sobresaliente.

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  1. renzo said on 29-01-2016

    I recently went to Hoja De Laurel and availed of their signature massage the price before was 800 now 1000. I was a bit disappointed because the male theraphist assigned to me did not know how to execute a good massage to put parang pinagpractice san lang ako. I hope the management can do something about this.

  2. popoy6in said on 04-01-2016

    Thanks everyone for replying to my post. I will be getting a new number (additional) so we can chat more… real time. I will be posting that soon. Happy 2016!

  3. Simon said on 03-01-2016

    This makes me want to get a massage 🙂 Too bad I quit the blue planet.. No more happy endings for me

  4. popoy6in said on 19-12-2015


    Im a dad in my early 30s. I need someone I can talk to. Who will understand my situation. And not judge me for being me.
    I am quite desperate for some help lately.
    hope someone out here is willing to offer me help.

    • Enrico said on 19-12-2015

      Text me. 09209771578

    • Discreet said on 20-12-2015

      Hi.. i dont if we are in the same situation but I’m also in my early 30s with gf and still in the closet.. also looking for someone to talk to.
      Here’s my email: closeted4ever

    • renzo said on 12-02-2016

      whats your cell no do you need someone to talk to

    • Rod said on 22-02-2016

      Good day…im also married..engr by profession..maybe we can talk..thnks

    • renz said on 23-02-2016

      I’m a dad too , married with 2 kids and another one on the way. I do the usual straight stuff , basketball.. gym.. I love my wife and I lust over her.. ewan ko ba.. pero I still get the urge to get bj from the same gender .

      • popoy6in said on 25-02-2016

        Ako as I put it… I love women but I lust men. Thanks to everyone replying to my post.
        The help I need, to be honest, is financial. I know it will be challenging to help someone financially especially if u dont know the other party personally.
        I am consoled by the fact that there people like u who is willing to comfort me as well.
        thanks guys
        I hope u all will stay in contact with me here.

  5. batangmahiligsamasahe said on 16-12-2015

    Gusto ko sana magpamasahe ulit dito kaso ung manager di nagrereply.. anyways, pede pa ba mag walk-in? kasi no choice ako kung di siya magrereply. i hope pwede un ^_^

    • felix.bacat said on 02-01-2016

      Ako din gusto ko mag pa massage. ES is just secondary kasi i doubt if they’ll go all the way. Help.

      • batangmahiligsamasahe said on 07-01-2016

        walang all the way ES .. pero i heard if you avail their promo ung may shower they will give you sensual massage in the end, in the end ikaw ung magjajakol sa sarili mo habang hinihimas at ginagapang nila kamay nila sa buong katawan mo

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