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Do you consider yourself a discreet guy? And would like to meet other discreet guys via a non-sexually charged get together? Come to the February, “It’s Just Beverage” discreet gathering, at a discreet location. Door fee at P500 includes beverage.

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  1. Jo said on 22-02-2016

    I dont get to share my experiences specifically the tragic ones to a of people but the gathering made it possible. For someone like me who isn’t out in the eyes of my family, friends and the community, the meet was worth attending. Thank you for listening.

    And it was nice to know others’ experiences and then give some thoughts and advice. I hope i was able to impart something because i myself learned a lot from the guys.

  2. Nick said on 21-02-2016

    It was such a fun and awesome night. Heart warming feeling to meet PLU, share and listen to each stories and meet new friends at the same. Salamat sa lahat!

  3. arnel said on 21-02-2016

    Hi! i know, I should have not said the “F” letter last night. And I was actually a bit surprised where it did lead to. I was actually thinking of another word that starts with “F” aside from the word FRIEND. hahaha…Actually I was already at home when I did realized what the word was. “FUN”. That few hours I had which might be equvalent to only 1percent of the time I did spent last night at the Discreet Meet Party surely beats the hell out of the 99percent of my time with the hetero world. it was really FUN, sort of a HOMELY FUN indeed. MARAMING SALAMAT! Going back home by 11pm I did find a note on my inbox from my boyfriend asking me how was the meet…hahahahah…Hala..siya kaya ang nag-register sa akin kasi..siya ang may cellphone! hahahaha…tapos nagpapakuwento…hahaha..ayoko nga nuh. AGAIN THANKS…..kudos to the organizer!

  4. A said on 13-02-2016

    Inhave been reading this blog since green pa yung layout. Sayang hindi ako pwede this sat. Sayang talaga

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