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You are not alone.

Discreet men, you are not alone. There are others like you. Would you like to meet some of them in a safe and affirming space? Register now for there are only a few slots left:

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  1. Guyhop said on 15-02-2018

    As cheesy as it sounds, secret codes are always going to be one of those lovey dovey things that make you both laugh. I’ve seen countless of versions, but by far the best ones are always codes that are spontaneous and genuine at the time. Turn these inside jokes into something much more intimate.

  2. Guyhop said on 15-02-2018

    Gay couples are always paranoid when it comes to holding hands in public. It’s getting better (thank God) but there are still days when we get so anxious that we fail to see how it affects our partners. Having a lover refuse to hold our hand in public can be devastating and traumatic. It’s just not fair. Find moments where you literally give zero f**ks! Grab his hand proudly, kiss him boldly, and let him know that what society may or may not think matters very little to you.

  3. Guyhop said on 15-02-2018

    Too many of us make our man feel like he’s ours, but fail to remind him that we’re his. A man needs to feel secure within the confines of the partnership. When he senses his boyfriend is on a really lose leash, he might start feeling insecure. Reaffirm your devotion every single day.

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