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Hi Migs,

I just wanna know what’s your opinion on having a much younger lover? I’m 35 and he’s 20. I’ve been single for 3 yrs. Even the last relationship I was in didn’t have all the feelings I’m having now. What should I do? I’m afraid at the same time. Yet, I’ve never been sooo happy. I feel like I’m 25 again. I thought I’ve passed being jaded. But I’m thinking of him almost 24/7. But the fear! It’s there at the back of my mind. Besides the age gap, we’re totally different in social/economic level. Yet I’m sooo in deep for my feeling for him. What am I to do???



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Here’s a comment an older post got recently, which I thought was worthy to be a post in itself. It says something about how people see bisexuals: “Everyone says bi-men have (or want) the best of both worlds. But in fact we have the best of neither world.” Makes sense? What do you think? Read on for the full text:

First I want to apologize because I’m a foreigner in your wonderful country who hasn’t yet mastered Tagalog. So I can’t understand all of the original post. But I’m an older married guy and I’ve had many younger Pinoy bfs. The problem is most have seen me as a bank rather than a serious partner. My wife (who is also foreign) was very supportive when I came out to her, but that turned when she realised I could love another man. We’re separated now, although not yet divorced. We’re still good friends and I still send most of my salary to my kids (My wife’s salary isn’t enough to cover all the bills). Most bisexual guys eventually become totally gay (statistics state 90%). Now I have a house in the Philippines and I have a bf who is totally devoted to me. It’s early days in our relationship but he’s so mabait I really think he’s the one. I decided to move to the Philippines because I’ve worked with Pinoys for so long I understand much of your culture, I have a lot of friends in Pinas, and I have a severe weakness for Asian men.
But the effect on my family? My wife doesn’t want to meet another man because she can’t trust men after me. My kids love me but don’t want to visit the Philippines or see me with a bf. So yes, you can say I am selfish. But for you guys who are totally straight, or totally gay, from the very start, it’s not as cut and dried as that when you are bi. Everyone says bi-men have (or want) the best of both worlds. But in fact we have the best of neither world. I’m not after sympathy with this post. I just want you guys condemning Mike to wait until you’re in a similar situation before you drop the axe.[-Nico]

Let’s hear it from the other side. Here’s a letter from a former masseur, who generously shares his story. Thanks, Nel.

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Dear Migs,

I have been an avid reader of your blog site for almost a year now. My friend shared me your site- maybe in his desire to facilitate answers to my redundant questions about manila masseurs faster than he really could. In fact, I would not allow a day to pass without visiting your wellness link to update my list of the latest scoops and hot masseurs that should soon be tucked into my suitcase before my departure to manila for me and fellow PLU’s annual Christmas vacation.

I am Nel, a closeted gay in my late forties, an accountant by profession who acquired a citizenship here in USA after I was petitioned by my employer/lover. I have too many complexities in my personality that had been brought about by the numerous hazy chapters of my gay life. I’d like to share some of my own experience, just to find release after I made some disclosures about my murky past as reaction to a comment posted by one of your readers (masseurs, masseurs post. comments #’s 1359, 1361 and 1366.) I’d like to see it posted as a contribution in your site, so that others may be inspired and believe there is life after the massage bed or for whatever purpose it could serve to the readers.

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I think this letter/story is quite touching, so I’m featuring it here. “Skye” thanks for sharing!

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hi migs,

with the consecutive typhoons hitting our country people started to dread the rain. rain shouldn’t be feared nor rejected. the rain itself is not the root cause of our problems. we badly need better drainage and better waste management. i sure hope i don’t sound insensitive and selfish when i say that i love the rain. (i said rain and not typhoons.)

the rain has always been a friend of mine. it has brought me many wonderful memories. i would like to share with you one of them. migs, have you ever felt love slip right out of your hands.. like it was incredibly close that you could touch it, grab it.. but then you somehow lost the chance to do so? this is exactly how i felt with this person.

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[This is a contribution from MGG reader named Red. Posting it here, verbatim.]

I’d like to share my own experience, though too long for the viewers’ eyes. This is something unbelievable and could make for a good script for a movie that it could even rival the story of the Brokeback Mountain. Just to find release, I’d like to see it posted in no less than Migs’ site, so that others may be enlightened or inspired, or of whatever purpose it could serve to the readers. More importantly, my story opposes that of the twink-hungry and abusive PLU (gay) teachers’ usual portrayal by the media. Let me do it by way of using Southborder’s famous songs and the songs I’d love to listen to.

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Hello Migs. I have been a subscriber for a couple of years – in fact, when you started your chat box, we got to chat for a bit. I’m from the Bay Area, you told me you lived here for a while. Well, I finally have reason to write you a letter – the title says it all.

Yes, I have been partnered with “Dee” for 10 years now. He’s an American, a lawyer, divorced twice (he thought he was bisexual, but finally came out gay and wouldn’t have anything more to do with women), and have been told that he has Richard Gere looks. I agree. We met when I was still living in Manila and he was visiting for a conference. It was love at first sight, a la Miss Saigon. But like Chris leaving Kim, he left too – only, he came back a year later.

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