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BJ Pascual

Fourteen (14) gorgeous bachelors, including celebrity photographer BJ Pascual and TV chef Jeremy Favia, will be auctioned off for a date at the LoveYourself’s “Cherry Poppin’: The 3rd Party” to be held on 25 February at the One Canvas Events Place, 2235 Don Chino Roces Ave., San Lorenzo, Makati City.

Cherry Poppin’ is an annual fundraising activity through a betting-dating game party, which is on its third year now.

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I was supposed to fly to Bangkok last night but it so happened that due to the APEC carmageddon, the usually 1-hour drive to NAIA exploded to 6 hours. My uber driver was patient, and I was too, but patience was not enough. In short, I missed my flight, and exhausted me, after walking, running, rolling, and tumbling to the airport went home hungry and bone-weary. I thought to myself, I need to do something a bit different to deal with this temporary trauma. I needed some magic. So magic I called for. SMSd the magic number and called for home service massage.

His name was Hiro. I remember him distinctly as he was my therapist the very first time I visited the defunct Bay Leaf Spa in Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. I met him in January 2012 and almost 4 years later, I am visited in my humble abode by this guy for a home service massage. The moment he stepped into my entrance door, I noticed that he has changed considerably — still chinito and guwapo, but I sensed a certain confidence, gravitas, underneath that winsome, cheerful smile. He has also put on a fair amount of muscle mass, not too much, but just right for one to feel the urge to hug and be lost inundated by that masculine embrace. Of course I did not throw myself to him — not right away — I composed myself and offered him to sit on my chesterfield. Brought out some drinks but he insisted on water only. Who am I to say to disagree, as I know full well that this is just the calm before the storm? Hahaha!

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A feast of Filipino cuties – see samples below and continue on to the fount of youth – hahaha!

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I have a little secret. 

And it is this — nice guys? Go to Bangkok. Good looking guys? Go to Pampanga. Good looking nice guys? Go to Cebu. Yes, Cebu! And here’s one proof!

Presenting, 19-year-old James Gelbolingo Clapano. 


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John is uptight and closeted. He is perfectly happy letting life pass him by, preferring the safety of loneliness for fear of getting hurt. He reluctantly returns to his hometown when his sister, Gibby, drags him to Basaan, the town’s annual festival. There, he runs into Trey, an old friend of his who he is secretly in love with. The vibrant and spirited Trey calls out John’s current way of life, challenging him to take part in it. John finally lets his guard down, but it may be too late for him.


FINAL Cherry Poppin POSTER - online

Come and join the CHERRY POPPIN’ Singles Soiree, a post-Valentine poolside rooftop party in Makati on February 21, 2015.

Meet and mingle with other strapping bi/gay guys, share dating stories and dance to the hypnotic beats of Boys Can Trance. Snag a date at our charity auction featuring sweet and sexy guys that just might be worthy of your cherry lips.

This event is open to everyone. Guys, girls, singles, gay couples and all those fuzzy shades in between!

Limited tickets on sale at Php 250 each, inclusive of a free drink. Event starts 5PM and lasts till midnight at the rooftop area of West of Ayala Bldg., 252 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City.

Casual Convos
Looking for a post-Valentine’s pick me up?
CHERRY POPPIN’ Singles Soiree kicks off with casual conversations on singlehood and dating. Chat the afternoon away in carefree café-style sessions on finding yourself, finding love, dating and courtship and being in a relationship. Know more about yourself and that cute guy across you!

Date Auction
Then the night heats up with a fun date auction. Get a chance to go out on a date with our featured hot guys. Take your pick from a handsome indie film actor, a sexy accountant, a hunky banker, a buff BPO guy, and a boy-next-door entrepreneur. These men will surely stimulate your mind and mesmerize your heart on a fancy dinner—just the two of you.

We also have mystery auctions that will make your heart flutter when they are revealed and put up for bidding at the event itself.

Winning bidders will get an all-expense paid dinner date for 2 and a couple’s massage session. These are made possible with the help of our sponsors: Aesthetic Science, Bliss Pleasure Enhancing Lubricants, The Sanctuary, and The Pulse.

Poolside Party
Throughout the CHERRY POPPIN’ Singles Soiree, the Boys Can Trance takes the temperature higher with sick beats and lively music. Feel free to dance with your gang, newfound friends or that handsome stranger you’ve been eyeing.

For ticket inquiries, contact 09063228873 or sign up at Ticket sales and auction proceeds will help raise funds for the benefit of LoveYourself, an advocacy dedicated to HIV testing and awareness.

West of Ayala Map v02

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In the yonder days of past, people salivated on good looking movie celebrities; then came the age of “models”; now, people hanker after a new breed of individuals: the ordinary townsfolk! (In Tagalog, mga taumbayan.)


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beki boxerMore Alwyn Uytingco.