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Free, confidential, and facilitated by friendly young men — this is QUICKIE by Love Yourself. You are welcome to finally have your HIV test here, to happen this Friday at Makati Friendship Suites. Absolutely free, no money will be collected. Come!


More event details: Click Here
How to get there: Click Here


Jake Cuenca and Joem Bascon Despite the not so flattering reviews of ‘Lihis’ we oggle on these photos of Jake Cuenca and Joem Bascon. Ang kangkangan sa batuhan!

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Save the date: May 21, 2013

Join us for a special back-to-back treat this MAY 21 at the Robinson’s Galleria Cinema and help us raise much-needed funds for our efforts, including our HIV testing and counseling activities.

7 PM SLUMBER PARTY special screening
starring Sef Cadayona, RK Bagatsing, Archie Alemania
and Markki Stroem

9 PM JUANA C., THE MOVIE premiere screening
directed by Jade Castro (Zombadings)
starring Juana Change, Jelson Bay, Joel Torre,
Nino Mulach, John James Uy, Mads Nicolas and more

For ticket reservations, visit:

Sebastian Castro, star of the phenomenal YouTube hit “Bubble,” talks about HIV in our new chic and cheeky instructional video entitled,”Fly Love Yourself: How to Enjoy Sex and Avoid HIV.”

What really is HIV?
How can one stay healthy and HIV-free,
while living a smart and scrumptious sexy life?

This video departs from the clinical approach of talking about the basics of HIV/AIDS. Instead, similar to an airline’s in-flight safety video, Sebastian encourages men to “dare” to fly, shows them how to take “care” of themselves during flight, and encourages them to “share” the video with others.

Joining Sebastian is our budding screen couple, Carlito Rosadino Floro Jr. and Javi Bermejo, who also recently starred in Love Yourself’s “Know Your Status” video for Hornet.

Watch this video, have some fun and sexy time, and share away:

enchong_vic5Dear Migs,

Good day bud!

It never came to my mind that I’ll end up with this thing–writing to someone I don’t even know just to ask for a favor. I guess I’m too desperate now. Medyo di na kasi kinakaya e. Well I found your blog just a few moments ago. Instantly, I felt this urge to write this.

First things first. I’m Julijo. 23. Grad student. I was straight until December last year.

I have a friend I met during my college days. We had the same course but he’s in a higher batch. We didn’t become friends in an instant. It was along, excruciating process. We had different views back then. We were ‘enemies’ of some sort. We used to be on an unofficial cold war. But things turn out different until one day, we became best of friends. In the midst of our common friends, we know something’s different about about our friendship.

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Wanna meet new friends? :)


You know how passionate I am in helping our community know about HIV, particularly getting people easy access to free HIV testing. Would you help me spread the word? Help your friends, or yourself, by coming to this FREE, PRIVATE, and CONFIDENTIAL HIV TESTING for MEN.

Date: March 10, 2013
Venue: Victoria Court Malate

More info here.

Hi kuya migs,

I’m 18 years old and a college student, never been in a relationship.
It’s like I always prefer to be alone talk to myself, introspect, than to sit with my friends or classmates and have some chitchats, because I know to myself that I have nothing to say senseful or I’m poor on establishing a discourse that makes our subject retorika unuseful to me. Though my friends knows a fraction of the way I behave, some of my classmates always thought of Me like “mahinhin”, that’s makes my moves and actions be bounded by that thought and makes Me now use to it like its native to Me. I have a classmate, my crush, and its difficult to Me to conversate with Him, sit with Him and befriend Him, its like nahihiya ako, cause I have this mind-set “what if my friends and classmates might know that I have an eye on Him with His baby scent, towering height, fair skin, enough physique, and His stareful smile” .

Actually My main problem is that, its difficult for Me to socialize, interact, conversate, discourse and mingle to My classmates or to others . Wherein the fact is that I have a lot of ideas and topics to be shared and discussed. Its like I dont know how to bond with them. Like when attempting to start a conversation, I always feel an atmosp of awkwardness. I know it’s really weird but true. Like there’s something wrong with Me?
Talking to yourself or introspection oftenly than talking to others still normal?

I’am surely gay, not a cross-dresser, I seldom moves-of-mermaid, but I can’t deny that there’s still a man on Me.


* * *

Dear Luis,

Thanks for your very honest email. A lot of people, not just among People Like Us, have the same insecurities and difficulties, so don’t think that you’re the only one with this issue. It’s actually very common. Truth to tell, I was once like you. My friends might get shocked reading this because most of them know only the bubbly conversationalist that I am now. Little do they know that once upon a time I was an insecure piece of wallflower.

What helped me was when I gradually shifted my focus from my internalized inadequacy to just enjoying another person’s company. I started small, with a friend, hindi muna big groups. Until, with practice, I am able to engage different kinds of people, then bigger groups, etc. You see, in talking to people, you really don’t need to discourse or have something important to say. It’s just conversation! It thrills me to interact with people. Now I do, but it was never like this from the start.

So go ahead, trust and open up. Give your attention to others, less focus on yourself, this might help you too.

And oh, regarding that boy, when you feel like it, just have a little chit-chat with him. You’ll never know what the generous universe is up its sleeves. Malay mo, dabah?

Smile, world peace!



HIV testing for Men — Feel better. Get tested.
March 10, 2013. Malate, Manila

Nothing feels like a FRESH FACE in the morning. And a FRESH ATTITUDE as well.

Register at
Includes screening for Hepa B & Syphilis
Free Hepa B vaccine while supplies last.

Special thanks to:
Campaigns & Grey
Talent: Jeremy Favia
Photography by Jeanne Young
Make-up by Sanny Deleva
Publicity by Toots Tolentino

My kumare, Chona Babes, tells me stories about Leroy, her 8-year-old son who at a very early age knew he was different from other boys. Leroy once told his Mom, “Mommy, yung classmate ko bakla rin.”

Bakla RIN? So Chona knew the boy had awareness of his identity. Good thing, the mother in her is just so supportive for the bakling duckling in Leroy. “Siyempre mahal ko yung anak ko, ano man siya. Eh ano naman kung bakla?”

One day, Chona relates another Leroy story, the school bullies were heckling him, “Ah bakla, ah bakla!” they jeered, when Leroy suddenly turns to them and blasts, “At least, buhay!”

Chona and I couldn’t contain our boisterous laughter as she told this story. “Oo nga naman! Aanhin mo ang straight kung dedz naman!? Eh ano nga naman kung bakla?” we cheered together: “At least, buhay!”

I wonder how the kid thought this retort up. Maybe it’s the seedling of wit a lot of his elder counterparts are quite known for. Or a whip of his survival gene as a defense to the harsh honesty of the world. Or perhaps, it’s the wisdom of youth speaking.

People, hear ye, listen to them young ones.