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hello migs.

i am ian, 30 years old, a professional in the medical field. i just want to share you my story about this guy that i love. im so confused kasi and hurt with what happened but still he has that special place in my heart.

i met ariel (not his real name of course) at a spa along timog. i was the first one to notice him but i was invisible to him that time. he was with his friend that i thought was his boyfriend. his friend took notice of me and flirted. at the dining room, while i was eating, ariel is about to go down the stairs. i stared at him. then as i was about to enter the massage room, he followed me and gave me his number only to find out he wanted to have threesome. and because i like him, i accepted the proposal.

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The participants have been selected, invites sent out, with venue details. We’re ready to meet.

Tomorrow, December 1, 2012, is World AIDS Day. I will be at the Love Yourself Hub and will be a volunteer counselor for a day for people going through their HIV test. This is my contribution, my expression of support. Come, drop by, have your test, or bring a friend. Let our support be real, substantial, and from the heart. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Pride Manila 2012 | The Rainbow Street Party
December 1, 2012 9PM Saturday Orosa-Nakpil Streets Malate, Manila
presented by MENTORQUE PRODUCTIONS for the Benefit of The Love Yourself Project
Together with Jose Cuervo Black | Tanduay Ice | Manila Light | EZ Lubricating Jelly | Frenzy Condoms

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Hi Migs, I’ve been secretly reading your blog for quite sometime now and i really like its concept. Am a closeted yuppie with tons of questions about my sexuality but information that specifically targets them is elusive until i found out about your blog and advocacy. I know i have always been like this ever since but longtime shunned the idea. Coming from a paternalistic fambly, having studied at a hypermasculine school and now working at a homophobic industry (engineering), nurturing my homo tendencies is the least of my priority. But i guess things like these just manifest outwardly even without us noticing them. Thats why i felt the need to share my long kept secret/fetish/habit. Am convinced this became my outlet, a vent from my very disempowered self. so here’s my story:

First manifestation happened during after a debut of a highschool batchmate of mine. Technically, it would hve been HS batch’s pseudo reunion since almost everybody from my class attended. Apparently, the after party included drinking sprees and torrents of catching up and boasting off of our respective universities. Because we wanted to extend our kwentuhan in a more comfy, less crowded and less smoky place, my barkada and i decided to stay over night at a friend’s nearby house. E my specific barkada from our batch was made up of mostly gays and gals. I was surprised when cute straight distant friend (ill call him Mike, though not his real name) agreed to come with us. Close din naman namin sya but we rarely had barkada moments wd him. Mebbe masaya kasi kausap gays, humor at its finest and besides minsan lang naman to see one another, kaya he agreed. So there, laugh trip night talaga. We shared lots of stories from college first day funk to libog stories. Since nasa isang kwarto lang kami lahat, we all decided to sleep on the floor na lang tabi tabi. I liked sleeping beside the wall kaya i took the farthest place. Sobrang pagod ko, i immediately went to sleep while nagkkwentuhan pa the others.

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Since September I have been looking for a venue for a get together among discreet and closeted bisexual/gay/confused/questioning men, and finally I have found a perfect, private location.

In the past, the meetups I would arrange happen in public places, like coffee shops or restaurants. But because I would like this “discreet meet” to be truly discreet, I endeavored to look for a really apt venue. I have found one in Makati, near dela Rosa St., right smack at the Central Business District. It is quiet, conducive for private group discussions, and, most importantly, away from the public’s prying eyes.

The meetup will be on December 15, 3-5 PM. I will be selecting only 10 people (out of the almost 100 people who registered) for the first batch of this Discreet Meet. Others I can invite in the succeeding batches.

For those who are interested to join and are sure to make the Dec 15, 3 PM schedule in Makati, kindly send me a brief note ( and, if you like, include a little bit about yourself and why you think you would benefit from this meetup. If I get more than 10 responses, your short note would come in handy to choose who will receive the actual invite.

Discreet and in a hotel-like ambiance, this is one HIV testing opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss. Come to the Medicard Lifestyle Center (Buendia corner Paseo de Roxas, Makati City) on Nov. 23, 2012, between 5 PM and 2 AM, and have your HIV screening test, with bonus tests for Hepatitis B and Syphilis – all for free. Be worry-free, as your information shall be handled with utmost care and confidentiality. And by the way, lots of basement parking available. For pre-registration, go to

Photos of the venue:

Read below and tell us what you think —

First there were secrets — secrets just like yours. Now, it’s time for revelations — confessions. Watch, and feel the exhilaration of secrets confessed out in the open. Brave individuals, taking their brave step out of the shadows. Come listen to real people share their real stories.

Be part of the journey of this diverse group of individuals who dared to discover themselves – reliving their past, facing their fears, and relishing the present. Share in their new-found freedom to express themselves in a night like no other. LoveYourself Café Confessions features real stories from real people – Lui, Gimo, Ivy, Buboy, Ryan, Mark, Dex, JV & Niknok – shared by themselves, no holds barred.

It has been an interesting few weeks under the guidance of Rep Phils’ youngest director, Topper Fabregas, and LoveYourself’s own Kuya Law, that this odd bunch have shared the gift of being able to discover together and express themselves. Join them this Saturday as they pass on that gift to as they dare to care and share part of themselves with others.

Join us in a special public show performed by the workshop participants to be held on Saturday, Nov. 10 at the La Maison Rada Condominium Roofdeck, 115 Rada St., Legaspi Village, Makati City.

Event map here:

Organizers will be asking for a PhP500 donation at the door to help cover for the workshop expenses. Proceeds will support future projects of Love Yourself.

Strip and shed off your inhibitions. Top, bottom, or versa — whatever you are, you have a place here, you are welcome here. Come, a screening exclusively for boys (like us). Friday after office, on Nov. 23. Register to know the discreet details: