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Here are more pictures of Gil Wagas, 4th Runner-Up, Mister International 2013. gilwagas4

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Another win for the Philippines! Gil Wagas wins 4th runner-up at the Mister International 2013 pageant held on the 21st of November 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Wagas, standing 6’3″ is 21 years old and hails from Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. He is a former UE Red Warriors basketball team member and currently a fourth year BS HRM Student at University of Cebu.

The rest of the top 5 are as follows:

Winner : Jose Anmer Paredes – VENEZUELA
1st runner-up : Albern Sultan – INDONESIA
2nd runner-up : Jhonatan Marko – BRAZIL
3rd runner-up : Hans Jael Valdez Briseno – MEXICO
4th runner-up : Gil Wagas – PHILIPPINES
5th runner-up : Antonin Beranek – CZECH REPUBLIC

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It’s alive!

Hi, Migs.

I have never been in a relationship and very poor in reading gesture/body language especially of that a man. Im 29 yrs old and I would say I am a discreet bisexual for sometime i get attracted to women but most of the time I get attracted to men.

My problem is, there’s this guy in the office which I find interesting. He’s a new hire like me and we’re on the same floor but we belong to different teams. He’s tall, handsome and has this “nice guy look” so whenever he passes by in my workstation I cant help but look at him. Our first conversation was during our new hire orientation where we had small talks. So whenever we see each other, we smile and nod to one another.

What confuses me is that whenever I stare at him at far, I see that somehow he’s looking at me too for we are ending up having an eye contact. Then, he’ll suddenly direct his eyes to somewhere. This eye to eye contact happens every now and then. One time, I went to the CR to brush my teeth and saw him almost done brushing his teeth. We did not talk but we nod and smile to one another like we always do. As he exits the CR, I stare at him and saw him looking at me too so we had an eye to eye again. This happened more than once and since I find it unusual to a man to do that, I observed other man if they’ll do the same as they exit door, none of them did the same thing. This eye to eye contact also happens in the pantry.

I added him in FB but it’s been a week and he has not accepted my friend request. Despite of that frequent eye to eye contact, still he smiles and nods whenever our paths cross.

Nahihiya tuloy ako for I feel he knows that I always look at him since lagi nya akong nahuhuli nakatingin sa kanya.

Please help me interpret his gestures towards me. Thank you.

best regards,

– o –

Dear Ray,

Invite him for coffee, invite him for lunch, invite him for anything. Do something more than just looking, and imagining.

Life is short, teh, sa kaka-interpret mo, next thing you know it, drift wood ka na. So go lang ng go.


Ronnie of BayLeaf Spa

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Free, confidential, and facilitated by friendly young men — this is QUICKIE by Love Yourself. You are welcome to finally have your HIV test here, to happen this Friday at Makati Friendship Suites. Absolutely free, no money will be collected. Come!


More event details: Click Here
How to get there: Click Here


Jake Cuenca and Joem Bascon Despite the not so flattering reviews of ‘Lihis’ we oggle on these photos of Jake Cuenca and Joem Bascon. Ang kangkangan sa batuhan!

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Save the date: May 21, 2013

Join us for a special back-to-back treat this MAY 21 at the Robinson’s Galleria Cinema and help us raise much-needed funds for our efforts, including our HIV testing and counseling activities.

7 PM SLUMBER PARTY special screening
starring Sef Cadayona, RK Bagatsing, Archie Alemania
and Markki Stroem

9 PM JUANA C., THE MOVIE premiere screening
directed by Jade Castro (Zombadings)
starring Juana Change, Jelson Bay, Joel Torre,
Nino Mulach, John James Uy, Mads Nicolas and more

For ticket reservations, visit:

Sebastian Castro, star of the phenomenal YouTube hit “Bubble,” talks about HIV in our new chic and cheeky instructional video entitled,”Fly Love Yourself: How to Enjoy Sex and Avoid HIV.”

What really is HIV?
How can one stay healthy and HIV-free,
while living a smart and scrumptious sexy life?

This video departs from the clinical approach of talking about the basics of HIV/AIDS. Instead, similar to an airline’s in-flight safety video, Sebastian encourages men to “dare” to fly, shows them how to take “care” of themselves during flight, and encourages them to “share” the video with others.

Joining Sebastian is our budding screen couple, Carlito Rosadino Floro Jr. and Javi Bermejo, who also recently starred in Love Yourself’s “Know Your Status” video for Hornet.

Watch this video, have some fun and sexy time, and share away:

enchong_vic5Dear Migs,

Good day bud!

It never came to my mind that I’ll end up with this thing–writing to someone I don’t even know just to ask for a favor. I guess I’m too desperate now. Medyo di na kasi kinakaya e. Well I found your blog just a few moments ago. Instantly, I felt this urge to write this.

First things first. I’m Julijo. 23. Grad student. I was straight until December last year.

I have a friend I met during my college days. We had the same course but he’s in a higher batch. We didn’t become friends in an instant. It was along, excruciating process. We had different views back then. We were ‘enemies’ of some sort. We used to be on an unofficial cold war. But things turn out different until one day, we became best of friends. In the midst of our common friends, we know something’s different about about our friendship.

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