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thumbnailserver2.jpg A good friend sent me an SMS recommending to watch this film “No Night Is Too long” — the entire movie available in YouTube (chopped up in 11 parts) and Google Video (all-in-one). I have not seen it but seems a promising watch. Go grab it online and see if it is worth the bother. No Night is Too Long is a 1994 novel by British writer Ruth Rendell, written under the name Barbara Vine.

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Here is an interesting conversation piece I managed to use in a recent date: in a bar or similar environment, when you spot a guy that tickles your fancy, do you make the first move (meaning, you approach the guy and introduce yourself) or do you wait to be approached (maybe signal a smile but stay put and wait)? My date and I had such an interesting conversation around it that I thought maybe we can use it as another point of colorful discussion among us here in MGG. Do you make the first move? Or do you wait to be approached? How has been your experience?

In Ramone Johnson’s blog, he says:

Making the first move is a bold step; yet one that gets easier after each approach. A vast majority of guys like to be the ones hit on first: It shows confidence on the part of the one making the first move and it eases the tensions of possible rejection. The probability of rejection is far less when a guy is the one approached, as opposed to the other way around. And the probability of finding a man increases when you take the initiative instead of sitting back and waiting for them to approach you first. [Source]

Share your thoughts, and regale us with your stories of “approaching” or “being approached” — what do you recommend?

Eri Neeman is half-German, but past the Jewish nose, this boy is all Pinoy. Born in Manila and raised in Pampanga, this five-eleven, self-confessed romantic can cook a killer tomato penne, run while shooting a spiel, and also has a disturbing tendency to sing in the shower and parade through beaches in very small swimming trunks.

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(Model: Mark Onir)

Thank you, Vince Lopez, for regularly snapping photos of Pinoy hunks, and allowing MGG to feature them freely. Here are shots taken by Vince from the recently concluded Oxygen Fashion Show
at the Megamall Bldg A, Mandaluyong City (November 23, 2007 at 6PM).

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Ria, the woman letter sender of that previous post “My husband has a rich gay lover” responds after the overwhelming deluge of advice from our dear MGG readers. Let us all wish Ria the best, may she be blessed with strength to get through her current situation. (And for all of us who are privileged with knowing Ria’s story, gay men or straight men and women readers of MGG, may this be a reminder that the choices we make, the actions we take, impact other people and the world around us. Keep world peace in our hearts!)

* * *

Hello Migs,

I never expected that my letter will be published that fast. Thank you for your kind words and from your readers. Please, please, extend my heartfelt gratitude for their thoughts and for the advice that they gave. I just read their comments and I must say that I am overwhelmed.

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worried-woman.jpgDearest Migs,

I hope everything’s fine on your end.

I am not your usual reader (Yes, I am a real woman). I came across this great site upon researching about a person’s sexuality. Well, my husband, Ram. And I thought, you can provide a sound advice given a gay man’s perspective.

I’m Ria, I’m a mother of two, a 7-year old and a 2-year old, both girls. I have been married for seven years to Ram, a nice person and a good looking man (I’m proud that my husband is such a cutie). He was my boyfriend for two years in college and after college, we got married because I got pregnant.

He is a good, loving husband and a great father. Aside from fighting from usual, petty things – we are doing good, almost perfect. Except for one, for seven years, I feel that this marriage is a marriage of three people, he has a gay lover — which I knew even before we got married. All these years, I learned to accept our situation but I am now having a change of heart.

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Just finished watching a Pinoy Big Brother Uber episode, and this Will Devaughn caught my gay eyes once again! Woohooo!

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While preparing to leave the office last night, I received an SMS: “Wana mit?”

“Wen? 2nyt?”

“Yes. U free?”

“Yep. Abt 2 liv d ofc. Wer do i mit u?”

“Hir sa haus. Come.”

I stopped for a bit, but told myself, “what the heck.”

I SMSd back. “Sure. Txt me directions.”

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Wag nang magmaganda, wag nang magpatumpik-tumpik pa!

The LGBT community needs your help!

The organizers of the 2007 Pride March in Manila need people who can help mobilize resources and widen community participation during the march. The tasks are simple – going around organizations, bars and establishments to encourage them to join the Pride March, helping in fund-raising activities, and saturating the internet with promotion materials on the LGBT Pride March.

During the March itself, marshals are needed for crowd management. Individuals willing to stay in the booth or carry the banners are also welcome.

So if you have extra time, please consider volunteering for the Pride March. If you’re interested to help, please contact the organizers immediately.



Was browsing through the WordPress trinkets and logs of my blog, and found that the top search term here in MGG the past 30 days is “Coco Martin.” Well, what else can I do but give in to this justifiable public demand. So here’s Coco, people, as he appears in the X-ray 2008 calendar…

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