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Like what I said in my year-end reflection last year, it has been my regular practice to go back and reflect on past events, always in search of lessons I could learn from such happenings. I am again sharing with you some year-end thoughts, 3 things I will try to keep in mind as we enter 2008 — (1) something that I want to sustain and continue; (2) something I want to improve on and extend; and lastly, (3) something new I want to explore and emerge in my life. As I share these, I also wish that you likewise spend some year-end reflection time — may we all live a happy and meaningful life!

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Woke up at 2 AM, craving for something sweet to drink. Went down. A quick visit to the neighborhood Mini Stop. Walking back home, a red Toyota Vios turned into the same corner where I was.

The car slowed down.

A cute guy in the passenger seat was looking at me. Staring at me.

I half-smiled.

I noticed the one driving. Also staring. But not as goodlooking, not as interesting.

My eyes naturally went back to the one in the passenger seat. He nodded once, an invitation.

I smiled, and motioned a no.

The car moved ahead, but slowly. Then it vroomed away.

Interesting exchange. All in six seconds.


More photos of Will Devaughn to enjoy!

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One December evening, I went to Revivir Spa, a quaint little massage place tucked in one of the narrow alleys perpendicular to Tomas Morato in Quezon City. I was there once before, I even wrote about it here although did not mention it was in Revivir. (That Star Masseur has since moved on from that place; last I heard, he’s busy managing his barbecue joint somewhere in the cool hillsides of Antipolo.) That December night, I had an agenda, which was to try out Revivir’s Body Scrub + Massage package. Priced at Php 1,000 the package was pretty tempting. I thought to myself, 2 hours of pampering at Php1k? Not bad. Besides, who knows what pleasurable extras I would enjoy within those 2 hours. Hahaha! Well, how did I find my visit? Read on and find out.

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“Shet, nahilo ako sa amoy ng kuwarto mo,” I said still panting from the just-concluded activity.

“Ganyan pala ang effect sa inyo ng poppers… nahihilo kayo…” answered the host.

* * *

It was my first time to smell it. Indirectly. This guy was inhaling it while someone else was working on my jewels down below. I felt pleasure — but dizzy, my knees wobbly. Was confused, was it the effect of the alcohol I downed before I came to the place, or was it the effect of that “acetone-like” smell? Meanwhile, another guy moaned, he said his head was aching because of the smell. The guy below me was soft all throughout.

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(Mike Tan and Felix Roco)

As promised, here are the shirtless version of the Studs — Mike Tan, Dion Ignacio, JC Cuadrado, Coco Martin, Kevin Santos, Felix Roco, Edgar Allan Guzman, and Lance Oñate — taken last December 26, 2007 at Zirkoh Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

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Watched “Here Comes The Studs” show at Zirkoh in Timog Avenue (December 26, 2007) — a sort of launching (of the Studs X-ray Calendar) cum fans night of GMA-7 hunks Mike Tan, Dion Ignacio, JC Cuadrado, Coco Martin, Kevin Santos, Felix Roco, Edgar Allan Guzman, and Lance Oñate. Enjoy, MGG readers!

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Our 2007 Hunk Of The Year, the ultimate Gays’ Choice for 2007, is…

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Echo! I like his classic handsome face, and the naturally wavy hair… not much to be imagined regarding his smarts, but since I choose to focus on what is good and beautiful, sa face na lang ako titingin. Hehehe!

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Several people were asking me, “were you at the Pasko Na, Sinta Ketch event?”

Yes, dears, I was there, briefly.

Thank you to Butterly Bar who graciously allowed us to use their ground floor facilities exclusively; to McVie, Tony, AJ, CC, and Gibbs for helping me organize the party; to Janvier Daily (and his manager, Ihman Esturco) for coming over to greet and hobnob with us; and most especially to all MGG readers and fellow gay bloggers (hi Misterhubs! hi Mugen!) who graced the get-together. Maraming salamat sa inyo!

McVie has put together a podcast with interview clips from the party — wonderful production I must say, so don’t you miss it. The 20-minute podcast after the jump!

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