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reachinghands.png What would you do if your partner leaves the country for a year — would you break up with him, citing LDRs (long distance relationships) do not work, or would you cry a river yet profess an undying love no distance could ever put asunder?

In a podcast recording session meant to be the Fabcaster’s new year celebration, a first-time fabcaster (named Tenchu) shares his to-be LDR situation… with a twist!

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Commercial showing of Roxxxanne will open on February 6, 2008 at Indiesine, Robinson’s Galleria, Ortigas. Roxxxanne stars Sheree, Janvier Daily, and Jay Aquitania.

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Winner Hunk Joem Bascon… enjoy his pics, and a video link after the jump.

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Here’s a ‘thank you’ note from one of our podcast listeners… nakakataba ng puso. He relates how his friend dealt with a 13-year-old son who comes out to him. Thank you for sharing this little note of appreciation. I am sure my fellow fabcasters are all in awe with your friend’s words: “mas napamahal sa akin ngayon ang aking anak at mas naiintindihan ko ang mga nasa loob niya.” Honestly, I feel like crying. Pramis.

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dear migs of mgg,

it’s a bit out-of-whack of me to say this considering it’s super-late, but it is only recently that i got to listen to your podcasts re: coming out (part 1, part 2, part 3).

i sent the podcast files to a close male friend of mine and he listened to all of them. you see, he’s a father with a 13-year old son who he suspected was gay and he has seen being very much troubled. (the boy just came out to his father this morning. and my friend, the father, didn’t go to work to spend the day with his son.)

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“For a gay relationship to work, dapat tanggap nilang pareho ang kanilang mga sarili.” (Jay Altarejos, Director, Ang Lalake Sa Parola)

This holiday season I had a chance to watch the movie Ang Lalake Sa Parola. Despite a number of negative reviews I read about the film, I personally liked it. Minus the pathetic acting, and perhaps the erratic pacing, I reckon the movie to be a sensitive one, a Pinoy gay movie that has both brains and balls. Given the chance, I’d like to congratulate and shake the hands of Jay Altarejos (director) and Lex Bonife (writer).

The DVD is now out, I encourage you to get a copy and watch. After the jump, watch “Ang Pelikula Sa Parola,” the behind-the-scenes special, included in the DVD.

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As part of my year-end celebrations, I would like to share with you some 2007 winners… “Winner” sila in the sense that these are some of the things that made my 2007 interesting. Just like the MGG logo, they sparkled and shone this 2007! Read on, and see MGG’s choice for Winner Hunk, Winner Spa, Winner Masseur, Winner Hang Out Place, etcetera, etcetera!

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Like what I said in my year-end reflection last year, it has been my regular practice to go back and reflect on past events, always in search of lessons I could learn from such happenings. I am again sharing with you some year-end thoughts, 3 things I will try to keep in mind as we enter 2008 — (1) something that I want to sustain and continue; (2) something I want to improve on and extend; and lastly, (3) something new I want to explore and emerge in my life. As I share these, I also wish that you likewise spend some year-end reflection time — may we all live a happy and meaningful life!

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Woke up at 2 AM, craving for something sweet to drink. Went down. A quick visit to the neighborhood Mini Stop. Walking back home, a red Toyota Vios turned into the same corner where I was.

The car slowed down.

A cute guy in the passenger seat was looking at me. Staring at me.

I half-smiled.

I noticed the one driving. Also staring. But not as goodlooking, not as interesting.

My eyes naturally went back to the one in the passenger seat. He nodded once, an invitation.

I smiled, and motioned a no.

The car moved ahead, but slowly. Then it vroomed away.

Interesting exchange. All in six seconds.


More photos of Will Devaughn to enjoy!

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One December evening, I went to Revivir Spa, a quaint little massage place tucked in one of the narrow alleys perpendicular to Tomas Morato in Quezon City. I was there once before, I even wrote about it here although did not mention it was in Revivir. (That Star Masseur has since moved on from that place; last I heard, he’s busy managing his barbecue joint somewhere in the cool hillsides of Antipolo.) That December night, I had an agenda, which was to try out Revivir’s Body Scrub + Massage package. Priced at Php 1,000 the package was pretty tempting. I thought to myself, 2 hours of pampering at Php1k? Not bad. Besides, who knows what pleasurable extras I would enjoy within those 2 hours. Hahaha! Well, how did I find my visit? Read on and find out.

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