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For today, I leave you with a quotation to ponder upon.

The sad truth is that excellence makes people nervous. [Shana Alexander]

Ang taray di ba!

john-lloyd.jpg A friend, single and gay (and jaded?), sends me a text message one evening. “I just watched John Lloyd and Bea’s One More Chance. I shouldn’t have watched it. It just made me feel I was not really for any romance. It will never happen to me.” Aba nagda-drama ang lola, I told myself. The next day an officemate was excitedly raving about his watching the same movie. Then while in the gym last night, I was reading the papers and saw an article talking about the movie getting a “B” rating from MTRCB. Wow, this buzz marketing is getting into me. So what did I do? From the gym I went straight to the moviehouse to end the buzz-inspired curiosity.

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Can’t believe I have never featured Onemig Bondoc here… so here goes, one of my crushes back when he was still young, yummy, and visible. Hehehe!

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dsc00158.jpg I was in Los Angeles, California recently. (Yup, it was a business trip.) Stayed in a grand suite fit for royalty in one of the most expensive hotels in the area, and for the whole duration of my stay had a limo and personal chauffeur at my beck and call. Every night, the hotel manager attempted to impress me by sending in complimentary VIP accouterments to my suite: flowers and fruits one time, red wine on another, chocolates and fine candies on yet another, etc. I dined and wined with executives of a number of top multinational companies in the US, so that meant nothing less than chef-prepared, fine gourmet stuff. All luxury, fancy and fabulous.

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Hi Migs,

I’ve been following your blog for more than a year now. I’m not exactly sure how I found your blog, but I have it now on my ‘favorite’ bookmarks.

Anyway, my friends call me Max. I work on a cruise ship as a photographer. I am a firm believer of open relationship, until recently.

James and I have been boyfriends for a year and five months, and yes, we have an open relationship. I told him it’s okay for him to have sex with anyone, as long as I am informed before or right after the deed, no kissing the lips, and no sweet cuddles. And I was doing the same thing, especially when I was abroad. Then yesterday we met in Megamall around 1130am so we can have lunch together and watch V-League in San Juan afterwards. While we were having lunch, he told me he has to go around 7pm because his friend asked him to come with him so they can bully the ex of his friend. My intuition told me that there’s something wrong, so I asked for the guy’s number and sent him a text message.

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Silip is a movie directed by Joel Lamangan, starring Polo Ravales, Diana Zubiri, and Francine Prieto. Let’s play voyeur Diana and Francine, and take an exciting peek on a shirtless, provincial but bold Polo Ravales. Game? Hahaha!

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Here’s a post contributed by an MGG reader. Thank you for sharing, Jaymar!

* * *

November 11 2007, Sunday afternoon. I went to Robinson’s Ermita para lang maglibang, mamasyal, window shopping ( hehehehe.. wala kasi pambili ) . Habang gumagala ako sa loob ng mall, ino obserbahan ko lahat ng mga taong nakikita ko. May batang umiiyak dahil ayaw yata ibili ng toy ng nanay nya (alam kaya ng batang to’ na wala rin sigurong pera ang nanay nya kaya ipinasyal na lang sya nito? ) . May magkasintahang kumakain sa Wendy’s ( parang day off ni Inday at Dodong) . May isang pamilyang napakasaya na namimili ng mga gamit sa Bench ( rich sina mama at papa ) . May grupo ng mga effem na bading na maiingay at masasaya ( wish ko lang wag lumawit sa igsi ng skirt ) . May mag jowang discreet na tipong nag aaway sa labas ng sinehan ( naku sino ang girl at sino ang boy , hahahahah ) At meron ding isang dalaga na lumapit pa sa akin para alukin ako ng credit card ( si ate sobrang persistent ) . Ibat ibang mukha, iba’t ibang tao, iba’t iba ang buhay… pero isa lang ang gusto sa buhay… KALIGAYAHAN.

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I am breaking my silence about this issue now, and I hope people understand why I had to do it this late. I’ve known Janvier for some time now and yes, we’ve sort of become friends. Imagine then when several weeks back I received an anonymous email with an attachment: a nude, sleeping Janvier Daily.

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“I’m a butterfly! I’m a pretty little brown butterfly!!!”baklang IPIS

Whether you are a butterfly of the colorful type, or a butterfly in many different forms (little and brown? hehe!), as long as you see the dignity of being yourself, and respect other people regardless of their gender then you are welcome to join the 2007 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride March on December 8, 2007 in Malate, Manila. Go na? Rachel Ann GO!


Having said and plugged that, I thought to myself, paano naman ang mga bading na di pa out? Can they join the celebration without having to out themselves? How? Does being proud about our sexuality presuppose that we should be out?

I personally don’t think so, but maybe I can ask you dear readers — how can a closeted gay man celebrate the dignity of being gay without being out?

Here’s another feature on model-hunk Alizon Andres, candidate in this year’s Century Tuna Superbod.

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