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“I’m a butterfly! I’m a pretty little brown butterfly!!!”baklang IPIS

Whether you are a butterfly of the colorful type, or a butterfly in many different forms (little and brown? hehe!), as long as you see the dignity of being yourself, and respect other people regardless of their gender then you are welcome to join the 2007 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride March on December 8, 2007 in Malate, Manila. Go na? Rachel Ann GO!


Having said and plugged that, I thought to myself, paano naman ang mga bading na di pa out? Can they join the celebration without having to out themselves? How? Does being proud about our sexuality presuppose that we should be out?

I personally don’t think so, but maybe I can ask you dear readers — how can a closeted gay man celebrate the dignity of being gay without being out?

Here’s another feature on model-hunk Alizon Andres, candidate in this year’s Century Tuna Superbod.

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What happens when a gay boy comes out to his mom? Read a mother’s account on her experience after Ben, her son, comes out to her:

The next days that followed were hard for me to deal with. Now that I knew for sure that Ben was gay, I was terrified. I couldn’t imagine a harder life for him. I knew he would be up against discrimination for the rest of his life, and my heart ached with the thought of it. I was grieving for my boy. We had always had a close and warm relationship. He was a lot like me in a lot of ways. But now, he suddenly seemed older and unreachable to me. He had crossed over to a land that I knew nothing about. I was scared and distraught. And I was surprised that I felt like that. I always assumed I was so open, and accepting. I prided myself on being a “free spirit” child of the sixties, and when it came down to it, I could not understand for the life of me, why I was having such a hard time with this.

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Enjoy Carlo Guevara — Be Bench Model Search Male Winner! And winner din ang last picture sa series na ito… check it out!

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Hello dear MGG readers! One of my friends, Gabby, has this interesting story to tell about his struggles straddling the fine line between friendship and love. I urged him to write it down so you dear loyal MGG followers can read and comment on his situation, a sticky, sticky one. Here’s Gabby’s story…

* * *

Elmer’s letter to migs in his post kinda inspired me to write this down in full.
You see, he and I are kinda in the same boat — if you think of the boat as the titanic and he and I are just on different decks.
Like elmer, i’ve also grown attached to someone I probably shouldn’t be.
I first met boris a couple of years back. He and I were introduced in a party in capone’s. my friends wanted to set me up with someone, 6 months after coming out of a bad break up with my first and only boyfriend. Yes — unlike elmer — im gay. And unlike marco –boris is also a certified person like us.
Boris however didn’t strike me very well the first time. No — he wasn’t ugly — but he also to my eyes then — did not strike me enough to forget my ex. Sure he kinda fit into my mold-type— he was chinito — but it ends there. He wasn’t as witty, prolific, sarcastic (which I find soooo sexxxyy), sophisticated, well-versed, funny, culturally inclined and he didn’t have the right kind of jologs to make him humble enough for my taste. He wasn’t as loquacious and exciting.
Yet something about boris’s being down to earth, simple, jolly, wash and wear air, and kindness drew me to him.

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I just bought the book ‘The Secret’ two days ago, and have not even started to read it when I saw CC’s reference to it. And it’s so relevant to me these days — “the secret” to being in love. Read:

…stop thinking you don’t have love. stop focusing on what is lacking in your life. start by recognizing that there are so many people around us who love us and whom we can love back! family, friends, people we work with… then you become thankful sincerely of what you already have: this wonderful people around. Then start loving. It’s an action word. start focusing your energies on making people you love happy. spend time with them, make them laugh, make them feel appreciated. then extend to other people in dire need of loving: the poor, the elderly, the abandoned, the orphans and widows. just keep on loving and loving. this way, you stop focusing on what you don’t have and you start focusing on loving people around. you end up sending signals of love to the universe. and that is what the universe will give back to you. love, in all its forms, perhaps including romantic love.

Ang taray, I so love this idea! Go give it a try!

(Ayan ha, dear deep, dark and mysterious universe — makinig ka! I said love. Love, love, love. LOOOOVE!)

I love this boy! Guwapo!

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Awww… listened to an embedded song at CorpCloset’s blog, and it turned me mushy again. The song is Eric Benet’s The Last Time:

The first time I fell in love was long ago.
I didn’t know how to give my love at all.
The next time I settled for what felt so close.
But without romance, you’re never gonna fall.
After everything I’ve learned;
Now it’s finally my turn.
This is the last time I’ll fall… in love.

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Carlos Concepcion… yes I know, I know. Carlos Concepcion, shirtless…

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Consider this the General Patronage (GP) version of the famous Kuwentong Kalibugan site… here are some interesting blogs/posts I’ve read recently. Read it from your Pinoy gay bloggers, shining glitters in the Pinoy blogosphere — one funny, the other crazy, and another, heartwrenching:

* * *

BUTCH (by Jun Lana of Kuwan)

… ‘Should I butch it up to get a man?’ Many years ago, may kakilala akong filmmaker na may na-meet na Australyano sa chat. In fairnez, kamukha ni Brad Pitt yung Australyano. At rica peralejo (read: rich, ate). Para mabingwit ang Australyano, nagpanggap na straightacting ang kakilala ko… [full post here]

* * *

PERST LAB, NEVER DIES? (By Agent Boytoy of Ang mga Karanasan ng isang Boytoy)

Medyo natigil ang kakatihan ko nang nag-date kami ni Nemo. Ewan ko kung anung panggagayuma niya saken pero unti-unti ko na siyang nagugustuhan. At syempre dahel may angking kalibugan ako, may nangyare saming perst date. Hahahaha. At sa second date. At sa third date. And so on. Basta madalas… Ewan ko ba, pero siya ang lage nag-aaya. Hahahaha. Ako naman, si GO! Go lang ng GO! Go for the Gold! Ahhhhh. Hahahahaha! [full post here]

* * *

MY NEW BIRTHDAY (by PinoyHIV+ of Confessions of A Pinoy HIV plus)

It was officially last November 01, 2007 when I heard the news that I am HIV+. Iba ang feeling. Di ko maexplain. Hindi ako naiyak, hindi ako natuwa, parang numb ang buong katawan ko. I was just listening to the doctor telling me about the test. Both of the two tests came out positive or reactive. There were two tests palagi, the first is the ELISA, and if positive ka sa ELISA, they will do the Western Blot and if both are positive, you are officially declared to be HIV+. [full post here]

* * *

By the way, congratulation to all Pinoy gay bloggers — we’ve reached more than 100 listed blogs at Weeeee!