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Just got this announcement:

The UP Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity will stage the 2007 OBLATION RUN on December 14, 2007, 12NN, at Palma Hall (AS), University of the Philippines-Diliman. This fraternity tradition turns into a university event attracting big crowd and media mileage. Be there!

This is going to be on Friday na. Don’t know what happens during the Oblation Run? Check out my post on last year’s event.


We’ve been focusing our features here at MGG on hunks, actors, and models — but really not much has been said about their silent heroes, the folks behind the lens, the artist and creator of the images we love. Yes, I’m talking about the photographers. For now, I’d like to feature the works of Ian Felix Alquiros.

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Busy preparing something for all of you dear MGG readers! We shall have a Christmas Get Together, entitled “Pasko Na, Sinta Ketch — Celebrating World Peace, Love, and Kindness This Christmas Season” for all Pinoy gay bloggers and blog followers. Save the Date! It’s happening on Thursday, December 20, 2007. Details to follow.


Last week, Chinoy (my Amboy, “sosi” friend) and I checked out this new massage place in Quezon City called Hilom. We both had a great massage experience, but what really pushed me to share this “good news” with you dear MGG readers was this comment from him after the session: “This is my first time to come to a place like this… you know, where all the masahistas are masseurs… all I heard about before was these massage places were dingy… cheap, dirty, etcetera. But Hilom is different. It’s so clean and classy!” And I so agree.

That’s why I lost no time in requesting pics from the owner and I’m sharing them with you… Check Hilom out! (And yes I have pics of their masseurs! Hehehe!)

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It’s the time of the year — the search is on for the Gays’ Choice Hunk Of The Year 2007 (H.O.T.Y. 2007)! Last year’s winners were Zanjoe Marudo, Dennis Trillo, and Enchong Dee. Who will be this year’s set of winners?

You may participate in the pre-selection by leaving a comment here with your recommended hunk candidate (indicate full name please). I will select 15 to 20 finalists, from which I will ask all readers of this blog to choose the top 3 hunk of the year for 2007. Note: we will include only those hunks that have Pinoy origins/blood.


I hope, this time, model Albert Guinto catches your fancy :)

Have a great day, people!

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Yes this is once again a reflection post…. a post reflecting on Migs’ singlehood, by far, the most intimately personal sharing here in MGG. Thank you for coming to my blog these past months, or weeks, or days… I feel so blessed to have a blog like MGG, and an audience as diverse, fun, and smart as you… feel free to share your thoughts on this post.

* * *

Have you ever experienced, while pondering on a very difficult puzzling question in your life, a sudden burst of clarity of thought, a perception of reality by means of a surge of intuitive realization? While driving along EDSA last night, I was thinking, “Why am I still single?” And that was the seed, that most powerful question that would bring me my epiphany, a eureka moment of sorts.

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, your gay podcasters are baaaack! And, in the spirit of openness we’re tearing down the original Troikasters to give way to the much more inclusive Fabcasters! This short podcast announces this change, along with our usual fun, fun, fun chikahan. In this podcast we feature Fabcasters Migs, Mcvie, Tony, and Josh. We randomly talked about the full moon, the iPhone, Josh’s drastic astig-to-gurl transformation, Migs’ shallowness, Tony’s Mave, and McVie’s Alma Concepcion… listen in, and join the fun! (Fabulous OBB and music background credits: Mcvie! Galeng!)

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I was supposed to go to this event, excited with taking photos, but scampered away due to the curfew impositon. Good thing Vince Lopez was there and took some. Mossimo Underneath – Fit to Flaunt at the Decagon, Silver City (near Alchemy, Julia Vargas ext.) on November 29, 2007.

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Here are photos of the hunky men you can expect at IC Mendoza’s sexy fashion show, “Men At Work,” happening tomorrow, December 1, 2007 at Cabin Bar along Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

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