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For those who want to foray into an acting career, here’s a possible opening…

From Jun Lana, Palanca Awards and FAMAS winning scriptwriter:

Two weeks ago, a well-known producer saw an old interview of mine on cable where I talked about my dream project Mona Lisa MMS – now retitled Roxxxanne. Guess what, he’s giving me the money to do my movie! Huwaw! It’s all systems go! Pwera usog.


And so this casting call:

Jun Lana is currently casting for a low budget independently funded feature film. The drama/romance is scheduled to be shot in May 2007.

call center agent, beautiful, mysterious
liberated, sexy
closeted teenager, smart, goodlooking, not as innocent as he claims to be
sexy rough college dropout, strong, intense
EDDIE, 20s
dark skinned, tricycle driver, troublemaker
LITO, 20s
college student, conservative, jologs
DAN, 20s
college student, Visayan accent, funny guy

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I have not had the chance to take a peek into the goings on inside the Pinoy Big Brother house recently (PBB Season 2). I would love to see more of Robert Woods and Bruce Quebral. But these photos from past PBB editions would probably make do for now — until we get juicier ones from this new season. Enjoy playing voyeur to Gerald Anderson, Fred Payawan, and… as a bonus, our Hunk of The Year (H.O.T.Y.) for 2006, Zanjoe Marudo!

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Too late, people. Danica Sotto, while not blessed with her mom’s elegant beauty and natural hotness, was able to snag this hunky, Purefoods Chunkee Giant. His name is Marc Jean Pingris. Danica and her dude were married last Saturday in a Boracay wedding.


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Beefy, brawny John Apacible comes from the yesteryears yet his bemuscled, malaman body still attracts my eyes — amidst the mega-lean, 0%-fat hunks of today. He was the contemporary of Leonardo Litton, Allan Paule, etc.

More pics ahead…

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Daniel Radcliffe (left) and Johnron Tanada (right)

Which do you fancy better?

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These days I get asked this question a lot: where can gay guys go this summer? What are the best places to hang-out in? The traditional answer would be Puerto Galera. But I’m sure people here have alternatives in mind. Mind if you share? Comment away, guys! (Who knows, maybe we can have a get together there!)


I just can’t get you out of my head
Boy your loving is all I think about
I just can’t get you out of my head
Boy it’s more than I dare to think about

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How can I, if you keep on MMSing me with your godly pics? But hey, don’t stop. No need to set me free. I’m perfectly okay with this kind of shackles.

Here’s a plug from a dear MGG reader and friend Vince de Jesus.

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Summer is here! And it’s the perfect time to enroll your child in PETA’s CREATIVE MUSICAL THEATER WORKSHOP!

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So the rumor was true. Bruce Quebral is indeed one of Kuya’s housemate in ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. I’m sure a lot more folks will be searching for Bruce Quebral’s pictures in the net. Well I’m just too glad I have several here.


While real life proves that not everyone finds their one true love (yes, reality indeed bites!) I believe each one has the right to be loved in a unique, focused, and singular way. I tend to frown upon relationships where one party is agrabyado — much like when one is considered the querida, the kabit, the 3rd party,… Yes, in most of these cases, it is a mutual decision. Still, I maintain my stance on the belief that each of us deserve to be loved 100% and that precludes being the querida. But then again, this is just my opinion. And I’m not like the Pope, I am not infallible. Other people can have an opposite stance. Just like this reader who want to be called “Querida” — because he is. Read on for his story.

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