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Several MGG readers have reported occasionally getting errors when accessing this site, which looks like this:


The temporary solution for this is to wait about 30 seconds to 1 minute and try accessing the site again. In most cases, this will work, and you will be able to continue to enjoy reading and browsing through MGG.

Rest assured that I will be investigating the rootcause of this error. I suspect it is a combination of my webhosting limitations, and the sudden upsurge of internet traffic in this site the past few days. I may need to tweak a few things here to make serving the site more efficiently, and thus be able to serve more and more MGG readers (we’re currently at 7,000+ unique visitors per day). Will definitely update you all on the developments. Hope to resolve this ASAP so we can continue enjoying MGG with no errors or delays! World Peace to all!

19-year-old, 5’10” stunner Vince Saldana is from the Close Up To Fame 2 competition — he did not win the title, but he did win my heart when I saw these close ups…


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A gay American writer based in the Czech Republic writes about Manila Gay Guy:

I still can’t figure out why this blog (Manila Gay Guy) has so many hits. It’s so chatty, cliquey and really, really gay that all I could think of is that there’s only one gay blog in the Philippines and every single homosexual there reads it. Two or three times a day apparently.(link)

Well, well, well… amusing! But you know it isn’t true that MGG is the only gay blog here in the Philippines. In fact there are a lot of Pinoy gay bloggers. Some MGG readers, in fact, are themselves bloggers.

So I ask, Na-ga-blog ka ba? Hehehe! Here are some notable Pinoy Gay Bloggers definitely worth reading.

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The latest issue of Icon Magazine is now out and bi! Out as in out in the market, and Bi as in bi-monthly!


More pictures up ahead!

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As if wanting to get even with Kian who had a chance to give Bruce a body scrub, Nel gives the hunky housemate a back scrub. Go PBB Gay Edition! Woohooo!



What is the measure of a man?

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I just came from Puerto Galera. And after seeing so many different types and flavors of gay men, there is a thought that kept on lingering in my mind these past days, and it is this: while we gay guys desire equal rights as our heterosexual counterparts, and freedom from discrimination, isn’t it true too that a lot of homophobia actually runs in the very veins of the gay community? Sometimes it even makes me think homophobia is stronger among us than in any other circle. And that somehow, each of us has a certain, even just a bit, homophobic molecule in our body. And I hear quips like “Akala mo naman kung sino yang si…. eh bakla naman!” Then, remember that line of Rustom Padilla when he outed himself on national television? It goes something like “I’m gay. Hindi ako masamang tao.” (As if there is a direct link between these two concepts.) Does it have something to do with the negative programming of years past? Is there a way to reverse such programming?

Ray Allen, 27 years old, 5’9″, known as Rebearth in Guys4Men, wins the title Mr. Gay Philippines 2007 on March 17, 2007.


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Wide-eyed wonder Gary Dulatas is a special request from a good friend. He says, “mabait yan.” Hehe. I don’t know about “mabait” but I can say he is one goodlooking model.

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Get Wild and Feel Wet!” – the resident model search with a twist at Bar Uno (Timog Avenue, Quezon City) is having its Grand Finals on Tuesday, March 27, 2007. Get a chance to see Xavier and other delicious hunks get wild and wet, competing for the Grand Prize. Ticket price is Php200.