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What would you do if this Pinoy godling Iago Raterta, with his glistening, brown, and beautiful body, strips in front of you?

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Notice the new look of this site? No worries, you are still at MGG!

I’m running it on beta testing for a couple of days… the reason is that I’m testing if the previous format is the culprit of the frequent “Exceeded CPU Quota” downtimes. Give me a couple of days to see if this would work. Thanks for your understanding!

UPDATE (as of Monday, April 9, 2007, 2:43 PM Manila time): I have reverted back to the old design. My findings point to my hosting server’s limitations. Time to look for a better one! Thanks for your patience people!


Guiness Nabung, while not mind-blowingly handsome, is one of the more Pinoy-looking models we have today. He lords it over many other models with a towering height of 6’3″. He plays basketball too so I doubt if he’s one of us, hehehe! Enjoy his pics, read on!

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Here is an email I received from Q, an MGG reader. What a tragic way of coming out! Read and learn a lesson or two… and leave Q a message too — he’s just so kind to share his story for all of us to learn from. Love you all and world peace!

– o –

Dear Migs,

This is the first time I’m emailing a complete stranger and the first time I’m sharing events of my life, but I feel this is something every gay guy (closeted or not) should know and be warned about.

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My previous feature on the male finalists of the 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit included only 9 finalists. This time, we have all 12 of them in one post, and not only that — if before they were featured in jeans, now they are in their Mossimo bikinis! Without further ado, here they are…

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Rey Talosig is the long-haired hunky member of SOP’s Take 5. He was also one of the 12 finalists in last year’s Century Superbod (where Jon Mullaly won). While GMA 7 forays him into singing and dancing among the other Take 5 hunks, we all know we want to see only one thing: his long, long…. tresses! Hehehe!

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Fresh from an SOP number, the Take 5 hunks pose for these pics. An MGG reader immediately sends these pics to my inbox, saying “Deadma na sa talent… pagpantasyahan na lang face and body!”… so here. Share your good stuff for all to enjoy! Have a good Sunday to you all!


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Here are some random tidbits from Migs, the Manila Gay Guy’s pre-Holy Week weekend.


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Einar Ingebrigsten — dude of desire! What a cheesy title — obviously I will never be a copywriter like punchline honcho Joel McVie. Einar was the Mossimo Bikini Summit winner in 2005, the same year Carlos Concepcion and Ramon del Prado joined.

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Hello dear MGG readers! Commercial break muna tayo from glistening bodies of macho men ha… I just want to remind everyone regarding my wish for all time: WORLD PEACE. And I would like to invite you to help me spread the same idea. Please read on.

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