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I was bloghopping and found these pictures of a 23-year-old Pinoy living in San Diego, California, USA. His screenname is “Tiggah” — “Tigz” for short. At first I was not sure he was Filipino, so I read through his blog posts. As soon as I saw some reference to Pinoy food, I was almost sure he was Filipino. But I felt I had to find out for sure. So I added him up as my Flickr contact, and emailed him. “Are you Pinoy?”

And he answered:


Why did I bother checking? or better yet, why was I so interested in him? Well… I hope the pictures can do the explanation!


More pics ahead!

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“You had me at Hello.” In gay parlance, “You had me at Heller.”

This famous line actually came from the movie “Jerry Maguire” starring Tom Cruise. Just to refresh your memories…

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vin·tage [vin-tij]
1. an exceptionally fine wine from the crop of a good year.
2. representing the high quality of a past time: vintage cars; vintage movies.
3. old-fashioned or obsolete: vintage jokes.
4. being the best of its kind: They praised the play as vintage O’Neill.

A hunk of the yesteryears, Emilio Garcia can (in my opinion) still pass as yummy to a lot of us here… may asim pa rin ang lolo.

More pictures ahead.

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Would anyone please send me a kiss?

To view…

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Despite the layer of baby fat, Kris still registers as yummy to me. Hehehe!

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Summer na! It’s the season for sun, sand, sea… and sizzling hot bodies! I bet millions of bikini contests and such are going to be staged left and right. Nice!!! And with my recent foray into photography I’m uber excited shooting some really nice (and sizzling) summer-related photos like these…


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Yesterday afternoon, I received an MMS message from Janvier Daily. It said: “hi migs, how r u?” — with an attached picture. It was a Dodong in Bed picture. He continued, “ngayon ko lang kuha yan, kakagising ko lang kasi…”

The same night, I was at Kopi Roti in Tomas Morato, having dinner with Arnold Reyes, another one of Zaturnnah’s Dodong. I remembered Janvier’s message and told Arnold, “hey, let me show you Janvier’s MMS.”

When Arnold saw Janvier’s picture, he smiled and said, “meron din ako niyan!” He meant he had the same picture of himself — same angle and posing.

Funny! Must be the official Dodong in Bed photo! Hehehe. I wonder if Lauren Novero has a similar photo… the pictures up ahead!

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What if, in one of your EBs (eyeballs), you meet this guy…

“Hi, my name is Vince,” he says.


After conversing for a while, you tease him, “You know Vince, while this conversation is intellectual, interesting, and all that… I like my man… uhmmm… hot and wild.” He pauses, and repeats your words, muttering, “hot… and… wild…”

“Like this?” he asks, seemingly confused.


“Not exactly,” you answer, obviously irritated.

Then a small voice inside your head urges you, “kiss him… he might just turn into the guy of your dreams!” For some unknown reason you feel like following that small voice… then you inch your way closer to Vince… then… a light kiss on the lips…

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Who is Andrew Gordon? Is he a professional model? Any connection to Dick Gordon? When I saw his pics, he struck me in a weird, weird way… his dating, his looks and charisma remind me of another cutie-cute-cute celebrity. How about you — does he remind you of anyone in particular? (More pics ahead.)

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I was thinking, what if I guested someone in my next podcast? What if it was a hunky beefcake? And Dodong came to mind! BIG problem though! Which Dodong? We have three to choose from:


(From left: Arnold Reyes, Janvier Daily, and Lauren Novero)

Read on to vote!

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