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MGG brings you gay scenes in Pinoy Big Brother Season 2!

In this series, kilig moments for Nel as Bruce Quebral gives him a kiss in exchange for drinking 2 glasses of water. A kiss is just a kiss, but here we can perhaps read between the lines. Welcome to the club, Nel! Hehehe!


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So amused to receive an email from an MGG reader berating me for not posting pictures of the Starstruck Hunks… hahaha! Well first, I do not really follow this particular reality talent search. And personally I think they are too young to go sexy. But those boys are nevertheless yummy, ha. The reader pointed me to where I can get pics, so credits to that blogger, Enkantado23. For Starstruck fans, I recommend you visit Pinoy Rickey too, as that is one of his specialties. Screencaps credits to these two bloggers.

Better late than never, so here goes…


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Xavier, a contestant in Bar Uno’s model search with a twist, was not particularly tall — but he was semikal, tough-looking yet with a boyish tinge, with a fantastic sculpted body (especially in those sexy briefs – wooohooo!), and most of all he was tattooed… tattooed on my mind!

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If Chester Nolledo, the Provoq naughty college boy, is reading this he must be getting nervous. This guy Mikko Untalasco may just be after his throne as the naughty college dude.

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Repertory Philippines stages “Gay Birds,” an adaptation of Jean Poiret’s La Cage Aux Folles at Onstage Theater from March 16 to April 1. Set in “Birdcage,” a fictitious Manila transvestite club during the disco/Martial law era, this adaptation follows the travails of the gay couple George and Albert when George’s son from a drunken one-night stand, Emil, comes home to announce that he is getting married. Excited at first to meet his “in-laws,” Albert is crushed to find out that Emil is excluding him from the marriage.

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Bruce Quebral goes wet and wild in this series of (shirtless) photos, screencaps from Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. Go juicier, go wetter Bruce! We want more!


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A kind reader sent this image to me as soon as he saw my previous feature on Ken in “Sikil.” According to him, this photo came from Icon Magazine. Salamat!


In the picture: Ken Escudero (bottom, hehehe!) and, I’m guessing, Wil Sandejas (top, hehehe!) Hotness!

hi migs,

i’ve been following your blog for sometime now, but this is my first time to write you. i just wanna say thank you, because your blog provides a much-needed outlet for a late-30-something guy like me who’s not out to his family or friends. and i guess i just wanted to say that i think you’re a good person, and a very intelligent one as well. your most recent entry about deciding to be happy is proof of these. and i totally agree with your perspective on the subject.

keep up the good work, and know that even if we don’t always make ourselves heard, we your silent readers continue to check out your blog and definitely never cease to be grateful. stay cool!


– o –

hi pete,
greetings! i always thought this blog has a secret following among gay guys who are not out. you’re one of the few who’ve mustered the courage to express. very encouraging indeed. thanks! mabuhay ka!

On Saturday, March 17, 2007 at Metro Bar along West Ave., Quezon City, twenty-one Filipino gay guys vie for the title “Mr. Gay Philippines 2007.” The winner will have the honor to represent the country in Mr. Gay International to be held in Los Angeles, CA, USA in January 2008.

Who is your choice?


Read on for more contestant pictures.

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Have you seen what *REAL* perseverance looks like? Well, this is one image you got to see. May we all have this kind of perseverance! Be inspired!

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