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Dang! I missed the Oblation Run yesterday! I was really meaning to go to U.P. Diliman and take some pictures to share here — unfortunately work beckoned and your dear Manila Gay Guy had to prioritize his source of daily income. That means I was not able to take the 2006 Oblation Run pictures. Do not worry though, I will scrounge for it in the internet to find you guys only the best images of this event. Watch out for it here!

UPDATED: continue on to see Oblation Run pictures and video!

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Ten days before Christmas! Let’s make the Yuletide gay with….

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rickeyglasses.jpg Blogger idol: Rickey Yaneza is Pinoy Rickey.

One of his recent posts:

Toni (Gonzaga) … is the third wheel in the Piolo Pascual — Sam Milby loveteam. ABS-CBN even tried to pair her up with that other gay, I-Love-You-Lucky Manzano — which should probably serve as a warning to ABS-CBN’s male talents: If you ever get paired with Toni Gonzaga, it can only mean one thing: you are gay. Most likely you are so gay, ABS-CBN’s all-around utility girl has been called in to your rescue as a last ditch effort.

He’s so transparent, so authentic. I love his blog!

I received this email today:

Hi I’m Mark, and im married. Been in this marriage for nearly 2 yrs. i know myself and i know what i want. however what holds me back is that im afraid and dont want to hurt my wife whom i adore so much. She gave me everything..her trust..her name..her happiness..and for me to call it quits would definitely be devastating..i cant afford to hurt her that much..i love her.. i maybe horny all the time but after i get off all seem to go back where it should be.. i dont know but words coming from you will probably help me in anyway..thank you in advance..cheers

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I was at Powerplant Mall in Rockwell last Sunday and noticed a good number of police officers walking around in the mall.

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carlo.jpg Bingo! Now, Carlo Aquino, that “bad boy”-looking young dude, shirtless, topless,… I never thought I’d see the day Carlo poses shirtless. This is a screen capture so he did not really pose shirtless… whatever. What’s important is that you can see him — front and back! — in his half-naked glory! Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Carlo Aquino!

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When Beauty and Brains Atom Araullo was featured in this blog, some readers said it was an open secret in U.P. (where he graduated) that Atom is gay. Well, seems everyone in showbiz has been rumored gay so that is not so surprising. I remember one American visitor I met some years back — yes he’s openly gay — he facilitated a discussion in a corporate team of which I was a member of. During the break, I told him in such a hush-hush way that I was gay, and he said “I figured you’re too cute and too smart not to be gay!” That gave me a good laugh! I echo the same: Atom is so perfect, beauty, brains — he must be one of us! Hehehe! Well, so much for this, let’s just get on with shirtless photos of this guy.

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Bruce Quebral was once upon a time a student of the University of the Philippines, played basketball as part of the Maroons team in the UAAP. He also represented the Philippines in Manhunt International in 2002. He’s so Pinoy looking, and I loooove it! Now you see him in this picture, don’t you think he should be showing a wee bit more?

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Two weeks before Christmas, and even the defunct Viva Hot Men greets you — MERRY CHRISTMAS! Ho-ho-ho!


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If Hollywood has Brangelina (Brad-Angelina) and TomKat (Tom-Katie), Philippine Showbusiness presents… Samiolo (Sam-Piolo)!


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