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Is Joseph Kidwell a case of a real beauty transformation? Help me out here…

Exhibit No. 1-A: Joseph, a la Man of the Year 2005


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I can’t even remember now how Noel and I first “bumped into each other” — was it through LinkTV, or through Yahoo Chat? It doesn’t matter. We were chatmates first then phone pals. I had a partner then but I was in my exploratory phase, and so very perfidious. After many months of talking over the phone, (and yes, SOPing too) we finally agreed to meet at Robinson’s Place in Malate.

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Are not these painfully familiar lines?

“Being at the bottom of the sexual hierarchy, I had to develop intellectually, and my personality too… you know those things that had to matter.”


“I started going to the gym seriously 5 or 6 years ago, and I think it is all tied with low self esteem, wanting to be bigger, wanting to be the ideal body.”


Here’s “Forbidden Fruit,” an Australian-produced documentary tackling the difficulties of Asian gay guys in dating and perception. It’s a pretty interesting and honest look into the subculture of Asian (specifically Chinese) gay men in Australia.

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Another hot and sexy guy for you today on my 100th day! Enjoy Marco Alcaraz and may he whet your voracious appetite for hunky delicious men! Wooohoooo!

The eldest among six children, Marco Antonio Alcaraz was born and grew up in Cebu where he finished grade/high school (Don Bosco Cebu) and was into an Engineering course at the University of San Carlos when he moved to San Sebastian College in Manila and shifted to B.S. Management to pursue his dream of becoming a basketball star (he stands 6’2″).

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This is the 100th day of existence of this blog. Happy 100th day to me! Thank you to all readers of the Manila Gay Guy — you’ve been my virtual companion these past 100 days, so indeed many thanks for that! My wish, if I may make one, is the same wish I had since day 1: World Peace, and yes, I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Make love not war! Salamat sa inyong lahat! Cheers! [Come on, make me feel warm and fuzzy inside — I’d appreciate your greetings and comments! Thank you, maraming salamat!]

ajdeexx.jpg In my previous post about this actor, I said “Is he gay? Many people think so, but I really don’t know. Maybe my gaydar is not working properly.” Now I do not need any gaydar. I have an extremely reliable bubwit who told me that indeed he is one of us. Guess who! Clue: his initials are A.J.D.di ba ang hirap hulaan? Hahaha! “So what if he’s gay?” And the answer is — nothing, it’s just good to know! So to all those who fantasize about A.J.D., go ahead — you might be his type too, who knows? But wait, where is he now? Seems his career ain’t going nowhere, no? Well, enough of this, more pics ahead.

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GMA 7’s Starstruck Artista search is premiering tonight, and they have reinvented the show by choosing not one Ultimate Survivor but 4 Ultimate Winners: Ultimate Loveteam, Ultimate Sweetheart, and my favorite: Ultimate Hunk. As a preview, here are screencaps of some of the Ultimate Hunk contestants.

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The Manila Gay Guy is one confused and finicky gay man when it comes to haircare. Specifically, haircuts.

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When he was with “That’s Entertainment,” he used his real name: Anthony Labrusca. After “That’s” he joined Star Circle and used the more cinematic name Miguel dela Rosa. He didn’t stay long though as he decided to finish his Business Management studies at the College of St. Benilde. On the side, Anthony/Miguel did ramp modeling and commercials, the most popular of which were KFC, PLDT, and Skyflakes (the guy on the car with Marian Rivera). After college, he tried office work (account executive in an advertising firm), but he realized soon enough that a 9-to-5 job was not for him.

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You're Gay!

In last Wednesday’s infamous radio show of DJ Mo Twister (Magic 89.9’s Good Times with Mo), Borgy Manotoc spills the beans for the ultra-famous Big Brother housemate Sam Milby.

DJ Mo: Who are you going to tell this to: “Dude, we all know you’re gay, admit it!”
Borgy: Sam Milby!

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