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regine.jpg “The Light of a Million Mornings filled my heart.
The sound of a million angels sang my song.
The warmth of a love so tender
touch my life and suddenly
the light of a million mornings dawned in me.”

Many Pinoy gays love Regine Velasquez. I am one of them! (Yes, I believe Regine is one of our local gay icons!) And this song, Light of a Million Mornings is a favorite among the songs she has sung. And so apt especially this Christmas season. Merry Christmas everyone, and may the light of a million mornings dawn in you!

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More sizzling photos to make Victor Basa fans salivate on this ripped and roaring hunk (and kapatid! hahaha!) I do think Victor is one of the sexiest Pinoy male models we have today. Enjoy Victor, I hope he indeed makes you Basa, hahaha!


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I’ve seen just too many gay “family men” that I dare put forward this hypothesis: the Filipino gay man is the most reliable family man.

In the movie Jupit which incidentally will be exhibited in the upcoming Pink Film Festival, “Ate Gay” plays the parlorista and ever-responsible family man to his mom and siblings. It is a funny film, and made totally as a comedy, but it succeeds in bringing home one very important point — how the struggling parlorista gay gives, and gives to the point of hurting, all for the love of family.

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December 1 was World AIDS Day, and Bed Bar in Malate celebrated it with a big brawny bang! Hefty chunks of hunks parading in their skimpy Bench underwear were the eye candies of the night — all for promoting Safe Sex. Too bad I was not there, but thanks to Doc Tony’s gallery, I can give you some teasers here. Enjoy boys, enjoy the boys!


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2006 Pink Film Festival: at looong last, it’s pushing through!


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The past few weeks, I must admit, have been the Dark Ages for Migs, the person behind the Manila Gay Guy. But that is no more.

My life lesson to share: No one can go back and make a brand new start. Anyone can start today and make a brand new ending.

And so I shall! Let the fun begin — again! Let there be world peace! Mwahs to all!

Let’s support Zsazsa Zaturnnah zee Komeekz!


Carlo Vergara, Zaturnnah’s creator, says Zsazsa is currently shortlisted in the 2007 Pinoy Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Komiks. Let’s help Zsazsa emerge as the rightful Queen of Komiks! Vote here!

James Blanco came into showbiz via the TV commercial for Lifebouy. James has been in the business for more than six years, introduced in Regal Films’ Cool Dudes with Cogie Domingo and Danilo Barrios. He has done six other movies after that, the last was Kutob, shown at the 2005 Metro Manila Filmfest.


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Gays and Happy Ever After — is there such a thing?


Once upon a time, when I told a friend about my split up with a partner of 3 years, he reacts with “wala talagang nagtatagal na ganyan.” As I think more about it, I feel like getting infected, and engulfed with the same cynicism towards gay relationships. Not so long ago, I believed it was possible (if heterosexual folks can have true and everlasting love, why can’t we?) however, as many of you would probably have experienced, those moments just after a break up can be pretty emotionally rending. It can crush even the most fundamental of your ideals.

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