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Let’s support Zsazsa Zaturnnah zee Komeekz!


Carlo Vergara, Zaturnnah’s creator, says Zsazsa is currently shortlisted in the 2007 Pinoy Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Komiks. Let’s help Zsazsa emerge as the rightful Queen of Komiks! Vote here!

James Blanco came into showbiz via the TV commercial for Lifebouy. James has been in the business for more than six years, introduced in Regal Films’ Cool Dudes with Cogie Domingo and Danilo Barrios. He has done six other movies after that, the last was Kutob, shown at the 2005 Metro Manila Filmfest.


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Gays and Happy Ever After — is there such a thing?


Once upon a time, when I told a friend about my split up with a partner of 3 years, he reacts with “wala talagang nagtatagal na ganyan.” As I think more about it, I feel like getting infected, and engulfed with the same cynicism towards gay relationships. Not so long ago, I believed it was possible (if heterosexual folks can have true and everlasting love, why can’t we?) however, as many of you would probably have experienced, those moments just after a break up can be pretty emotionally rending. It can crush even the most fundamental of your ideals.

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William was in the cast of “Intermates,” a film about the Filipino gay lifestyle. No wonder many people think this cutie is gay. Then someone actually posted in the internet how he saw this William sashay his way in a mall, with his bading talkies and all. Well, gay or not, he is a beautiful face.

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Oops, title should be — Do you take *sexy* pictures of yourself?

I don’t, but these guys do.


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If you are like me and have previously not seen the 69 Cosmo Bachelors, then…

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John Lopez — such generic name. I tried searching for his name in Google, and got nothing substantial. But this guy is one of my best finds so far. I really like his looks, very Pinoy, and very sexy. (The epitome of the expression “makalaglag panty.”) Santa Claus, may I have this guy for Christmas? No need for gift wrapping! Hehehe!


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A gay impersonator of Aubrey Miles died while in a Miss Gay competition in Caloocan last Sunday. In a skimpy attire, the gay contestant walked barefoot on the set which had a metal flooring, and as soon as he took the microphone, he collapsed. He got electrocuted.

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Is Joseph Kidwell a case of a real beauty transformation? Help me out here…

Exhibit No. 1-A: Joseph, a la Man of the Year 2005


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I can’t even remember now how Noel and I first “bumped into each other” — was it through LinkTV, or through Yahoo Chat? It doesn’t matter. We were chatmates first then phone pals. I had a partner then but I was in my exploratory phase, and so very perfidious. After many months of talking over the phone, (and yes, SOPing too) we finally agreed to meet at Robinson’s Place in Malate.

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