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rainbow.jpg (This is a postcard sent to Postsecret, where people anonymously mail their secrets for all to see.)

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Chester Nolledo in real life is a 19-year old cutie from German Moreno’s post-“That’s Entertainment” stable of talents. In Viva’s Provoq Voyeur Video though, he is a very different person. Chester plays this horny, hottie, college dude that shows the pleasures of living in that testosteronic age, alone in a boarding house. It doesn’t take too much imagination to guess what kind of scenes you can expect from Chester’s video vignette. And well, thanks to Miong, here are screencaps to further seed your already fertile imagination.


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Zsazsa Zaturnnah ze moveeh! Coming this December, along with 8 other entries in the Metro Manila Film Festival. And look at the promo picture – wig kung wig!

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Sa buhay, may mga pangyayaring hindi natin maipaliwanag. Ang pagsabay ng buhos ng ulan at pagsikat ng araw. Ang pag-aaway ng aso’t pusa. Ang paglaho ng inasahang walang kamatayang pag-ibig.

Gayunpaman, tuluy-tuloy ang buhay. Minsa’y hindi mahalagang malaman pa ang dahilan. Basta nangyayari na lang. Tapos.

Tulad ko. Ilang taon ko nang iniisip kung bakit ako ganito. Kung bakit malambot ang galaw ko. Kung bakit matinis ang boses ko. Kung bakit hindi ako…normal.

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It’s a full month before Christmas! I’m sure you’re already thinking of what gifts to buy your loved ones, and what gift is best for your favorite blogger — the Manila Gay Guy! Hehehe! For those in North America, an Amazon Gift Certificate is enough for me *wink wink*

It’s past noon and I just woke up — was at Big Papa last night. Yes, that gay bar in front of KIA in Pasay just off Tramo. It was nothing spectacular. Entrance fee was Php250 (non-consummable), and each customer is required to order 2 drinks at least — SanMig Light was at Php130 each, so yes it was kind of a rip-off. Each dance routine of the macho dancers was the same as the previous one, and the same as the next, except for one macho dancer who bumped his head on the stage for overzealousness, a great comic relief in a set of boring body gyrations. Nothing much to say but I thought there were more eye candies in Adonis. One of my uber excited companions wasn’t too happy too when we left the place. I can’t blame him, he lives right across Gigolo in Timog Avenue.

This particular Provoq photo is so beautiful. The shot was so artistically composed! It makes me aspire to be a male bodyscape photographer!

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The gays have spoken, and they have chosen the 2006 Gays’ Choice – Hunk of the Year. It’s Zanjoe Marudo, people!

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I already featured David the Coconuter in this blog before. This time, here are videos of his extraordinary journey in the Philippines, as documented by ABS-CBN’s Nagmamahal Kapamilya with Bernadette Cembrano. (In fairness, for a Fil-Am like him, his Tagalog is very good!) When he started talking about his family in the States, I couldn’t help it but my tears just kept flowing down my cheeks. Hay, drama! May he find his “perfect coconut”! (Kung single lang siya sana, love ko na siya! hehehe!)

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Jake Roxas, where are you now? A couple of years back, the rumor mill painted Jake as this guy who was frequently hanging out in Gold’s Gym in Glorietta, “parang carinderiang bukas sa lahat ng gustong kumain,” as long as the customer was willing to shell out Php15,000. Definitely not your typical carinderia fare! I saw him in person a long time ago, in one of those Starbucks coffee shops in Makati. While he did not exude any natural celebrity, with him around, testosterone filled the air.

Jake Roxas: Bed


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(This post is dedicated to a fellow gay blogger, Mandaya Moore who just ended a 5-year relationship with his live-in partner, Kulot. This is also dedicated to all those who, at this point in their life, are holding on to things/emotions/persons they should have let go a long time ago.)

dep-man.jpg Are you there things in your life that you know you need to let go? And yet you hold on to them, as if your dear life depended on them? It may be a material possession, a rotting job, a relationship with no direction… it ain’t easy I know, but if it is the best option, then let it go. I would like then to share this to you all — an excerpt from Paulo Coelho’s essay, “Closing a Cycle.”

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