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(This post is dedicated to a fellow gay blogger, Mandaya Moore who just ended a 5-year relationship with his live-in partner, Kulot. This is also dedicated to all those who, at this point in their life, are holding on to things/emotions/persons they should have let go a long time ago.)

dep-man.jpg Are you there things in your life that you know you need to let go? And yet you hold on to them, as if your dear life depended on them? It may be a material possession, a rotting job, a relationship with no direction… it ain’t easy I know, but if it is the best option, then let it go. I would like then to share this to you all — an excerpt from Paulo Coelho’s essay, “Closing a Cycle.”

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Do you have a straight guy as a best friend? Or maybe even just a super close guy friend who is straight?


If yes, I have some questions for you.

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Dante Balboa was a professor at the Far Eastern University, until he took a leave of absence, and decided to concentrate on his graduate studies at the University of the Philippines. Ironically, Dante was also a former male “boldstar” and appeared in “ST” movies produced by the infamous Seiko Films. He was Mr. Young Philippines 1997 title holder, and Manhunt Philippines 1998 second runner-up. I saw him recently essaying the role of Claudio in the Filipino version of Hamlet (translated by Rolando Tinio, directed by Tony Mabesa) at U.P. Diliman. Playing the role of Claudius, he indeed had a regal presence on stage. Sadly, his acting talents are not at par with the demands of this Shakespeare drama. The evening I watched, he was buckling with his lines all throughout the play — and it was so distracting. Perhaps his old photos would speak better?


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On Thursday, November 23, 2006 at 11:59 PM, the voting for Gays’ Choice – Hunk Of The Year 2006 will be stopped, and the winner declared.


Who will be the first ever Gays’ Choice – H.O.T.Y. 2006? As of writing, Dennis Trillo is on top, overtaking Zanjoe Marudo just today who is at close second, while Enchong Dee is tailing behind so closely with only 1% difference. If you have not yet, vote now! (see sidebar) How will the gay readers of this site decide? Well, watch out for the announcement on Friday, November 24!


I have a secret fascination for Imelda Marcos. And there are two reasons: (1) she is the ultimate classy fab woman the Philippines has ever produced; and (2) her quotable quotes are simply out of this world! Watch that documentary “Imelda” and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

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In the middle of a Pinoy gay lovers’ quarrel due to trust issues, expletives had been flying left and right, when suddenly an aggravated partner (let’s call him Gay #1) blurts out with all emotion:

If I want, I do!
If I won’t, I don’t!

Gay #2 stops to analyze what was just said and breaks in laughter. Gay #1 is confused, “Did I say anything funny?” Thanks to that accidental comic relief, the lovers’ quarrel had a literally happy ending.

Gay #1 and Gay #2 are my friends, and it’s so much fun being with them. And Gay #1 is so funny without even trying, everytime I’m with him I’m reminded of Melanie Marquez, the Queen Of Malaprop.

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boys_briefs3.jpg I want this DVD! Produced by Picture This, this compilation of 8 short gay films with the theme “Hooking Up,” was just released on Nov. 7, 2006. The “Boys Briefs” compilations began in 1999 and what makes Picture This unique is that before every film there is original footage giving us an idea of which each short film is about. They are also linked by a common theme; this one (Boys Brief 3) being dating and the also newly released “Boys Briefs 4” is about guys who hustle.

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Christmas is really just around the corner — and while almost everyone is busy with their Christmas lists, season’s greeting cards flying all over, Christmas shopping wild rush here and there, let us not forget a number of us, especially gay men, who will be celebrating this season as single folks.

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global-o.JPG It is said that our minds influence Matter and Energy fields, so what better way to promote world peace than inundating it with a globally synchronized energy wave from billions of orgasms done on one single day: December 22, 2006. Organizers say, on this day, participants will concentrate any thoughts during and after orgasm on peace. The combination of high- energy orgasmic energy combined with mindful intention may have a much greater effect than previous mass meditations and prayers. The thumbnail above is the “Global-O Secret Signal.” Synchronized O on December 22 — are you game?

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It’s not the first time I’m featuring Rocky Salumbides in this site — that shows how much I like this guy’s looks. Ironically, while I believe he’s one of our really Filipino-looking models, he actually has Puerto Rican and Chinese blood. Here are more photos of our Pinoy male supermodel, Rocky Salumbides.


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