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Recently, I signed an 18-month contract with Fitness First. And today will be my first day in the gym. As I embark on this new journey of self-beautification (hehehe!), I share this inspirational piece from a certain Sunita Singhi.

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Even after seeing his face perhaps a thousand million times, plastered all around in print ads for Globe and Smart, and in TV commercials of Greenwich, Cream-O and Modess, not to mention his being a Cosmo 69 Bachelor in 2004, I for the life of me did not recognize his name: Marvin Wijangco. This Marvin tickled my fancy with his chinito eyes when I was reviewing my collection of model photos.

First, I saw this cute photo:


Then I said to myself, this ain’t gonna cut it. We need to see some more skin, baby!

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Biboy Ramirez was once a cute teeny bopper on TV. Now he’s still on TV, and occasionally in the movies, but not anymore just your cute teeny bopper. Biboy has grown from the pa-cute boy-next-door to this Biboy Ramirez oozing with sex appeal. While Biboy has yet to grow lean and mean muscles which naturally are the source of many a hunks appeal, he still has that mysterious glow that can tickle any gay guy’s fancy. That is the Biboy Ramirez Sex Appeal.

In the following photo gallery, I took time out to convert the pictures to black-and-white. I felt that this time, colors distract the eye from what is the most important element — the subject himself. I hope you enjoy this little gallery of Biboy Ramirez —


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Some readers think that the photo of Dingdong’s pointy thing which I published recently, was all my doing with the help of some Photoshop Magic.

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Five days have passed since the poll started, and from 297 votes (as of writing), here are the leading contenders for our Gays’ Choice – Hunk Of The Year 2006!

ZANJOE MARUDO – 13% of the votes










The votes have been very fragmented and spread out – as you can see even our top contenders each have very small percentages of the votes, and very close to each other. This just means the results can still change, given that we’re just 5 days past this 14-day poll.

So, if you have not yet, do cast your vote NOW! (See sidebar for the HOTY ballot.)


The first one is that he’s gay. This other one is….

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How cute!!! So brotherly! That’s Cosmo hunk Edward Mendez for you (and for me na rin please!). Now why wet hunk?

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gayrelat_ending.jpgGay blogger Mandaya Moore writes:”Dumiretso ako ng kwarto. Gusto kong maiyak pero ewan ko at bakit di ako naiyak. Mas gusto kong maiyak nang nakita ko ang mga hangers sa kama. Inuwi na ni Kulot lahat ng gamit niya. Tiningnan ko rin ang mga nakatuping pambahay niya, wala na rin. Totoo na ito. Hiniwalayan ako ni Kulot. (Kulot is his boyfriend of 5 years.) Di na ako naghapunan. Nagkulong ako ng kwarto. Nakahiga. Depressed pero di maiyak. Sa isip ko, limang taong mauuwi sa wala.”

What can I say?

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Many opinions float when the question about befriending an ex-boyfriend is asked. A lot of those I’ve heard and read hinge their answer on the nature of the break-up. If the break-up is good, why not, they say. If the break-up is bad, why bother? Break-ups are, more often than not, bad. Thus it follows that most ex-boyfriends end up strangers to each other.

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