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Enchong Dee was a contestant in Kris Aquino’s Game K N B show today, and ang cute niya! Too bad he got eliminated right away! Kris said when he first guested in her game show, Enchong used the name “Ernest” and he was able to get though – so the taklesa host suggested that maybe Ernest is a luckier name than Enchong. Oh well. Ernest or Enchong, lucky or not, I love this cutie guy! Those eyes, those eyes… I’m melting!


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Want that bubble butt like Andrew Wolff’s? Well we can start with these butt-enhancing exercises that you can do even at home and in your office. Thanks for the tips, Sharp Man Dot Com.


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All you gay chubbies out there — if you have been dreaming of a slimmer, healthier figure, here’s an “idol” for you! That’s Ricky Rivero, former That’s Entertainment teeny-bopper. From 334 lbs. early this year, here he is, half the weight yet not half the man(!), at 169 lbs! His formula?

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What a feast for our gay eyes! If you appreciate youngsters, those hunky high school boys who are not men just yet, then be at the Promenade in Greenhills, San Juan on a Friday early evening.

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This post is so *NOT* gay.

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We all have to thank Ben Chan for re-launching Rafael Rossel’s career via his Bench underwear commercials. Presenting super sexy, super suave Rafael Rossel in Bench Underwear! (Plugging as an excuse to see him and his bulge! LOL!)


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After reviewing all the nominated personalities, I have trimmed down the official candidates to 20. I’m sure some of you will react, why and how come some of your favorites did not figure in the list. Come on, guys this is all for fun so please don’t go ballistic. Besides, you have 20 to choose from — and only one will win the title of H.O.T.Y. 2006 — the Gays’ Choice Hunk of the Year! You may now place your vote at the sidebar of this site. I will run the poll for at least 2 weeks to ensure everyone gets a chance to vote. So what are you waiting for? Let your voice be heard! Vote now!


There’s this saying, don’t look for love, it will just come. We Pinoys say, huwag ng hanapin, darating din yan. Yet inspite of this, we do seek for it, we search for it, we really do. In fact this is what Google tells us too, in very objective even mathematical terms, through their nifty tool, Google Trends. Google Trends measure the propensity for a term to be searched, and this can be trended over time, and over geographies.

In previous entries, I highlighted that Pinoys are notorious for being number 1 in Google Trends for having the highest propensity for searching the terms gay sex, masturbation, and cybersex. This time I tried the term love. Here’s what I found.

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On December 28, 2006, Kouros 2006, the Search for Gorgeous Filipino Men will be staged at the Metro Bar in Quezon City. The candidates for this year’s competition, totalling 35, have a wide spectrum of looks: boy-next-doors, hunky men, model-types, etcetera. See them all at their official website.

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Now for some Hollywood hullabaloo, we just recently saw how Britney and Reese seemed to have synched up and dumped their hubbies at the same time. While Reese and Britney are being pounded by paparazzis and press people with this new development, we can turn our attention to their recently singled men: Ryan Phillippe and Kevin Federline.

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