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pridemarch2006_e-postcard1.JPG On December 9, 2006, Filipinos who embrace diversity and equality will once again gather for the annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride March!

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Illac Diaz is the kind of man I would like to bring home to Mom and Dad, and say, “Yes I’m gay, and he is my husband.” LOL! Seriously, this guy is amazing. He is an entrepreneur with a heart, and good looking at that (once upon a time, a commercial model)! He was just recently named one of The Outstanding Young Persons of the World (TOYP) by the Jaycees International (JCI). Idol!

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Hear them talk when the prying eyes ain’t looking…


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Here is a sad story of Barako, a married bisexual man who realized how important it is to express one’s love, in words and in actions, before it is too late. I got this via email and thought that maybe we all can learn a lesson from his story. Read on guys.

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Guess who?! Hehehe!


“I decided to do some shovel work and level out and prepare the mountain soil that I recently had dumped on the lot I reside on so that I may be able to plant some crops. It was a bright early afternoon. The golden sunshine unleashed the rich hue of the red-orange soil. Furthermore, the glorious sunlight intensified the contrasts in colors of the dirt with the gleaming green grass and the clean cloud-filled blue sky. The scene would have made a nice painting.” – David the Coconuter

– o –

Yes David, not just the scene, but you yourself would have been painting-worthy. Whew that was hot! The badings in your barrio must be salivating like mad! Hehehe!

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Metlogs is a digital movie megged by Cris Pablo, writer and director of similarly gay-themed digital movies Duda/Doubt, Bath house, and Bilog. I watched it on Sunday night, the last night of its run in Robinson’s Galleria Indie Sine Theatre. The audience was, as expected, 90% (if not more) bading, so ang saya saya! Hehehehe! And take note, Tyron Perez was there, along with a mestiza girl date. Delicious the boy ha! Now, on to the movie review – how was it?

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It’s Christmas and I should be mindful about being “naughty or nice” — but excuse me just this one time to be naughty, will you? I’ve seen Robby Mananquil from way before, in Gold’s Gym in Glorietta where I was working out before. He was still starting out in the modelling scene then. I always wondered how come he could be a model — with that face. He has a good body alright, but I never liked that face. Like a shrimp, hipon ba. You eat the body and throw away the head. Or make it kropek. Hehehe. Ang sama ko!


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rainbow.jpg (This is a postcard sent to Postsecret, where people anonymously mail their secrets for all to see.)

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Chester Nolledo in real life is a 19-year old cutie from German Moreno’s post-“That’s Entertainment” stable of talents. In Viva’s Provoq Voyeur Video though, he is a very different person. Chester plays this horny, hottie, college dude that shows the pleasures of living in that testosteronic age, alone in a boarding house. It doesn’t take too much imagination to guess what kind of scenes you can expect from Chester’s video vignette. And well, thanks to Miong, here are screencaps to further seed your already fertile imagination.


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Zsazsa Zaturnnah ze moveeh! Coming this December, along with 8 other entries in the Metro Manila Film Festival. And look at the promo picture – wig kung wig!

* * *

Sa buhay, may mga pangyayaring hindi natin maipaliwanag. Ang pagsabay ng buhos ng ulan at pagsikat ng araw. Ang pag-aaway ng aso’t pusa. Ang paglaho ng inasahang walang kamatayang pag-ibig.

Gayunpaman, tuluy-tuloy ang buhay. Minsa’y hindi mahalagang malaman pa ang dahilan. Basta nangyayari na lang. Tapos.

Tulad ko. Ilang taon ko nang iniisip kung bakit ako ganito. Kung bakit malambot ang galaw ko. Kung bakit matinis ang boses ko. Kung bakit hindi ako…normal.

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