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Not all who write to me are readers carrying crosses, problems, and issues. This one in particular, a woman who calls herself Monalisa, is a happy reader, a happy writer, who testifies how happy she is that her husband is a gay man. Read on.

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dear migs,

i’ve been longing to send you this mail but time really does not permit me to do so until now.
i hope you can withhold my identity as well as my husband’s … he comes from a well off family in leyte and he’s gay — but not the open type — the best term could be CLOSET GAY.

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January is a veeeery busy month for us corporate people… di ko tuloy mai-kuwento dito about my Attorney. Yes, my attorney. Isang masalimuot na kuwentong pag-ibig (?) involving Attorney, his 3 women, and moi — pang-tele-novela! Once I’m settled, I’ll give you all a blow-by-blow account, after which you might just change your perception of Migs the Manila Gay Guy — from peace-maker to slut. Ha! Meanwhile, check out similar stories posted here:

You get my drift, right? Catch you later, people! Hahaha!

Chinito, an MGG reader, sent this letter, and is asking for an intelligent opinion regarding his situation. Can you help me give him some advice?

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Hey Migs, how’s life?

I’m one of the avid readers of your posts, I really love your articles although I still haven’t tried your podcasts because I don’t know how to.

By the way, the reason why I’m writing this mail is because I’d just like to seek for an intelligent opinion or perhaps an advice on my predicament.

I used to be a proud gay, although I’m not the type who would cross dress or hang out in gay spots, It has become a way of life for me, I don’t get mad when my friends call me bakla or when they tease me with other guys. I’m not really effeminate but I m soft spoken and I dress sophisticatedly and my fingers are always “mapilantik”. I dig Top Model, Mariah Carey and moreno guys, but lately something weird is happening to me.

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One of the many great things I really enjoy when I started having this blog is receiving emails from readers. I get several everyday, and I tell you however busy I get, I always make it a point to open my email inbox, and excitedly go through emails from MGG readers.

For this post, I picked one email exchange. The email is from Seth, a father of two kids, each from a different woman. He asks, “Am I gay?” This is pretty long, but rather interesting. Read on.

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