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So funny this guy! Go watch!

Here’s a series of letters I received from someone who calls himself “ILoveAlec” a Pinoy gay guy in Malaysia.

* * *

Hi Migs,

I’m a big fan of your site. I always read whatever you put there. I’m the guy that hates drama hehehehe. I’ve been wanting to write you for the longest time but can’t find good story to share until yesterday Nov 8, 2008.

I’m currently in Malaysia for a short visit. Yesterday I went to see the Petronas out of curiosity because I’ve been hearing a lot of good words from people who see it and also from the movies.

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It’s grand finals time once again!

Bar Uno’s Wild, Wild, Wet — a bikini competition with a naughty twist — now on its 3rd season, labeled “The Extreme Edition” is going to have its bonggang-bonga grand finals on Tuesday, November 11, 2008. It will be featuring 4 contestants for each category: (1) Straight Male Category; (2) Female Category; (3) Bisexual Male Category; (4) Transgender Category.

Of course we’re all interested in the Straight Male category. The following men are vying for the top spot for the Straight Male category.

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Fonz FeleoFonz Feleo (also known as Jeoff Feleo) is one of the 4 male finalists at Bar Uno’s Wild, Wild, Wet — a bikini competition with a naughty twist — now on its 3rd season, labeled “The Extreme Edition”. I’ve seen this guy in person… he’s tall, dark, and Pinoy handsome. Yes, Pinoy na Pinoy. So if you’re into exotic Pinoys, go and root for Fonz.

The grand finals of Wild, Wild, Wet, “The Extreme Edition” is going to be on Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at Bar Uno’s new location (Hollywood Square, West Avenue — just beside the new “Mister Kabab”).

For more info, you may call them at 0921-4888884.

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This article was written by John Lapus. Funny, witty, yet rings true. I so like the ending, so world peace! Taray mo `teh!

* * *

Si Carol Dauden, na isang magaling aktres, at si Aiza Seguera, na mahusay na mang-aawit, ay umamin na—sila ay mga tomboy. Mukha naman silang masaya sa kanilang pag-amin. Mas naging malaya sila. Natanggap naman sila ng mga pamilya nila at mga kaibigan. Pero bakit ang mga bakla sa showbiz, isang damukal ang ayaw umamin. Yung iba, tumanda na, at yung iba naman, namatay na pero hindi umamin. Namatay nang nagtatago. Namatay nang hindi malaya. Kawawang bakla.

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How can one define the Filipino man’s natural beauty?

To answer this question is quite tricky. Attempting to answer it would mean going against the oft-repeated adage, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

But I’ll answer it anyway! Hahaha!

A beautiful Pinoy man is… clean – mabango – mukhang maginoo pero medyo bastos – able to woo you with his suave moves but equally capable of wild, fiery action when called for (especially in bed!) – a tinge of angas – makinis without being photoshop porselana – confidence from capabilities and not from other externalities – … and maybe you can add more?

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Sometime late last year I first saw this guy in person, and was amazed how he stood out among the other cuties and hunkies he was with. He had a certain confidence around him that adds to his rather unimpressive good looks. Don’t get me wrong, the boy is indeed good looking, but he has a certain aura that grabs you, it’s more than just the physical beauty.

This year I had a chance to see him up-close, in a premier showing in UP Diliman. He had a much better built (I guess he frequented the gym more than last year) — really nice shoulders and arms. But then again, in spite of the improved physique, I still felt a certain something this guy had — a charisma of sorts.

What does Edgar Allan Guzman really have? Hmmmm….

More pics after the jump.

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Today, MGG turns two years old!

TWO is such a small number, but for MGG, TWO means…
… 1,085 total posts
… 30,700 total comments
… 1,000,000+ page loads per month*
… 191,000+ unique visitors per month*
… #1 Community / Groups blog (Philippine Top Blogs)
… #17 in Top Philippine Blogs according to Alexa (August 2008, published by PMT)

but really, for me, the following numbers are more important:

For MGG, TWO is ONE — unity in diversity! Despite the differences, world peace pa rin!
For MGG, TWO is INFINITY — because the love you dear readers have showered on MGG is priceless! Thanks to all who sent it their greetings — some coming all the way from America and Africa! Salamat, salamat! (Text messages after the jump.)

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Not all gay movies need to have skin and sex. Here’s a gay movie that attempts to bust the stereotype — watch its premier on Thursday, 28 August 2008 at the UP Cine Adarna (formerly UP Film Center), 6:30 pm. Written and Directed by Charliebebs Gohetia.

* * *

“The ‘Thank You’ Girls” is a Visayan film with a gay lingo twist.

Tired of losing in all the beauty competitions in Davao City, five dysfunctional gay beauty pageant veterans decide to travel north to Cagayan de Oro City, in the island of Mindanao.

Their mission: to conquer the grandest competition of beauty, personality and brains in the whole province.

They believe that being city dwellers, gays in the province will never stand a chance against them.

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This movie seems interesting… but how will it be different from other gay-slanted ‘threesome’ movies — Pusong Mamon, Sikil, Troika, and Ang Lalake Sa Parola? Let’s watch and see!

* * *

A man…
His wife…
His other man…
A different kind of love triangle…

Paolo Paraiso makes his big screen transition via “Imoral” opposite Katherine Luna and Arnold Reyes with Edgar Allan Guzman. The film is directed by Adolfo Alix, Jr. and from the same team that brought the Indiesine hit “Daybreak” and the 2008 Cinemalaya opening film “Adela.”

A lot of people put a high priority on monogamy in a relationship. However, there are rare instances when the couple agrees to have an open relationship, allowing the participants to take other partners. Written by Gerry Gracio (“Santa-Santita”), “Imoral” tackles the dynamics of the relationship between a husband, his wife and his lover as they all live in one house. Paolo portrays the bisexual taxi driver who divides his time between his lover and his wife, Katherine is a former waitress who is now selling beauty products for a living, and Arnold Reyes plays the engineer and nurturing lover of Paraiso. By living with such an arrangement, the three lovers become the target of the community. Things take a drastic turn when Dante (Paraiso) sees a bag full of money inside his taxi. Now that they have money, will they still decide to stay together or go their separate ways?

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