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Here’s a series of letters I received from someone who calls himself “ILoveAlec” a Pinoy gay guy in Malaysia.

* * *

Hi Migs,

I’m a big fan of your site. I always read whatever you put there. I’m the guy that hates drama hehehehe. I’ve been wanting to write you for the longest time but can’t find good story to share until yesterday Nov 8, 2008.

I’m currently in Malaysia for a short visit. Yesterday I went to see the Petronas out of curiosity because I’ve been hearing a lot of good words from people who see it and also from the movies.

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Exchanging emails with Palma Tayona, the artist, I grabbed this part of his message that I thought is a beautiful testament to the community that has formed around MGG, the site. I have always thought that the value of this blog is more in the exchange of ideas in the comments section, rather than in my actual posts. So, really, this testament is for all of you dear loyal readers, for all of you who share your thoughts and opinions here… mabuhay kayo!

* * *

Dear Migs,

…your site has provided a venue to put ideas and comments that relate and affect us as gay people. It is good to see different voices speaking out and giving their thoughts. Regardless of belief, inclination, desire and purpose, we are all men of the gentler persuasion bearing the same problems of discovering ourselves, finding our own self truths, living the same culture of loving/ liking/ desiring other men, and basically, just simply trying to survive with our lives with respect, dignity and purpose.

Being gay has many different colors. It is addressed in a myriad of terms. And that is where the beauty of being gay/ straight-acting/ butch/ effem/ bisexual/ transgender/ lesbian/ closeted/ blah-blah-blah lies. It’s in our plurality. It makes the world a little bit more exciting to live in every day. It creates balance.

– Palma Tayona

If nega comments were flying bullets, then that Attorney post has pretty much riddled me to death. But no worries, dear loyal MGG readers, Migs is still alive and kicking. And smiling.

Thank you to all my loyal supporters, those who have expressed their support to my person. Thank you to my real-world friends who know the real score, which is the exact same thing I publish here in my blog.

To those who think my stories are incredible, yes they may be incredible, incredible but true. Let me say this just once, let me say this now: I do not fabricate stories here. Not my stories.

To those who reacted violently to what happened between Attorney and me: thank you for your honesty. I respect your strong principles. I have no excuses for what I’ve done (and what I’m doing). I live and learn, live and learn, live and learn.

And lastly, to bitterness and lies — I know you not, for I choose the path of truth, goodness, and beauty. Thank you and World Peace!

Yes this is once again a reflection post…. a post reflecting on Migs’ singlehood, by far, the most intimately personal sharing here in MGG. Thank you for coming to my blog these past months, or weeks, or days… I feel so blessed to have a blog like MGG, and an audience as diverse, fun, and smart as you… feel free to share your thoughts on this post.

* * *

Have you ever experienced, while pondering on a very difficult puzzling question in your life, a sudden burst of clarity of thought, a perception of reality by means of a surge of intuitive realization? While driving along EDSA last night, I was thinking, “Why am I still single?” And that was the seed, that most powerful question that would bring me my epiphany, a eureka moment of sorts.

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One of the many great things I really enjoy when I started having this blog is receiving emails from readers. I get several everyday, and I tell you however busy I get, I always make it a point to open my email inbox, and excitedly go through emails from MGG readers.

For this post, I picked one email exchange. The email is from Seth, a father of two kids, each from a different woman. He asks, “Am I gay?” This is pretty long, but rather interesting. Read on.

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