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Hi Migs!

Oh my gosh, I don’t know how to start this…

I’m a straight woman who fell in love with a guy whom everybody thinks is gay. We were together for almost a year and I battled all my friends — straight girls, guys, gays, and lesbians — they all insisted my boyfriend is gay. But whenever we’re together he doesn’t seem gay at all. People were gossiping that he had a gay lover that he kept secretly.

Last year I broke up with him. Then I chanced upon his blogs and network profile and what I saw made me angry and hurt at the same time. He said he wasn’t gay and he loves me. He even claims he will never be in love again.

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Lea Salonga’s introductory song in the phenomenal Miss Saigon reverberated in my mind as I read the first line of Stan’s letter below. “I’m 17, and I’m new here today…” Kuyang-kuya ang feeling ko sa isang ito, hahaha! As older gay brothers, we might get tempted to abbreviate our suggestion to, “wala yan, bata ka pa kasi, move on.” But really, would that help him? Just like in situations where we help or coach someone, we always seek to understand the other party first. Seek first to understand and hold off the naturally autobiographical response. My challenge to you guys is to express your brotherly love to our dear 17-year-old co-MGG habitue, by reading his letter below and leaving a comment here that would hopefully help him help himself…

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kuya migs,

i’m only 17 and i’m a follower of your blog for quite sometime. i’ve been somehow acquainted with the LGBT lifestyle with the past 4 years of my life. i recently put up a blogsite and i know for a moment you have already checked it out. i don’t even know where and how to begin. as of now, i cannot say i’m gay coz i still find women attractive. i even make love to them. i’ve had 6 girlfriends before but now, i classify my self as a discreet bisexual. but without even understanding the whole meaning of it. since elem, i never doubted with what my sexuality is. i was soft spoken and some how clumsy compared to other guys my age during those times but that doesn’t bother me at all. though sometimes, my guy friends would shun me the word “silahis” which my innocence didn’t care. all i know is that nobody have the rights of questioning how i am. my looks, the way i act and all. it was all nothing big deal for me. this scene became consistent not until my 4th year in highschool came.

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Hi Migs,

I don’t know what made me send this letter to you. I can say that I’m a fan of your site- a regular visitor. I have read a lot of letters from your readers, and I must say I can pretty much relate to some of them.

My dilemma starts with me, being gay, in a “Christian” family. It’s hard; I grew-up attending Sunday school, I even became a Sunday-school teacher myself, and sometime in my life thought of becoming a pastor, but I know something is different with me.

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Regular MGG reader and commenter “Fatboyslim” decides to share his story to us — he claims to be happily married but lives a secret “a-thousand-a-night” life with a former officemate. He says he already knows what I would tell him. How about you, what would you tell him? Read on.

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Good day to you and to all the readers of MGG!

Let me start off by introducing myself… Im fatboyslim, (thats the code that I use when I post comments here) 30 years old from Cebu. I got married last year to my girlfriend of 3 years, and I can say that I’m very much happy with the relationship.

I would like to request for you NOT TO PUBLISH my email address because my wife doesnt know anything about my other life. It took me a while to write you this letter, but after reading several postings and comments, I have mustered enough courage to compose this letter. (eventhough I kinda know what ur advice will be already)

Yes, I am BISEXUAL. Some others say theres no such thing as BI, but believe me there is. I love to have sex with my wife. She is the greatest girl any guy can have. She might not be as sexy (in short she’s fat) but when we make passionate love, its like bringing me to 7th heaven.

But the other side of me likes guys also. I love having sex with guys. Before when I was still single, I would frequent massage place just to get serviced by guys or giving guys BJ. I told myself that when I get married, I will stop whatever “sidetrip” that Im doing. Apprently it did not happen.

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Exchanging emails with Palma Tayona, the artist, I grabbed this part of his message that I thought is a beautiful testament to the community that has formed around MGG, the site. I have always thought that the value of this blog is more in the exchange of ideas in the comments section, rather than in my actual posts. So, really, this testament is for all of you dear loyal readers, for all of you who share your thoughts and opinions here… mabuhay kayo!

* * *

Dear Migs,

…your site has provided a venue to put ideas and comments that relate and affect us as gay people. It is good to see different voices speaking out and giving their thoughts. Regardless of belief, inclination, desire and purpose, we are all men of the gentler persuasion bearing the same problems of discovering ourselves, finding our own self truths, living the same culture of loving/ liking/ desiring other men, and basically, just simply trying to survive with our lives with respect, dignity and purpose.

Being gay has many different colors. It is addressed in a myriad of terms. And that is where the beauty of being gay/ straight-acting/ butch/ effem/ bisexual/ transgender/ lesbian/ closeted/ blah-blah-blah lies. It’s in our plurality. It makes the world a little bit more exciting to live in every day. It creates balance.

– Palma Tayona


A married guy nicknamed “Tondomanila” says he is bisexual, and is in a quandary about his relationship with his bestfriend — he is in love with him, as he says “I love him very much, care for him very much and, yes, I am sexually attracted to him.” In his email (which I’m reprinting in this post verbatim) he shares his life, love, and a pressing dilemma — why don’t you dear readers share your thoughts with him too? But first, read on…

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