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Dear MGG – 
I would like to share my story to your readers – it involves one of your letter writers, Jay Vee. His story, Why does it have to be just one?, was posted on your site last January 27. Today, please allow me to share with you what came after. This is our story.
My name is Tristan and I have been a blogger since August 2008. My personal space, Tristan Tales is a place where I write stories that I cannot really write on my “official” blog. Technically, I am not in the closet but I am also not super out. Let me just say that I am actually in between – an average guy living an average yuppie life in the metro.. Many people know that I am gay – generally my closest friends and the people I work with. It’s much easier that way. My family is mum about it. I am sure they also know. I have had several relationships in the past, the longest of which is a little shy of two years. My last real relationship (for one year) ended in August 2006. Since then, I have remained single by choice. I felt that I was not ready to commit. Until I met Jay Vee.

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Here is an exchange of letters between two boyfriends in a long distance relationship — one is Aljor a seafaring engineer, and the other, my blogging friend Dencio, the one who was left behind waiting for Aljor. (Aljor spends 9 months on board, and 3 months here in Manila. The contract ends 5 years from now.) Read through their exchange and share your thoughts on Dencio’s situation — should he keep waiting for Aljor? Or should he give it up, break it up?

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