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Get a copy. Or Two. I know you know someone who’d be helped by reading this book.

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Dear Migs: Letters to MGG. by Migs the Manila Gay Guy and his blog readers. Edited by Gibbs Cadiz. Published by Grey Matter Publishing. Book launch and signing on Saturday, July 10, 2010. Event details coming soon.
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All book royalties will be donated to Migs’ favorite orphanage in Manila.

About the book:

“Dear Migs…” And so begins another letter to Migs, the anonymous blogger behind the enormously popular blog Manila Gay Guy or MGG (at Since Migs began his blog in August 2006, it has been generating, on average, more than 40,000 daily views from all over the world, making it one of the most-read and most-accessed blogs in the country.

More impressively, the site has attracted thousands of impassioned comments and feedback from readers, effectively turning the site into an online forum-cum-community. Somehow, Migs’ blog entries—often honest, heartfelt, humorous reflections on the everyday joys and challenges of his life as a thirty-something urban gay man—arouse in many readers the urge to share their own thoughts, and even life stories, with other readers.

This book gathers in book form the most popular and memorable letters Migs has received and posted on his blog. Here is the anguished young man wrestling with the newfound fear, confusion—and thrill—of his emerging sexuality. A “chick magnet” asks, “Ano ba talaga ako?,” while a guy on the verge of getting married seeks advice on a forbidden experience he couldn’t forget. And in a moving piece, a former activist remembers his doomed love for an NPA warrior.

The letters are not exclusively from gay men. A wife sends a cry for help against an unconventional third party in her marriage. Another woman writes with a different story—hey, she’s happy being wife to a gay husband!

On a different front, a letter-sender insists that naturally straight-acting guys like him do exist—and readers once again take to their keyboards, spawning an extensive thread of opinions and discussion that reflect the diversity and richness, the beguiling humanity, of MGG’s online audience.

In a unique twist, the best and most useful of those comments have also made it to this book. While quite a number of local blogs have been turned into books, this should mark the first time that readers’ comments have also been published along with the original blog entries.

It’s a deliberate decision. “I believe that such sharing is valuable to many of us,” says Migs in his introduction… The blog’s readers have enjoyed life’s wonderful diversity through such interaction, and the encouraging thought that one is not–never–alone. I hope that with this book, you, the one reading this, will be encouraged to open your mind and your heart just a bit more–to accept not only others, but, more importantly, yourself.”

Text above by Gibbs Cadiz, editor of the book “Dear Migs (Letters to MGG, the Manila Gay Guy)” The book launch is scheduled on July 10, 2010.

Woke up early today, Saturday — and I’m in Manila! Tonight I will be group hugging with the MGGFF people, and I’m excited to meet them in person. Other than that, my cellphone has been buzzing feverishly with SMS from lots of other friends. I hope I can mingle with them while I’m here in my hot, humid home that is Manila.

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This weekend too, I finally saw the edited/polished version of my book–the MGG book I previously mentioned here in the blog–and that’s another exciting thing this weekend. My dear friend Gibbs Cadiz is the book’s editor and only now do I realize how important it is to have a professional editor. Can’t believe how the coal of a manuscript I submitted turned into a diamond of a book! I’m so excited to see it published, the tentative book title is Dear Migs with subtitle Letters to MGG, the Manila Gay Guy. The publisher is looking at sometime in July as launch date.

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Saturday afternoon till evening… busy, busy on my laptop, preparing the first draft of MGG the book… I’m excited how it will turn out! Your suggestions are welcome!

I guess it won’t be too much to say that MGG the blog is a popular blog. It rakes in as much as 40,000 page views per day, with readership from all around the globe. Yet, not everyone is connected to the internet. Many have yet to enjoy the liberating power of the world wide web, especially to folks of our kind, people like us. That is why, when a book publisher approached me, floating the idea of publishing the best of MGG’s blog posts as a book, it wasn’t such a hard decision. This morning, the publisher and I personally met and agreed to put together the project, and within the next few months, you’ll all witness the launch of Migs the Manila Gay Guy’s compilation of the blog’s best posts in book form. I have been very clear to the publisher that I will not receive a single centavo for this project — all book royalties will be donated to my favorite orphanage in Manila. The book will, for me, serve as an extension of its original online form so that more people can have access to the wonderful content that you (my dear MGG community) and I have put together in this humble online abode.

Through this project I hope to be able to touch more lives, and to make them feel that they are not alone in their ups and downs. This for me is a beautiful incarnation of the ever-elusive World Peace. Exciting times ahead!

P.S. Do you have suggestions for the book? Any particular content I should include? I’m open to suggestions!


I wanna read this book. Anyone who knows where I can buy this here in the US?

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Dear Migs,

I’m a member of MGG for more than 5 yrs. now and I’ve read so many good articles, subjects and suggestions from our fellow members and mind you, they are all interesting, informative and some are mind-boggling.

Why not compile those articles into a book, lalo na yung mga humihingi sa iyo ng payo pag may hinala sila sa kanilang mga lalake. It could be a good reference book not only for the academia but also for those nalilito at hindi na alam ang dapat gawin.

I could lend a hand in clerical jobs. I’m presently working here in Saudi as a sexy-tary.

Good Luck & God Bless!


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Dear Kapatid na Pat3zia,

Mabuhay! Ganda ng name mo ha, may numeral na kasama, nakakaloka. Maraming salamat sa iyong pagsulat, napagod ang mga electrons ng email mo at naglakbay pa sila mula sa disyerto ng Saudi, binagtas ang iba’t ibang kontinente, gumewang-gewang sa mga undersea cables ng mga karagatan, upang ipahatid sa akin ang iyong pagmamahal.

Pero, `teh, halatang china-charing mo ako. I’m sure naman na with all good intentions. Kasi Ate Pat3zia, hindi maaaring limang taon ka na nagbabasa ng MGG. Magti-3-years-old pa lang po ang MGG the blog. (Ay, siyangapala, sa August 28 ang 3rd Anniversary ng blog na ito! Mabu-hey! Tenkyu naman!)

Pero sa kabila ng pag-charing mo sa akin, na-appreciate ko ang offer of help mo. Hayaan mo’t pag-iisipan ng lola mo ang iyong suhestiyones. In the meantime, tulungan mo akong ipagdiwang nang bonggang-bongga ang ika-3 anibersaryo ng blog na ito. Any suggestions?



I’m in California. As the clock struck 6 PM, I left the hotel where I’m checked in to do some walking. I thought it’ll do me good after that long-haul flight from Manila. The temperature was just right, cool and breezy, and while the beach wasn’t all that pretty, some of its visitors were. I noticed two beautiful latino boys playing ball. They must be in their late teens.

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