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Dear Migs,

I’m a member of MGG for more than 5 yrs. now and I’ve read so many good articles, subjects and suggestions from our fellow members and mind you, they are all interesting, informative and some are mind-boggling.

Why not compile those articles into a book, lalo na yung mga humihingi sa iyo ng payo pag may hinala sila sa kanilang mga lalake. It could be a good reference book not only for the academia but also for those nalilito at hindi na alam ang dapat gawin.

I could lend a hand in clerical jobs. I’m presently working here in Saudi as a sexy-tary.

Good Luck & God Bless!


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Dear Kapatid na Pat3zia,

Mabuhay! Ganda ng name mo ha, may numeral na kasama, nakakaloka. Maraming salamat sa iyong pagsulat, napagod ang mga electrons ng email mo at naglakbay pa sila mula sa disyerto ng Saudi, binagtas ang iba’t ibang kontinente, gumewang-gewang sa mga undersea cables ng mga karagatan, upang ipahatid sa akin ang iyong pagmamahal.

Pero, `teh, halatang china-charing mo ako. I’m sure naman na with all good intentions. Kasi Ate Pat3zia, hindi maaaring limang taon ka na nagbabasa ng MGG. Magti-3-years-old pa lang po ang MGG the blog. (Ay, siyangapala, sa August 28 ang 3rd Anniversary ng blog na ito! Mabu-hey! Tenkyu naman!)

Pero sa kabila ng pag-charing mo sa akin, na-appreciate ko ang offer of help mo. Hayaan mo’t pag-iisipan ng lola mo ang iyong suhestiyones. In the meantime, tulungan mo akong ipagdiwang nang bonggang-bongga ang ika-3 anibersaryo ng blog na ito. Any suggestions?



Hi Migs. Call me Ethan. This is the first time I’m writing your site, but have been an avid reader of yours since 2006. It has been a source of comfort and relief for me, knowing that I’m not alone in my struggles in this world. Anyway, the reason I’m writing is because I too have a problem. I think I’m in love, for the first time in my life. Let me explain.

It started almost two weeks ago. I ‘met’ him, of all places, in a porn site. He saw my profile, messaged me, asked me for my MSN, and the rest, as they say, is history. At first, we chatted irregularly, once every few days or so. On 17 August, however, everything took a turn for the better. We started messaging each other more; sometimes we’d last anywhere from 3 to 4 hours, just sitting and sending each other messages. I became enamored with him; everything about him was perfect! We had the same interests: history, politics, books, and all this for a guy who was 18 (I’m 19). We even shared some interesting commonalities; he and I are both altar boys, we both come from big families, and we are both firmly planted in the closet. In no time at all, I think we became too sweet to each other — and we’ve never even met!

The trouble started a few days ago.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have sent in their messages to my mobile (+63-915-869-2229). I apologize for not being able to reply via text — I hope you understand. Rest assured I’m reading all your text messages. In fact I’m publishing some of those I received so far. Again thank you, nakatataba ng puso ang mga messages ninyo. Keep `em coming! Mwah! World Peace!

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Stupefied. Speechless. Still am. Received this email just minutes ago.

(UPDATED! See end of post.)

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Dear Migs,

I like your site so much. There is so much to know. You really nailed the Filipino gay culture with one blog. It says all. It embodies all. It makes us feel we are so real when everything else in us wanted to hide.

Being one of those men who chooses to hide behind closed doors, who supresses emotions (or hard ons) when it springs up at the wrong moment (if ever all moments were actually wrong), I knew i would be able to make every guy out there feel that someone is as hurting as they are. Well, I definitely am hurting.

I have been raised up as a sunday school kid. I am baptist and as others would tag us; a bunch of conservative hypocrites. True, true. I am, for one a hypocrite. Not that i ridicule the ‘sinners’ or what, but then, it is living this life that makes me hypocrite. I knew from the time i was fondled by a lifeguard at a kiddie swimming pool that a man’s touch makes a lot of difference. And it went on and on. Growing up my whole life, that longing to be touched haunted me like a hungry serpent searching for vermin.

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