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A feast of Filipino cuties – see samples below and continue on to the fount of youth – hahaha!

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Warning: get a glass of water before proceeding! Straight Pinoy boys up ahead…


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The makers of the straight-to-video film “Summer Boys” sent these to me, photos by Dave Fabros, of the film’s men who will surely whet your appetites… coming soon!

Jamil Jay-Ar

The Men of "Summer Boys"

In the 2nd photo (L-R): Marco Posadas, Jay-Ar Sales, Jamil Basa, Jeff Luna, and Mike Acuna.

Release date for the video will be mid- to end of September.


You think so?

Photo credit: Kamaru Productions
Models: Lance Eugenio and Hayne Martin

I’m in California. As the clock struck 6 PM, I left the hotel where I’m checked in to do some walking. I thought it’ll do me good after that long-haul flight from Manila. The temperature was just right, cool and breezy, and while the beach wasn’t all that pretty, some of its visitors were. I noticed two beautiful latino boys playing ball. They must be in their late teens.

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