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I have a little secret. 

And it is this — nice guys? Go to Bangkok. Good looking guys? Go to Pampanga. Good looking nice guys? Go to Cebu. Yes, Cebu! And here’s one proof!

Presenting, 19-year-old James Gelbolingo Clapano. 


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Love Yourself Cebu

If you are in Cebu and would like to join the team, you are invited to text or call 0922-720-1400. There is an orientation for new volunteers on Dec. 29, 2012. Join na!

TLY Orientation Cebu

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I was having a lively dinner conversation with my Cebu friends last night, when we got to talk about anal sex.

“Uy, ano kayo, top, bottom, o versa?” — my question to all of them.

I was overwhelmed with a consistent answer: VERSA!

Such a safe answer, I thought. So I pushed it a bit and followed up with, versa but more… what? More top? More bottom?

One by one they so hesitantly shared their preference. But one answer stood out —

I’m versa, but TRENDING BOTTOM!

That answer made my evening.

O-M-C! Oh my Cebu, I love you!

Hi migs! Happy 2010 nga pala! With that being said, I wish you, and your avid readers a prosperous 2010 ahead. Maraming beses kong pinag-isipan ang pagsulat ko sayo dahil baka isipin ng iba na wala namang kwenta ang problema ko. I know for one that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to answer my questions. Pero I also believe na sometimes we still ask the questions to the answers we already know, because I think in reality, those are the answers hard for us to bare in ourselves. Anyways, simple lang naman talaga ang problema ko. Gusto ko lang din malaman kung meron bang ibang mga gay o bisexual ang gumagawa ng ginagawa ko.. ( eto na yun! lol. )

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I dated Martin some years ago. I distinctly remember how proud he was, beaming is the right word, as he introduced me to his family and friends. Things were working out okay between us, until I realized I was not ready to commit to him. I told him about my decision, and he took it well, and we remained friends after that. He even went to my surprise birthday party some months later, tagging along his then-current partner. They looked so happy together. After that though our contact was few and far between. The last time I saw him was after his father Ace passed away. I remember telling him how great he looked, he responded with a sweet smile, and he said, “You look good too, Migs.” And he was being nice.

After that, I learned from friends that Martin went through several painful setbacks. Then he relocated to Cebu. I thought, there, maybe he’ll find his happy place. It turned out, I was mistaken.

* * *

When things seem to snowball in your mind, and you have nothing to hold on to, it can really get lonely. Exhausting. Devastating. And fatal.

* * *

It started on Wednesday with this: (in Facebook)


Then, on Thursday…



And finally, on Saturday, the day they found his body hanging by a belt inside his rented apartment, this:


* * *

Fare thee well, Martin.

All my faults perchance thou knowest,
All my madness none can know;
All my hopes, where’er thou goest,
Wither, yet with thee they go.


I don’t know much about this guy, except that he’s cute and… bushy? Enjoy his pics on this beautiful lazy Sunday! World Peace, everyone!