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[ Part 1 here. ]

2 AM – chat sa Grindr.
“O, you’re still online.”
“Malalim na ang gabi, gising ka pa.”
“Ikaw, ba’t gising ka pa rin?”
“Kadarating ko lang sa bahay, I drove for a friend.”
“Wow ambait. Can you drive for me too?”
“I can drive you… crazy.”
“LOL. Serious. As in now.”
“Sure. San mo gusto pumunta?”
“I don’t know.”
“Sige ako bahala.”
“But I’m sleepy.”
“I promise to drive you back to your hotel kapag inantok ka habang kasama ako. Ano, game?”
“Hmmm… we can, but I can’t promise I won’t sleep on you.”
“Hmmmm… sleep on me? Double meaning, I like that.”
“Ay, sorry, mali yata ang English ko.”

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Do you believe in romantic online relationships? Let’s listen to those who have actual experiences…

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Hattenba: Kangkangan sa Japan! Yan dapat ang full title ng post na ito, hahaha! Isang chat transcript, chikahan with my hunky and gwapo friend who’s based in Japan since September last year. Let’s call him Roland (not his real name). In this chat transcript he relates his first time in a bath house in Japan. Ayan, let’s take a peek into this mysterious Hattenba through the eyes of a Pinoy Gay Guy. Warning to sensitive people, I advise you not to proceed. But if you’re curious enough then… Go!

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Wanna see Joseph Izon‘s love bird? :p

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Dear Migs!

Just wanted to commend on the success of your blog, Im one of the regular readers and comfortable reading your entries and comments and personally waiting again for you to buzzed me again when you’re in my area (San Francisco). I never thought that one day I will write to ask for an advice.

I joined a Christian community to a thought that I can be change, not….. though im trying. Just when I thought I will live a straight life when I met in the community Mac-Mac just a regular guy and not my usual type as I described him to my friends. But the guy is oozing with sex appeal. Then I remember a saying that you will never find your ideal person but instead you will be given the opposite of it and I think he is the one. Not my ideal but yet i like the person. Now the catch… he is straight again straight!

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Hello Migs. I have been a subscriber for a couple of years – in fact, when you started your chat box, we got to chat for a bit. I’m from the Bay Area, you told me you lived here for a while. Well, I finally have reason to write you a letter – the title says it all.

Yes, I have been partnered with “Dee” for 10 years now. He’s an American, a lawyer, divorced twice (he thought he was bisexual, but finally came out gay and wouldn’t have anything more to do with women), and have been told that he has Richard Gere looks. I agree. We met when I was still living in Manila and he was visiting for a conference. It was love at first sight, a la Miss Saigon. But like Chris leaving Kim, he left too – only, he came back a year later.

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[Here’s another contribution from Lex Bonife.]

�asl, pare?�

Halos trenta na ako. Pero mukha pa ring bente kwatro.
Sa gym, araw araw nagbubuhat.
Bago matulog, nakatapal na ang moisturizer sa mukha ko.

Alam mo naman ang sex ko pare!
Noong kinse ako, straight ako. Hilig ko na ang magpachupa sa bading kong kaklase.

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Hi Migs,

I’m Bashful, 27, and a reader of your blog for about two years now. I am writing to ask for your opinion about a taboo matter: exhibitionism.

I know, my nickname indicates otherwise, but aside from the risk of being exposed to the rest of the world–especially on the web–I have no problem showing my “baby anaconda” to other guys who are simply horny peeping toms. Blame it on today’s technology; in this decade almost everyone has a digicam, web cam, camera phone, etc. I am not a street flasher, but I have masturbated (or appeared with a hard-on) in internet chat rooms, and in public places such as school, public transport, malls, workplace, etc.

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[Here’s a letter / contribution of Coffee Boy]

“Hey, just wanted to ask, are you gay, bisexual or something?” then I replied, “that… I’m not particularly sure of… I have a gf, but to be honest, I enjoy ‘it’ with men. No labels. Ikaw?” – then I got cold silence as a reply.

* * *

It was the 30th day of my birthday month, though still in the middle of the week, the following day was the end of Ramadan and thus was declared a holiday. I got nothing to do that payday afternoon and so I decided to just hang around. Walking along Timog / Tomas Morato area with no one and with literally nothing to do, I decided to go to one of my favorite spa places and pamper myself with an hour and a half long massage.

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