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Greetings, Sir Migs!

My (false) name is Luke, 18 y/o, and currently in college. The main reason why I wrote to you is that I’m given my present situation, I think I need a gay peer (or buddy, or friend, or call it whatever).

One important thing you should know about me is that I’m deep in the closet. All of the people I know see me as someone indifferent to matters of social relationships, and hence the toughened exterior impervious to suspicions of homosexuality. No one thinks (or so it seems) that I’m holding something back. I’m the master of disguise. The sad part is, the show’s wearing me off.

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Hi Migs!
I am Randall (not my real name though), 20 years of age, studying in one of the best universities in the Philippines. I accidentally saw your site when Wanda Ilusyunada was featured on Y Speak. It was 2007 if my memory serves me right. I one by one checked his Pink Mafia (his friends) and there you were. The green-ish and glittering Manila Gay Guide site I saw that time. Hehe. Of all the sites I visited in the list, indeed, you have the most sensible topics and I must say very updated. From then on, there was no day that I will not click a new tab to browse your site every time I am online. I love everything on your site. The best part? The true-to-life letters and the candid comments of the people.

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Kiko is one of the featured letter-senders here in MGG (see “Not A Single Gay Bone In My Body“) Life events brought him to us (the Fabcasters), in person, and thus he guests in this podcast. A lot of our brothers in the closet, and those still in the confused stage would identify with Kiko. He wrote us a letter about his situation in January 2008, after almost 2 years, he has evolved. How? Listen in and pick the brains of someone who’s been in the closet and has recently mustered enough guts to enjoy the freedom of being out of it.

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1. Podcast Production – Joel Mcvie
2. Music: Avenue Q’s “If You Were Gay”

A noticed a dramatic surge in the number of letters I receive during the past several days, all asking for advice. Most of them from confused guys, typically in the closet, asking: Migs, what should I do?

I feel so honored and trusted by many of you, so thanks very much. But the other side of this coin is a feeling of great responsibility. This blog has truly become more than just my blog. It is where I take on that sweet burden to be a reader’s sounding board, someone’s virtual friend. I really don’t know how, till when, or if I can even continue taking on this role. I just know that I’ll do this as long as I possibly could.

So to you my dear letter senders, do cut me some slack. I obviously need some time to address your issues, if at all I could. Hang in there, while your virtual friend and blogger Migs attends to so many of you the best he could, while living his own busy life. I suspect that I may be disappointing some letter senders so I advance my apologies. Tao lang po. Bakla pa Hehe!

It seems that the world is just so busy challenging each and every one of us with all the issues cropping up in our own lives. And you know what? Sometimes the best advice is really the simplest one. Breathe. That’s it. Breathe. Huminga ka lang. Because many times, really, we are our own worst enemy, we are the one choking, asphyxiating, stifling ourself. Kaya naman, breathe. Slowly, deeply. Breathe.

And remind yourself that however cruel the world may be, it is also the most paradoxically beautiful thing. Life can be a bitch, yes, but it can also be a hunky, chunky delicious piece of a man. So breathe, and beam a smile while you’re at it.

*Hugs* to all, from Migs, the Manla Gay Guy. X0X0

I was in a Starbucks shop in Manila recently with no other than DowneLink’s infamous Dencio. He was with Paulo, his beloved partner (also of Closet Badets). We were waiting for Marco (the third guy who completes the triumvirate of the Closet Badets) who was then coming from a nearby school. To while away the time, I was teasing him about his almost magical prowess to hook up whenever he wanted, that was when he was still unattached. So the idea of a quickie interview came up — maybe I’d let Dencio give us some basic instructions on how to get laid in oh-so-gay Manila. Listen and learn.

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Hi Migs,

I bet you might be tired of getting emails about guys being in the closet, but reading some of the letters on your blog I muscled up some strength to ask for just assistance, I’m actually looking for like a support group for people like me, or others like me (confused, troubled, down-low, closet). I’m just a regular working bloke and can’t afford a shrink, I’m living independently both of my parents passed away already, and as for support of my brothers & sisters that’s another story.

I always try to brush away this dilemma of mine and think there are way more serious problems in this world we live in and just be content that I have a place to sleep, food to eat, money in my pocket, stable job. But then..(I know it sounds like a cliche)..for the past 30+ years of my life there’s like a big sack of dirt in my shoulders that I’m trying to lift each and every single day, trying not to drag me down.

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The list of finalists for the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards has been released, and we’re nominated! The Fabcasters, led by our dear creative director, arranger, songwriter (choz!) and numero uno wit-machine McVie has been recognized as among the best video/podcasts in the Philippine Blogosphere! Congrats to my podcasting sisters, my co-fabcasters McVie, Gibbs, AJ, Tony, and CC! As I’m writing their names, I realize the intellectual, technical, and artistic prowess this group has. I’m so proud of the Fabcasters!

Another victory for us is the nomination of Gibbs Cadiz’s site for Best Blog in the Culture & Arts category. I have a feeling Gibbs will snag the trophy this year.

You go girls, good luck, and may the kapatids shine and shimmer more on- and off-line! World Peace!

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PAHABOL (21 September 2008, 12 NN) — AJ is also nominated, with his; also Misterhubs ( — both for Best Blog – Personal Blog category. Mabuhay ang sangkabaklaan!

If you’ve been following this blog for sometime now, I’m pretty sure you know him. He’s a special person for me — that I can’t deny — if only for the great times we’ve spent together. For the fun times, the emo times, the wacky times, the serious times,… this guy will always be a friend to me. Most of my long-time readers already know who I’m talking about… Zaturnnah’s Dodong… Here’s Janvier Daily, making a comeback here at MGG!

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The Fabcasters and the Closet Badets recently went out-of-town to seek relaxation and peace… and do some podcasting… now, listen to this very different podcast. Very, very different. Warning: this fabcast may shock you. Or not. Listen. (But careful with the volume.)

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Production by: McVie

Hi Migs. Call me Ethan. This is the first time I’m writing your site, but have been an avid reader of yours since 2006. It has been a source of comfort and relief for me, knowing that I’m not alone in my struggles in this world. Anyway, the reason I’m writing is because I too have a problem. I think I’m in love, for the first time in my life. Let me explain.

It started almost two weeks ago. I ‘met’ him, of all places, in a porn site. He saw my profile, messaged me, asked me for my MSN, and the rest, as they say, is history. At first, we chatted irregularly, once every few days or so. On 17 August, however, everything took a turn for the better. We started messaging each other more; sometimes we’d last anywhere from 3 to 4 hours, just sitting and sending each other messages. I became enamored with him; everything about him was perfect! We had the same interests: history, politics, books, and all this for a guy who was 18 (I’m 19). We even shared some interesting commonalities; he and I are both altar boys, we both come from big families, and we are both firmly planted in the closet. In no time at all, I think we became too sweet to each other — and we’ve never even met!

The trouble started a few days ago.

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