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Mabuhay ka, Beyonce! As predicted, the Single Ladies fever is on…

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Who among these celebrities macho dance the best?

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I’ll be out for a while. Here’s a recent letter I received — unedited, verbatim. Read and help our Dubai boy while savoring the rock-hard midsection of this 21-year-old hunk from Cosmomen 2008, Ryan Garalde.

Dear Migs,

Greetings from Dubai!

I am a straight-acting gay guy. I became more discreet here because I was afraid that I might find difficulties to find friends if I show my other side. I don’t have relatives or even friends that know me that can help if in case they will not accept me. Everything was new to me and everything was so hard pretending to be like others.

After a year since I came, I woke up one morning on my colleague’s arms after a long drinking session. He was Richard, (I thought) a straight-acting like me. As far as I can remember he initiated everything.

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Hello Migs. I have been a subscriber for a couple of years – in fact, when you started your chat box, we got to chat for a bit. I’m from the Bay Area, you told me you lived here for a while. Well, I finally have reason to write you a letter – the title says it all.

Yes, I have been partnered with “Dee” for 10 years now. He’s an American, a lawyer, divorced twice (he thought he was bisexual, but finally came out gay and wouldn’t have anything more to do with women), and have been told that he has Richard Gere looks. I agree. We met when I was still living in Manila and he was visiting for a conference. It was love at first sight, a la Miss Saigon. But like Chris leaving Kim, he left too – only, he came back a year later.

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The Bakla Review once again wows Migs the Manila Gay Guy with his Ten Best Macho Dancer Movies Ever. Here’s a snippet, and don’t miss reading the entire post by clicking on the link provided below.

If the Western has the Wild West with its cowboys, the Macho Dancer Movie nestles within the dark walls of the Gay Bar with its cast of gyrating, undressing male performers. Macho dancers are not to be confused with the callboy/common prostitute or the torero/live sex performer, although they can be those too. The Macho Dancer’s weapon is his particular brand of striptease. And just as the Western is American and the Samurai film Japanese, the Macho Dancer Movie is quintessentially Filipino. Is there any country other than the Philippines that can fill a top ten list of macho dancer movies with a few extra to spare? In these films, the plight of a people are played out via intermittent seductive numbers, like a musical, but hotter, where the thongs usually come off. Herewith, the zarzuelas of our time.

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[Posting this email I received from Peachy Natividad, an invitation for everyone to participate and support the upcoming 2008 Pride March]

Do you remember your first pride march?

I do. I’m sure we all do. And if you haven’t had the opportunity to participate in one yet, this year’s the perfect time to do so.

This years Pride March is a tribute to our rights, our lives, our loves and our selves. It’s also the celebration of the 10 years of Filipino rainbow pride. It’s a perfect 10 for the success of the past pride marches, and the anticipated one of this year’s. Hence, the theme is A decade of dignity: our rights, our lives, our loves, our selves.

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Introducing another Fil-Am among our featured men here at, a Viva recording artist, R&B singer Dannie Farmer, a.k.a. DannieBoi. Below is an article on Sun Star Manila that featured DannieBoi recently.

* * *

Dannieboi, a new recording artist of Viva Records, says he is excited to introduce to Filipinos his own brand of music he has compiled in one album dubbed “Soundtrip”.

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I love the abundance mindset. Different people understand this term differently, but for me, abundance simply means there’s more than enough for everyone. That to have some doesn’t mean others have to have less. That to enjoy something in generous amounts, others do not necessarily have to suffer poverty. Which leads me to the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash held last September 11, 2008. No, I wasn’t there to personally witness the supposedly wild and wet showdown of innumerable hunks — but the following photos are substantial evidence that indeed there are enough Cosmo hunks for all of us to be generously delighted about.

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Here’s the list of Cosmopolitan Philippines’ 69 Bachelor Hunks for 2008, as featured in their September 2008 issue:

Kurt Agbay, 21, student
Mark Alejandro, 20, actor/model
Victor ‘Vic’ Aliwalas, 24, actor/model
Raph Almeda, 20, student/model
Bryan Anastacio, 18, student
Edj Baker, 22, entrepreneurship student
Beau Ballinger, 24, director/writer/producer
Max Berces, 20

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This one’s not for the faint-hearted! LOL!

Timog Avenue’s infamous Bar Uno Comedy Lounge is mounting “Proud 2 B Gay: Grand Eyeball” on Friday, August 15, 2008. It’s a comedy variety show, the intimately funny, friendly, brutal, sexy, slutty version Bar Uno is quite known for among its regulars. And not to forget, they’re featuring their “wild-wild-wet” bikini-clad hunks parading on their ramp so close, you can almost touch “it”… hehehe! Millet, the bar’s manager says, “as usual, para ito sa ating mga ‘kapatid’ hehehe… may promo pala for Manila Gay Guy readers… Buy 4 tickets and they’ll get 1 ticket for free.”

The event will be hosted by their comedians Tsoknut, Iya, Kulafuh, Kim, and Tekla. Featuring Uno Republic Dancers, exotic dancers, and Bar Uno’s top male models. “Basta po lahat ng ikalulugod ng mga bading andun na lahat promise!” says Millet.

For inquiries, text/call them at 0921-4888884 or 376-4941. Bar Uno Comedy Lounge is located at #28 Timog Avenue, Quezon City.