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Dear Migs,

Let me start by saying how confused I am right now. Just call me Boy. I admit that I have learned to accept who I am years ago, so I thought. I’m a straight-acting bisexual, In fact, meron din akong circle of gay and bi friends and as far as I recall, minsan ginagawa akong escort ng mga gay friends ko, kunwari boyfriend nila ako, just for the sake of fun. I’ve had previous relationships with the same sex too, but as years passed by deep inside, I realize that that was not what I wanted or something like that. Then I guess that was the start of a struggle, an inner struggle, which I find most difficult to cope with. Suddenly may fear ako naramdaman, fear of discrimination, fear na mapahiya because sa mundo ginagalawan ko presently hindi declared my other side. Why I didn’t tell them in the first place? I really don’t know…

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I just got a call from Jay Javier, well-known photographer and owner of Fotofabrik Studio in Quezon City. Let me just say that I have personally met Jay early this year during Jay Aquitania’s shoot for Roxxxanne. Jay impressed me as a kind, generous, and good-natured person, and therefore I take his word as honest and sincere. He categorically said that it was him who took the Dave Rebolledo photos now in circulation in the blogosphere, showing the model baring the full monty — problem is, Dave was not really in the nude when those photos were taken.

Jay told me how a certain Photoshop expert named Paolo stole the original Dave Rebolledo pics from his office’s computer (Paolo worked in Jay’s office for a time), and “adjusted” the photos to show Dave in the buff. He swears how good this Paolo is in Photoshop that he can do that kind of magic.

To prove to me that he was indeed the photographer of the original, un-Photoshopped photos, he sent the following images that came from the same set.

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The kapatids will kill to have this voice and talent. Amazing, amazing, amazing — that’s Nick Pitera.

What would I give if I could live
Outta these waters?
What would I pay to spend a day
Warm on the sand?

Betcha on land they understand
Bet they don’t reprimand their daughters
Bright young women, sick of swimmin’
Ready to stand

And ready to know what the people know
Ask ’em my questions and get some answers
What’s a fire, and why does it
What’s the word? Burn

When’s it my turn?
Wouldn’t I love?
Love to explore that shore up above
Out of the sea, wish I could be
Part of that world

PLUS another fantastic performance (One Sweet Day):

Hi Migs,

I’m Bashful, 27, and a reader of your blog for about two years now. I am writing to ask for your opinion about a taboo matter: exhibitionism.

I know, my nickname indicates otherwise, but aside from the risk of being exposed to the rest of the world–especially on the web–I have no problem showing my “baby anaconda” to other guys who are simply horny peeping toms. Blame it on today’s technology; in this decade almost everyone has a digicam, web cam, camera phone, etc. I am not a street flasher, but I have masturbated (or appeared with a hard-on) in internet chat rooms, and in public places such as school, public transport, malls, workplace, etc.

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[Posting this email I received from Peachy Natividad, an invitation for everyone to participate and support the upcoming 2008 Pride March]

Do you remember your first pride march?

I do. I’m sure we all do. And if you haven’t had the opportunity to participate in one yet, this year’s the perfect time to do so.

This years Pride March is a tribute to our rights, our lives, our loves and our selves. It’s also the celebration of the 10 years of Filipino rainbow pride. It’s a perfect 10 for the success of the past pride marches, and the anticipated one of this year’s. Hence, the theme is A decade of dignity: our rights, our lives, our loves, our selves.

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Aljarreau “Al” Galang, 6-foot-1 stunner is featured back here at MGG, with photos by Ash Castro (Post-processing by Ian Felix Alquiros).

Al comes from San Diego, California in the US but has settled back here in Manila as a Bikram Yoga instructor. He took up Political Science and Art History at the University of California – Los Angeles. Al was the second runner-up in Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007 and is rumored to be the boyfriend of ETC host Sam Oh.

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I was listening intently to the workshop facilitator, he was intense and passionate yet almost oblivious to the power his words held. I knew he was about to say something important. And then it hit me, that question, “is there anything in your past that you have intellectually set aside — and yet, emotionally, you know it’s still there, bothering you, blocking you, preventing you from being your best self?” It hit me like electricity zapping into my chest. It zapped to life something I held dormant inside.

I know myself as someone who, if the situation called for it, can be very clinical about things, even with my personal experiences. Given, however, that chance to go back and fetch some unprocessed memories, and the threat that perhaps unconsciously, my blocks come from those I’ve arrogantly intellectually set aside — I was just so ready to admit that yes, there is this one simple emotional memory that is still there lurking, bumping, jiggling inside me. And now it is making its way to my consciousness — and I am just guessing — for a reason.

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For event organizers, or just anyone who would like to have gay-interest events posted here, simply write me an email [manilagayguy(AT)gmail(DOT)com] or send me a message through the contacts page. Please do not forget the event title, event date(s), and venue. This is another public service brought to you by Migs the Manila Gay Guy – charoz! World Peace, you all!

I was driving along EDSA one day, with a date. He was good looking, a smart conversationalist, very personable, and was *totally* straight-acting (meaning, does not have traces of femininity in the way he conducted himself — speaking, acting, dressing up, etc.). Very interesting, right?

Then this thing happens. He sees a billboard of JC de Vera, and I hear a shriek. A shriek. First time in my life that I heard I shriek, but when I heard it, I knew it was a shriek. A loud, sharp, shrill sound, somewhere in between a cry and a laughter. That’s what a shriek is.

From then on, I knew him much better. Thanks to JC. And by the way, coming up, shriek-inducing shirtless photos of the boy. Enjoy!

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Twenty-two year-old Chinz Wendell Ching, while modelling, is actually an interior designer, a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. He describes himself as “an extrovert, I don’t mind being surrounded by people. For me every person has a story to tell and on my part a lesson to learn.” Very well said, Chinz. Here at MGG, you are constantly (virtually) surrounded by people who have, I betcha my bottom dollar, stories — loads of stories — to tell, you just wait, hehehe!

Enjoy Chinz’s photos people, shot by various photographers. Chinz has agreed that I post his photos here. So be kind naman, ok? Remember, world peace!

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