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Hi Migs,

I’ve been reading your blog for almost three years and im so happy dahil maraming humihingi ng advice syo. Anyway just call me Macky, I just wanna share my story or should I say a problem. I’m a straight acting bi, walang nakakaalam kung ano ang tunay na feelings ko. Very discreet sabi nga nila. Nagwowork ako sa isang amusement company as operations manager for almost a decade, then minsan naaassign ako sa malayong lugar. Right now 6 months na ako sa Mindanao.

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[This is a contribution from MGG reader named Red. Posting it here, verbatim.]

I’d like to share my own experience, though too long for the viewers’ eyes. This is something unbelievable and could make for a good script for a movie that it could even rival the story of the Brokeback Mountain. Just to find release, I’d like to see it posted in no less than Migs’ site, so that others may be enlightened or inspired, or of whatever purpose it could serve to the readers. More importantly, my story opposes that of the twink-hungry and abusive PLU (gay) teachers’ usual portrayal by the media. Let me do it by way of using Southborder’s famous songs and the songs I’d love to listen to.

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Hi Migs,

Alam ko dami mo letter-sender na inspiring ang mga messages nila. Hindi ko alam kung medyo kakaiba ito but this is real at gusto ko ishare sa mga readers mo.

I’m 29 years old, very happily married but no child yet by choice and straight-acting. Hindi ko itatanggi na I have been practicing this orientation for almost 5 years and so far so good.. At alam mo naman siguro pag mga straight-acting, mas active ang sex-life kesa sa mga open or so I think. Naranasan ko na halos lahat ng klase ng gay-sex. 3some, orgies, seb, name it. Malamang sa hindi, nagawa ko na. Kaya masasabi ko na bato na ang puso ko sa emosyon. Hindi na ako madaling maattach emotionally sa mga kasex ko. Until recently.

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Do you like straight men? Have you at any point in your life been attracted and actually “chased” a straight man? Here’s an exciting story from one of our regular MGG readers. Read on, get titillated, and join in the comments festival! (Kembot!)

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Hi Migs,

Let me start off by saying that I am an avid reader of your blog. Love the photos of men, the articles, the letters and most especially the comments that people give! Ang saya saya ng comments ng mga utaw at very lively ito (kung paminsan, eh ang mga commenters ang mismo nag-ookrayan). Gusto ko sanang i-share sa iyo ang aking istorya at sigurado ako na maraming bading ang makaka-relate. I have always been an active guy. Mahilig ako sa outdoors, sports activities, adventures at all-around good-natured trippings but I have a guilty pleasure. I go after straight men. Ika nga ng mga ka-tropa ko eto ang “market” ko. Mind you, I don’t go exclusively after straight men. I’ve had very long-term and rewarding relationships with other gay men, pero getting straight men is the spice in my life.

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MIRC, one boring weekend.


20 m qc.

I hesitated for a while. Bagets. Too young. But what the heck.

You okay with an older guy?

Tito? Kuya? Hehehe. Pic pls.

And the customary photo swap transpired.

Hmmm, I told myself. Cute guy. Tall. Muscular but not bulky. Most of all, a moreno pretty face. Alluring smile. May potential.

I was aggressive. Wanna meet?

He showered me with questions. When? Where? What do you want to do? Then it came down to, QC ako eh. Malayo.

I brushed his issue aside, may kotse ako. I can pick you up in QC.

In a few minutes, I was ready to go. Susunduin ko nga ang bata. Hatid Sundo. Sundo’t Hatid, I wished, hahaha!

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Woke up at 2 AM, craving for something sweet to drink. Went down. A quick visit to the neighborhood Mini Stop. Walking back home, a red Toyota Vios turned into the same corner where I was.

The car slowed down.

A cute guy in the passenger seat was looking at me. Staring at me.

I half-smiled.

I noticed the one driving. Also staring. But not as goodlooking, not as interesting.

My eyes naturally went back to the one in the passenger seat. He nodded once, an invitation.

I smiled, and motioned a no.

The car moved ahead, but slowly. Then it vroomed away.

Interesting exchange. All in six seconds.

Yes this is once again a reflection post…. a post reflecting on Migs’ singlehood, by far, the most intimately personal sharing here in MGG. Thank you for coming to my blog these past months, or weeks, or days… I feel so blessed to have a blog like MGG, and an audience as diverse, fun, and smart as you… feel free to share your thoughts on this post.

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Have you ever experienced, while pondering on a very difficult puzzling question in your life, a sudden burst of clarity of thought, a perception of reality by means of a surge of intuitive realization? While driving along EDSA last night, I was thinking, “Why am I still single?” And that was the seed, that most powerful question that would bring me my epiphany, a eureka moment of sorts.

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