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After almost 8 years of being together, having enjoyed that simple life with the one he loves, Paul felt different. People in relationships actually change. He says, “I think I needed to grow, I have to assert who I am, maybe I lost myself in the relationship.” This is how we start this fourth part of this podcast series on the story of Sam and Paul. If Part 3 is the OMG episode of the series because the Fabcasters themselves were continually shocked with details of the revelations, here in this part, they calm down a bit–yet the shocking revelations didn’t stop coming. We’ve been desensitized! You will hear about sexual infidelities, “puwede naman ang dalawang ka-relasyon, di ba?,” tatluhan, apatan, limahan, and more. Yet underneath it all, listen for what really is happening between the two as they whirl around all the many eventualities and issues in the relationship.

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Is love enough for a couple to last together-forever? Let’s see! Ituloy natin ang balitaktakang no-holds-barred with Sam & Paul! Part 2 revealed a twist in this goodlooking couple’s lovelife. In Part 3–this part–the crescendo explodes to expose-level! This is the “O-M-G!” part of this series, where pointed questions, while offered, were unnecessary. Sam & Paul were just on a roll talking, inhibitions be damned, about the twists and turns in this sexual soap opera that’s their life. If you’re game and ready, put on your earbuds and listen! But if you’re linis-linisan like me and Gibbs, skip to the next post and pretend this fabcast didn’t exist.

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“…that was the point that I thought I should stop meeting other people, that I should be more serious, or something. Tapos biglang may nag-text. Siya yun.” And so they dated, mated, and now still a couple, 8 years and counting. This is the story of Sam and Paul.

In this second part of the fabcast, the lovely couple talks about the first 3 years of their relationship, lovey-dovey sweet stuff and all. Then watch out for the glimmer of a twist towards the end of this second part of the fabcast. This is where the conversation takes a critical turn. Parang telenovela lang. Go!

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“May nagtatagal bang gay relationships?”

This special-edition fabcast answers this question. Meron. We present to you a handsome gay couple, the goodlooking Sam and cute-but-hot Paul, who tell us how their relationship (now on its 8th year) started and flourished.

Listen and learn!

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Imagine 6 gay guys trying their darnedest best to act butch (”straight-acting”) and carry on a decent, macho conversation amongst themselves.

Imagine CC, McVie, Gibbs, Tony, Migs, and Jonas (guest podcaster) in this situation — what would happen? Nakakalurkey, di ba? Well, no need to imagine, as we recorded the grand attempt to be pa-mhin — here’s the all-new Fabcast, in our very first pa-mhin-ta edition! (Ha-ha-ha-achooo!)

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In the first part, it was the Fabcasters who talked about how they met and know Migs. In this second and last part, it’s the peanut gallery’s chance to speak up. Thanks everyone for the heartwarming messages! *hugs*

Listen here:

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The Fabcasters talk about Migs in this special send off podcast. (FYI to MGG readers: Migs has relocated to California, USA in January.) Thank you Fabcasters! *hugs*

To listen (17 min 16 sec), click:

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Instead of throwing a Christmas Party, the Fabcasters decided to throw a New Year Party for our friends (and readers/listeners who have become friends) and it was a BLAST! We got a beautiful, old house tucked in a neighborhood in Sampaloc and turned it into the most fabulous party venue ever. In this podcast, the Fabcasters regrouped to say thanks to everyone who graced the event. You will also be able to hear audio clips recorded by McVie during the party proper. Listen (33 min), and virtually join us in reliving that fabulous, fabulous party. Perhaps, join us next year? Tara!

Download this fabcast (right click and save – 30.4 MB)

PLUS: we also debut in this Fabcast our new opening music, created by DJ Brian Cua and Joel McVie. Truly fab! Music credits: “Saturday Night” by Ned’s Atomic Dustbin; “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer; “Don’t Stop Believing (Brian Cua Goodnight Tribal Mix)” by the Glee! Cast

We conclude the fabcast on gray areas in this part. We start off wrapping up the gray area between a gay guy and a straight guy. “May mga taong straight talaga!” Naman! Also, you will hear Jojo & Jay’s situation who, during the podcast recording, were sweeter than sugar to each other. They are contemplating a soon-to-be long distance relationship despite the fact that they just met each other 7 days before. This and more, in the concluding part of “Gray Areas In the Gay Life.”

Listen: (32 min 28 sec)

Download this fabcast (right click and save – 31MB)

Music credits: “Forbidden Love” by Madonna; “Use Somebody” by Bat For Lashes; “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga; and “Trouble Is A Friend” by Lenka. Podcast Production by McVie.