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Hey Migs,

Writing you this letter was actually a decision I had to make. Not that it’s hard to do but maybe I just thought of asking for a little help from you.

My name is Robert and I have been an avid reader of your blog for a long time now. I found out about your blog while I was scanning a certain magazine. And from then on, I got interested in reading your articles. The reason why I’m writing you this letter it’s because I’m having this “difficulty”, a situation where I don’t know what to do. I have never talked to anybody about this yet and hopefully I could get some piece of opinion from you.

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world_peace_award2008 I read the following article by Cholo Hidalgo Laurel at Brian Gorrell‘s blog, and I was deeply struck. In the early part of his article he says, “Twelve years of tiptoeing around people’s egos, witnessing the most evil power plays known to man, often compromising standards and never really feeling creatively fulfilled was just eating my soul up. Ergo, This happy man was not a very contented man. This man wanted to start doing things that meant something.” As I read through it, I felt so drawn to his passion to live a relevant, significant life, something much larger than himself. I so admire this kind of courage and high-mindedness.

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A gay friend gave me a gift today. (Thanks Madam!) It was the DVD featuring Paolo Rivero and Paolo Serrano, entitled “M2M 3: Versus.” It says on the back cover of the DVD jacket:

Versus is a tale of two male hunks undergoing the different stages of realization and of falling in and out of love. Their story reels off in their minds and is carried out in a rather sensual and provocative manner. What actually goes on…? And what are the complexities in the process of carrying out, staying in and moving on from this kind of relationship?

Masterfully crafted as the previous M2M features- this video shows the intricacies and dynamics of male to male relationship.

More photos of the two Paolos after the jump.

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Dear Migs,

Let me start by saying how confused I am right now. Just call me Boy. I admit that I have learned to accept who I am years ago, so I thought. I’m a straight-acting bisexual, In fact, meron din akong circle of gay and bi friends and as far as I recall, minsan ginagawa akong escort ng mga gay friends ko, kunwari boyfriend nila ako, just for the sake of fun. I’ve had previous relationships with the same sex too, but as years passed by deep inside, I realize that that was not what I wanted or something like that. Then I guess that was the start of a struggle, an inner struggle, which I find most difficult to cope with. Suddenly may fear ako naramdaman, fear of discrimination, fear na mapahiya because sa mundo ginagalawan ko presently hindi declared my other side. Why I didn’t tell them in the first place? I really don’t know…

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Hi Migs,

I’ve been reading your blog for almost three years and im so happy dahil maraming humihingi ng advice syo. Anyway just call me Macky, I just wanna share my story or should I say a problem. I’m a straight acting bi, walang nakakaalam kung ano ang tunay na feelings ko. Very discreet sabi nga nila. Nagwowork ako sa isang amusement company as operations manager for almost a decade, then minsan naaassign ako sa malayong lugar. Right now 6 months na ako sa Mindanao.

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Tiggah, a Filipino based in California and blogger celebrity in his own right, tells the world about his cute (kakilig!) love story with his Pooh. They have been together for 7 long years — wow di ba! So it’s really interesting to know how they as a couple came to be. Here’s an excerpt of Tiggah’s account:

Tiggah and Pooh I can remember when Pooh first came out to me. I was shaking, nervous, and anxious. My palms were sweaty and I couldn’t look him in the eye. I was surprised and didn’t know what to say. How could my straight best friend of 2 years suddenly tell me that he’s gay? Deep inside I knew that I felt that way because I had a crush on him all this time but knew that nothing could ever come of it because he was straight. It’s a strange feeling to finally come to terms and accept the fact that it could never happen, then suddenly, in an instant, a door opens. A door of opportunity seemed to have magically appeared out of nowhere. The question would seem to be – Do I rush right in before that door suddenly closes? Do I enter with caution? Or do I do nothing?

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Mikko Untalasco The first time I featured Mikko Untalasco here in Manila Gay Guy, a good friend suddenly turned inquisitive. He claimed he has met the guy before, when Mikko was still fresh from the province (or school, I couldn’t remember) and was working in a coffee shop somewhere along Roxas Boulevard. He, my friend, did not think Mikko would become the sexy model-modelan that he was in those photos.

Interestingly, soon after that feature, I actually met Mikko in a bar in QC, not unknown as hangout for people like us. He struck me as ‘guapo’ in person, although I did feel my gaydar twitch, considering where I met him. Oh but I’m sure he was just having fun with his like-minded model-friends.

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Dear Migs!

Just wanted to commend on the success of your blog, Im one of the regular readers and comfortable reading your entries and comments and personally waiting again for you to buzzed me again when you’re in my area (San Francisco). I never thought that one day I will write to ask for an advice.

I joined a Christian community to a thought that I can be change, not….. though im trying. Just when I thought I will live a straight life when I met in the community Mac-Mac just a regular guy and not my usual type as I described him to my friends. But the guy is oozing with sex appeal. Then I remember a saying that you will never find your ideal person but instead you will be given the opposite of it and I think he is the one. Not my ideal but yet i like the person. Now the catch… he is straight again straight!

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Patrick Jhon Lee Patrick Jhon Lee is one of the 4 male finalists at Bar Uno’s Wild, Wild, Wet — a bikini competition with a naughty twist — now on its 3rd season, labeled “The Extreme Edition”. I’ve seen this guy in person… well-built, and not too tall, but what struck me about him was his almost flawless skin (ang kinis, at least frow where I stood) and the angas air around him. He’s the type a friend of mine would label “tipong nambabarurot” — whatever that means, it sounds pretty interesting, hahaha!

The grand finals of Wild, Wild, Wet, “The Extreme Edition” is going to be on Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at Bar Uno’s new location (Hollywood Square, West Avenue — just beside the new “Mister Kabab”). For more info, you may call them at 0921-4888884.

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Walang Kawala Screening - SRO I was at last night’s Director’s Cut screening of Joel Lamangan’s Walang Kawala at the UP Film Institute. It was a mostly (~90%) gay men crowd, and as a friend said, “ansaya ng get together!” Another friend quipped, “ansarap ng feeling kapag nasa crowd ka na overpowered ng bading ang mga straight!”

Why was “Walang Kawala” such a hit? I think the promo photos did it. And the buzz about Marco Morales‘ two-time frontal exposure. The movie itself was palatable enough, in fact Emilio Garcia as the contravida had really funny scenes, such a welcome comic relief to the suspense/thriller that the film was suposed to be.

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