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dear migs (aaaargh!),

i am a bit confused right now and thought, well, why not get someone else’s opinion? simply put, i started going to bed (twice now) with a friend and colleague of four years. problem is, we never talk about it afterwards, pretending nothing out of the ordinary happened. and we carry on as usual — good friends enjoying each other’s company. and i hate the uncertainty of it. what are we? friends? fuck buddies (hardly. we’ve done it twice lang)? friends with fringe benefits?

his name is josh and he was my former staff. i was attracted to him the first time we met in 2006 but i kept my feelings in check because my mantra then was ”wag magkalat sa sariling bakuran”. i am in my early 40s; he is 31. we quickly became good friends because we shared a lot of interests (of course it helped that he is goodlooking and funny and smart).

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Are you SINCERELY looking for friends among us, I mean PLUs (People Like Us)? If you’re looking for a friend, not a fuck, then maybe you can try out this new experiment of mine: an ultra-private social networking site exclusively for MGG readers. No one can see or browse it unless you are a member. And for now, the membership is by invitation. To be invited, see the instructions at the bottom of this post. Meanwhile, here’s an email from an MGG reader who inspired me to create this ultra-private social networking site.

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Dear Migs,

I recently come across with your blog (website) and I would say — you’re really gay guy SUPERSTAR in the gay community. Cheers and World Peace! Your blogs are diverse that cater every aspect of being gay, life of many gays and others that almost all PLU’s can relate with. Isn’t that great and fab? I LOVE your blog really.

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