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VATICAN CITY (AFP) – – A suggestion by Pope Benedict XVI that homosexuality is as much of a threat to the survival of the human race as climate change sparked outrage among gay rights campaigners on Tuesday. [Source / Photo by Yahoo]

There is no direct quote from Pope Benedict XVI that is clearly homophobic, so I do not think we should take it as a real attack. Knowing the Catholic doctrine though, I am not really surprised that the Pope disapproves of the assumed typical homosexual lifestyle. It’s Christmas, and today more than ever, I pray that the pope is blessed with the grace of universal love. And I pray for us all for the same thing. May we all learn to love everyone regardless of age, gender, and race. Being anti-anything is so yesterday. Love, love, love. And gratitude. World Peace!

now_that_you_know Here’s a short indie film (less than 10min) from Giraldi Media. Another reference to that book, “Now That You Know.” If your parents are fond of reading books, this might just be useful.

If the coming out process is difficult for gay people, it is often equally difficult for their parents. Confusion, anger, and fear frequently cause fathers and mothers of gay men and lesbians to disavow, strike out against, and even resent their children. For many parents, a child’s coming out feels like the ultimate rejection–not only of their dreams and hopes but of their own heterosexuality. In Now That You Know: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Their Gay and Lesbian Children, Betty Fairchild and Nancy Hayward–the mothers of, respectively, a gay man and a lesbian–have charted the rough seas that almost every parent of a gay person travels.

Fairchild and Hayward presume that homosexuality is a positive good, and that it is willful ignorance and homophobia that are moral wrongs. They also believe that families can and should love all members and that it is distraught or confused parents (not their gay offspring) who must change. Mixing common sense with a firm sense of social justice and love, the authors systematically address almost all of the problems faced by parents of gay people. Answering questions on religion, AIDS, health, children, alternative families, and sex, they make the complicated gay world–often a nightmare vision for “just out” parents of gays–not only manageable but happy and nurturing. —Michael Bronski ( Review)

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I’ll be out for a while. Here’s a recent letter I received — unedited, verbatim. Read and help our Dubai boy while savoring the rock-hard midsection of this 21-year-old hunk from Cosmomen 2008, Ryan Garalde.

Dear Migs,

Greetings from Dubai!

I am a straight-acting gay guy. I became more discreet here because I was afraid that I might find difficulties to find friends if I show my other side. I don’t have relatives or even friends that know me that can help if in case they will not accept me. Everything was new to me and everything was so hard pretending to be like others.

After a year since I came, I woke up one morning on my colleague’s arms after a long drinking session. He was Richard, (I thought) a straight-acting like me. As far as I can remember he initiated everything.

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Everyone has secrets, and some, deep and dark. We gays are not exempted. In fact, I would say our secrets’ spectrum is wider — they are not just deep and dark, they can be of other colors and depths as well. Your secrets are safe here. Be brief and concise in sharing yours here, and take time to browse others’ secrets as well.

The site:

[Here’s a letter / contribution of Coffee Boy]

“Hey, just wanted to ask, are you gay, bisexual or something?” then I replied, “that… I’m not particularly sure of… I have a gf, but to be honest, I enjoy ‘it’ with men. No labels. Ikaw?” – then I got cold silence as a reply.

* * *

It was the 30th day of my birthday month, though still in the middle of the week, the following day was the end of Ramadan and thus was declared a holiday. I got nothing to do that payday afternoon and so I decided to just hang around. Walking along Timog / Tomas Morato area with no one and with literally nothing to do, I decided to go to one of my favorite spa places and pamper myself with an hour and a half long massage.

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Our very first podcast that talks about S-E-X. Join Fabcasters Tony, McVie, Gibbs, and I as we discuss this topic and its many facets. For Part 1: How much is too much? How much are you getting these days? Are you promiscuous? Straights say that gays are promiscuous — do you agree? What makes one promiscuous? Is sex on the first date a good idea? These, a revelation, and more in this first part of the SEX fabcast.

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Val Mante is one truly revolutionary gay man — and this post was written in honor of him. More than 3 years ago, he was at the frontpage of the Inquirer, as one-half of the first married gay couple of the CPP-NPA. Read on.

Reds officiate first gay marriage in NPA

By Rolando B. Pinsoy
Inquirer News Service
Philippine Daily Inquirer, Feb, 7, 2005

DARE to struggle, dare to win … as married gays. After raiding a few Army camps, two communist guerrillas hid in a forest gorge and fell in love.


That was three years ago. On Friday, under a romantic drizzle in a muddy clearing in Compostela Valley province in Mindanao, Ka Andres and Ka Jose exchanged vows in a heavily guarded ceremony before local villagers, friends from the city and their comrades in arms.

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In this nation of migrants, the fabric of the Filipino family has not been torn, it has been altered. It has been patched, with new designs and new colors added. It has verily become a fabric different but still the same. It has been said that the Filipinos are some of the warmest and most spontaneous people in the world. You only have to attend family reunions to see vivid examples of these.

But in these reunions, the gay uncle is quiet because he does not want to be asked when will he marry, and the lesbian aunt is busy puttering about the house, making sure everybody is fed.

These are stereotypes. Gays and lesbians in the millennium have changed, too. Some of us are into relationships with fellow gays, or with fellow lesbians. There are still those who sleep only with straight people, with dire consequences for their pockets and for their self-esteem.

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Every day is so wonderful – And suddenly, it’s hard to breathe – Now and then, I get insecure – From all the pain, I’m so ashamed – I am beautiful no matter what they say – Words can’t bring me down – I am beautiful in every single way – Yes, words can’t bring me down – So don’t you bring me down today

To all your friends, you’re delirious – So consumed in all your doom – Trying hard to fill the emptiness – The piece is gone left the puzzle undone – That’s the way it is

You are beautiful no matter what they say – Words can’t bring you down – You are beautiful in every single way – Yes, words can’t bring you down – Don’t you bring me down today…

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Hi Migs!

Oh my gosh, I don’t know how to start this…

I’m a straight woman who fell in love with a guy whom everybody thinks is gay. We were together for almost a year and I battled all my friends — straight girls, guys, gays, and lesbians — they all insisted my boyfriend is gay. But whenever we’re together he doesn’t seem gay at all. People were gossiping that he had a gay lover that he kept secretly.

Last year I broke up with him. Then I chanced upon his blogs and network profile and what I saw made me angry and hurt at the same time. He said he wasn’t gay and he loves me. He even claims he will never be in love again.

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