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INCOGNITO is the only free, quick, and confidential (NO NAMES!) HIV test in the country today.

Free – wala pong bayad

Quick – 15 minutes after a pin-prick, you get to know your results

Confidential – no need to fill-out forms with your name

November 27, 2016, Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Victoria Court Malate

To get reminders/details, pre-register your contact details here


1. Be Anonymous: Upon your arrival at Victoria Court Malate, you will get a number and unique identifier code.
2. Take the Test: you will undergo a rapid screening with blood extracted by a simple prick on your finger using disposable one-time-use sanitary needles.
3. Have the Results: while waiting for the results, your counsellor will discuss with you safer sex practices to lower your risk of HIV infection and your results. It only takes 15 minutes to know the results after blood extraction.

If there’s one thing this past week that made me stop and think, ponder and reflect, it was Charlie’s letter.

I’m Charlie, turning 27 in a couple of months. I’d like to share my story with your readers… I found out about my condition (…) last year. I’m HIV positive.

His was the third I received this August, talking about being HIV-positive. His letter simply rendered me without anything to say, at least temporarily. I didn’t know how to react. It was overwhelming. I thought, if I fire off sweet, encouraging words, will that really help? Will that really make Charlie feel better about his condition? If I start playing the role of a cold jaundiced preacher, lecturing on lessons learned from Charlie’s experience and perhaps advocate “safe sex” till the cows come home, will it really make a difference? I don’t know.

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Hi Migs,

I’m Charlie, turning 27 in a couple of months. I’ve been visiting your site regularly to read on stuffs that I could relate to. I’m also fond of writing, more so when I’m having mood swings. I’d like to share my story with your readers not to gain sympathy or for people to pity me but to have someone I can openly have a conversation with. I found out about my condition when I underwent a routine medical checkup in Singapore for a possible employment last year.

I’m HIV positive.

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Do you like straight men? Have you at any point in your life been attracted and actually “chased” a straight man? Here’s an exciting story from one of our regular MGG readers. Read on, get titillated, and join in the comments festival! (Kembot!)

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Hi Migs,

Let me start off by saying that I am an avid reader of your blog. Love the photos of men, the articles, the letters and most especially the comments that people give! Ang saya saya ng comments ng mga utaw at very lively ito (kung paminsan, eh ang mga commenters ang mismo nag-ookrayan). Gusto ko sanang i-share sa iyo ang aking istorya at sigurado ako na maraming bading ang makaka-relate. I have always been an active guy. Mahilig ako sa outdoors, sports activities, adventures at all-around good-natured trippings but I have a guilty pleasure. I go after straight men. Ika nga ng mga ka-tropa ko eto ang “market” ko. Mind you, I don’t go exclusively after straight men. I’ve had very long-term and rewarding relationships with other gay men, pero getting straight men is the spice in my life.

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