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Kayod marino? Hagod marino? Well, just enjoy these masculine marine men — all featured in a new film by Paul Sta. Ana, “Marino.”

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BoY is the newest gay-themed indie film of director Auraeus Solito.

BOY 2 copy-1

BoY” is a coming-of-age story about a boy who falls in love with a Macho Dancer. A young budding poet (Adam Asin), who is unnamed, observes lip-synching drag-queens and dancing rent-boys in a gay bar one evening and finds himself attracted to Aries (Aries Pena), who comes from a poorer part of town. Selling his action heroes and comic books so as to be able to afford Aries for one night, he buys Aries at the bar and brings him home for the new year. Sparks fly while celebratory fireworks go off outside the house and the boys forge a fragile connection that neither of them is certain will last. This is an idealistic, coming-of-age tale of a sensitive boy who arrives at his first lesson about love and who learns to grow confidently into his own sexuality. [source]

BoY is going to be shown on July 24/Fri, 6:15PM at the Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (CCP Little Theatre).

BOY 6 copy-1
BOY 7 copy-1
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BOY 1 copy-1

Watch the trailer:

Janvier Daily resurfaces in the indie movie scene through Monti Parungao’s Bayaw. He is joined by veteran indie actor Paolo Rivero and newcomer Andrew Miguel. Enjoy the following promo pics, and the trailer…

Janvier Daily

Paolo Rivero and Janvier Daily in Bayaw

Paolo Rivero and Janvier Daily in Whities

Introducing Andrew Miguel

Andrew Miguel in Bayaw

Paolo Rivero in Bayaw

Watch the trailer:

Bayaw premieres as an exhibition film in the 2009 Cinemalaya Film Festival on 21 July 2009 (9PM) at the Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (CCP Little Theater).


The Bakla Review (TBR), the undisputed expert in Philippine gay film criticism, says of the movie “Dose” —

There’s no nudity, and a “penetration” consummates only towards the end, but Dose is a decidedly sexual journey. It’s the story of a boy’s coming of age, yet the genius of the movie is that it acknowledges the boy’s sexuality as something to be anticipated and inevitable, a thing of the future, but also a tactile presence, already happening… I found it touching, funny, sad, and exhilarating. This is a gay coming of age that’s deeper, braver, edgier than Ang Pagdadalaga Ni Maximo Oliveros (The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros) or Ang Lihim Ni Antonio (Antonio’s Secret).


TBR says more here (a full review), and then in the end gives the film an “A” rating. I missed the movie when it was shown last year, but here’s good news from Senedy Que, the director of “Dose”:

hi. hope all is well … my directorial debut, “Dose,” will have a one-week engagement at Robinson’s Galleria Indiesine July 1 to 7. It stars Yul Servo, Emilio Garcia, and introducing Fritz Arvhie Chavez as the 12-year-old boy at the center of this disturbing tale about love, lust, and loss of innocence … In Dose, love knows no age or gender. senedy que

July 1 to 7, then. See you there.

In the photo below: Senedy Que (middle), Dose’s director flanked by Yul Servo (left) and Emilio Garcia (right).


Due to insistent public demand, here are two more photos (click for high res, large version) of the sexy “Tutok” star, Raymond Cabral. Enjoy!

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“Tutok” is an upcoming drama-suspense indie film that tackles media explotation. The cast includes two yummy hunks Raymond Cabral and Victor Aliwalas (photos below). The film also features Emilio Garcia, Allen Dizon, Andrea Del Rosario, Boots Anson-Roa, Lloyd Samartino, Ian De Leon. This indie film opens on May 27.

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“Si Cecilia at Eman pareho kong kaibigan. Mahal ko si Cecilia, mahal ko rin si Eman. Bakit ganun? Tinuruan ako ni Inay na matakot. Ako at ang sagwan ko.”

Ryan Dungo and the Capuccino boys star this gay indie movie directed by Monti Parungao.


Premiere showing on February 4 @ UP Diliman Film Institute (uncut).
Regular showing on February 11-17 @ Robinson Galeria Movie World.

Also starring:
Dennis Torres
Martina Wilson
Heherson Esmeralda
Alexander Castillo
Arnold Mendoza
Gino Cabrillas
Mark Portus
Adrian Campos
Anton Vincent Malco
Erie Obsena


tygpstrjan2009 Finally! Robinson’s IndieSine will be featuring Charliebebs Gohetia’s “The ‘Thank You’ Girls.” If you like witty gay beauty pageant lines, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. Campy to the max, a gay indie with no nudity, “The ‘Thank You’ Girls” will run from January 21 to 27, 2009. Refreshing di ba? Go mga teh!

sml1z9a2881 Another gay indie is showing as early as this January. “Butas” starring Marco Morales, is going to have a special screening on January 12, 7:30 PM at the UP Film Center, UP Diliman, Quezon City. I’ve read the plot and seen the stills — it’s a bit bolder than usual, so I get this feeling that perhaps the filmmakers are showing more to fill some gaps somewhere. But let me suspend judgment until I’ve actually seen the movie. I don’t plan to watch it though until I read the impressions of the reliable and cerebral movie reviewer, The Bakla Review. Pressure! Hehehe! Meanwhile, enjoy the movie’s promo pics featuring bold and daring Marco Morales.


Butas (Loophole) is directed by Alejandro “Bong” Ramos.

now_that_you_know Here’s a short indie film (less than 10min) from Giraldi Media. Another reference to that book, “Now That You Know.” If your parents are fond of reading books, this might just be useful.

If the coming out process is difficult for gay people, it is often equally difficult for their parents. Confusion, anger, and fear frequently cause fathers and mothers of gay men and lesbians to disavow, strike out against, and even resent their children. For many parents, a child’s coming out feels like the ultimate rejection–not only of their dreams and hopes but of their own heterosexuality. In Now That You Know: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Their Gay and Lesbian Children, Betty Fairchild and Nancy Hayward–the mothers of, respectively, a gay man and a lesbian–have charted the rough seas that almost every parent of a gay person travels.

Fairchild and Hayward presume that homosexuality is a positive good, and that it is willful ignorance and homophobia that are moral wrongs. They also believe that families can and should love all members and that it is distraught or confused parents (not their gay offspring) who must change. Mixing common sense with a firm sense of social justice and love, the authors systematically address almost all of the problems faced by parents of gay people. Answering questions on religion, AIDS, health, children, alternative families, and sex, they make the complicated gay world–often a nightmare vision for “just out” parents of gays–not only manageable but happy and nurturing. —Michael Bronski ( Review)

Video after the jump.

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