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Hello, Migs

I’m a 29-year old gay guy working as an editor in a multinational company. Everything in my life is pretty much in place: I have a stable job, started saving up for my future, a good health and well-being, I have passion, interests, hobbies, advocacy, and direction in life. I’m sociable, have a wonderful family and quality friends. I know where to go and is relatively happy and found joy in simple things. All these I learned (and earned) after crawling through broken glass, among other challenges and lessons in life that made me a better person.

But I haven’t dated or been asked out for over a year now. I thought that perhaps I should re-evaluate things that I need to improve about myself. But I’ve always trusted fate. That the universe will give me things that I deserve without asking for it.

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Hi Migs,

I never thought that the day would come that I would be the one writing to you. I enjoy reading your posts and appreciate your views on different dilemmas sent to you by your viewers. I need some sort of advice regarding my case. Just call me John, 22 years old, hurting and sad. My story just happened recently so everything is fresh from my memory. One day (to be exact February 13,2010), this guy (let’s just call him Renz, 29 years old) called me up. I knew where he got my number but I won’t mention it here anymore. He was a stranger. We talked for a very short time only because I was about to go somewhere. After our conversation, we exchanged a few text messages. When I got home, he called again. We talked for a very long time. I felt at ease talking to him. We exchanged infos about ourselves, our likes and dislikes, our funny stories etc. It felt really good just talking to him.

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