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INCOGNITO is the only free, quick, and confidential (NO NAMES!) HIV test in the country today.

Free – wala pong bayad

Quick – 15 minutes after a pin-prick, you get to know your results

Confidential – no need to fill-out forms with your name

November 27, 2016, Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Victoria Court Malate

To get reminders/details, pre-register your contact details here


1. Be Anonymous: Upon your arrival at Victoria Court Malate, you will get a number and unique identifier code.
2. Take the Test: you will undergo a rapid screening with blood extracted by a simple prick on your finger using disposable one-time-use sanitary needles.
3. Have the Results: while waiting for the results, your counsellor will discuss with you safer sex practices to lower your risk of HIV infection and your results. It only takes 15 minutes to know the results after blood extraction.

Free HIV testing for men
Open to all men who like men — sign up now:


Who: Men – all types, preferences, age, shapes, and sizes!
What: Free testing for HIV, Syphilis, and Hepa B
When: 29 June 2014 – walk-in between 9AM to 4PM
Where: Victoria Court Malate (near Quirino LRT station)
Fee: P0.00 (it’s totally free!)

Sign up now:

No need to bring anything, no need to fast, just bring yourself — walk-in and say, LoveYourself or #BoomPatest — and we’ll assist you.


Yesterday at the Pride March, the usual “fundis” (Christian Fundamentalists) were there to make sure we, the marchers, knew we’re going straight to hell if we, well, don’t straighten up. Just when our part of the march was approaching the Nakpil-Orosa corner where the march was to end, I saw one march participant and one of the fundis, at one corner, engaged in an almost brawl: they were shouting at each other tonsil-to-tonsil!

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For those of us who are comfortable to show support to the community — LEZZGO! Tuloy na tuloy ang fun march this Saturday! December 7, 2013 – registration & assembly starts at 1 PM. See you there! (If you want to join but worried that you have no one to go with, email me at — come join our fun group!)

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