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This is one of those few Fabcasts that got so many responses, and seems people have been waiting for this second part. So here it is!

Dear friend CC (CorpCloset) owns the opening lines to this second part, he says, “Focus na tayo kay McVie!” And indeed we did!

Dahil nga naman pagjo-jowa ang usapan, at dahil sa aming grupo, si Joel McVie na lamang ang hindi nakakaranas magkaroon ng jowa ever in his life, napagkaisahan na gawin siyang focus ng discussion. In the first part, we dished out generic recommendations on how to get hitched, in this episode, we went another level closer to reality by discussing McVie’s case. You will hear brutally honest suggestions peppered with okrays and laughters, the signature fabcast in its high energy, high volume form, for you to enjoy and really just laugh with.

LISTEN: (28 mins 48 sec)

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Here’s the second part and conclusion of the Sex Fabcast by the Fabcasters — where we talk about… top or bottom (sexual compatibility, how important is it? what if you’re both top? or both bottom?)… can love make you change your top/bottom preference?… Tony’s “finger test”… How to hook up a chubby chaser?… and a special shout out to the famous Agent Boytoy… these and more in this part 2 of the Sex Fabcast. Enjoy!

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Our very first podcast that talks about S-E-X. Join Fabcasters Tony, McVie, Gibbs, and I as we discuss this topic and its many facets. For Part 1: How much is too much? How much are you getting these days? Are you promiscuous? Straights say that gays are promiscuous — do you agree? What makes one promiscuous? Is sex on the first date a good idea? These, a revelation, and more in this first part of the SEX fabcast.

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The list of finalists for the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards has been released, and we’re nominated! The Fabcasters, led by our dear creative director, arranger, songwriter (choz!) and numero uno wit-machine McVie has been recognized as among the best video/podcasts in the Philippine Blogosphere! Congrats to my podcasting sisters, my co-fabcasters McVie, Gibbs, AJ, Tony, and CC! As I’m writing their names, I realize the intellectual, technical, and artistic prowess this group has. I’m so proud of the Fabcasters!

Another victory for us is the nomination of Gibbs Cadiz’s site for Best Blog in the Culture & Arts category. I have a feeling Gibbs will snag the trophy this year.

You go girls, good luck, and may the kapatids shine and shimmer more on- and off-line! World Peace!

* * *

PAHABOL (21 September 2008, 12 NN) — AJ is also nominated, with his; also Misterhubs ( — both for Best Blog – Personal Blog category. Mabuhay ang sangkabaklaan!

The Fabcasters and the Closet Badets recently went out-of-town to seek relaxation and peace… and do some podcasting… now, listen to this very different podcast. Very, very different. Warning: this fabcast may shock you. Or not. Listen. (But careful with the volume.)

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Production by: McVie

Celebrity gay blogger McVie has started what I consider a very noble pursuit: bridge understanding between gay and straight men. Di ba, it’s so World Peace! I looove it! This he initiated by way of a series he calls “Dear ‘Pre” where he, almost tongue-in-cheek but actually very realistically, writes an open letter to a straight guy, explaining in gory, graphic details certain aspects of the gay world. Here’s an excerpt from his first entry, “Sex and the Sauna.” Read on, and if you like what you see, continue on to his original post, link provided below.

* * *

Dear ‘Pre,

As a straight guy who goes to the gym, you may have been surprised by my revelations of sex in the sauna in my recent episodes here. You wrote and I quote: “And as for the gym sex. Wow. Does this go on, really? How, when there are so many people about? Or have I just been oblivious?? But ang galing din the way the ‘human interest’ aspect is filtered in your stories. Funny/interesting.”

Your email reinforces a long-standing theory my gay friends and I have regarding most straight men: straight guys are clueless as to most gay activities, even when these happen right under your nose. I think Mother Nature in her infinite wisdom placed a “gay-bi-clueless” gene among straight people as a form of protection, and ignorance truly is bliss (that also pertains to us gay folks who get away with it).

But the cluelessness of straights may not be enough to make you feel safe the next time you step inside the sauna. Well, here’s a more powerful mantra for you to chant softly to yourself before going in: Nothing will happen to you if you don’t allow it.

Read the rest of this entry at The McVie Show.


I want to give my reaction to your podcast entitled Homosexuality and Religion. I am a person struggling with same-sex attraction (SSA) but I don’t consider myself gay in the sense that I’m not into the gay lifestyle now. I may have been before but that was a totally different story. And oh yes I still struggle with chastity issues right now and that’s how real it can get.

I just want to reiterate that the Catholic Church does not condemn me or you for being “gay”. In fact, the Catholic Church has an apostolate catering to people with SSA and it is called Courage. You can visit for more details. And yes I am a member of that organization.

Our group is a support group and we help each other live a chaste life. We don’t claim that sooner or later we will all become heterosexuals, etc. Nothing of that sort. Instead, we are responding to God’s call to live a life of chastity and that means for many of us turning away from the gay lifestyle and confronting our deepest issues as courageously as we can be.

Honestly that is the most difficult part for us – renouncing our sinful ways and letting the Lord take control. It’s hard and it’s real. It’s not easy but it is possible Migs.

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I was not able to stop it. I was trying to hold the topic off as long as I could but it was no longer possible. I had to give in. The podcast has been recorded. The topic: “Religion and the Gay Guys” errr… maybe this title here is better: “Homosexuality and Religion — how do you reconcile them?”

This has got to be the the podcast with the most number of people in attendance. The whole Fabcaster gang was present (Gibbs, McVie, Tony, CC, AJ, and moi) plus guests Dennis, James, and Senan (AJ’s boyfriend). Nine folks gabbing so this is indeed a riot — but because of the topic, I’d say this one is among the most substantial podcast we’ve recorded. That being said, I invite you: listen to this podcast, reflect and genuflect, and comment away answering the million-dollar question: how do you reconcile your homosexuality and your religion?

Streaming podcast and MP3 downloads after the jump.

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Closet Badets and the Fabcasters answer questions from MGG readers. Topics tackled include open relationships, straight-acting vs. out, transforming to being pa-gurrrl, getting married in the future, “Migs”, etc.
Here’s the continuation of our previous post, “Closet Badets Meet the Fabcasters

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Masterfully Produced / Edited by: McVie
Music Credits:
“Sayin’ Somethin’ Toxic” by Dunproofin’
“Promiscuous With You” by Party Ben
“Like I Love Your Generation” by Pheugoo
“Freak No. 5” by Missy Elliot vs. Lou Bega
“Yeah In The Shadows” by Go Home Productions
“Twelve String Milkshake” by Glen Campbell vs. Kelis

Listen once again to the young, restless, and closeted “Closet Badets” (Marco, Dencio, and Paulo) — here they encounter their older counterparts, the Fabcasters (Gibbs Cadiz, Joel McVie and Tony Lobster)! An exciting gay mix of personalities and generations — go listen!

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Production credit: Mcvie
Part one features mash-ups by:
[1] Clock A Minute by Pheugoo (Coldplay vs. Pussycat Dolls)
[2] Humps Up by Pheugoo (Madonna vs. Black Eyed Peas)
[3] Work It Close by Free Music / Mash-Up (Beyonce vs. The Cure)