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Greetings, Sir Migs!

My (false) name is Luke, 18 y/o, and currently in college. The main reason why I wrote to you is that I’m given my present situation, I think I need a gay peer (or buddy, or friend, or call it whatever).

One important thing you should know about me is that I’m deep in the closet. All of the people I know see me as someone indifferent to matters of social relationships, and hence the toughened exterior impervious to suspicions of homosexuality. No one thinks (or so it seems) that I’m holding something back. I’m the master of disguise. The sad part is, the show’s wearing me off.

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hi migs!

i am an avid reader of your blog. the best kasi. ain’t no other like it.
ok, now the papuri is over i’ll deck the cards.

i’m bi. and i live in cotabato city. im muslim. im 19. out of school youth.
the reason i wrote to you is nahihirapan akong humanap ng kaibigan na tulad ko na bi.
daming mga tao diyan sa tabi-tabi pero they like sex lang.
gusto ko ng sensitive at tulad ko rin na bi.
i don’t like yung sex lang hanap nila kasi after nun wala na.
gusto ko ng kaibigan.
pwede rin karelasyon pero i’m not ready.
gwapo naman ako kaya daming mga nagpaparamadam pero they’re gay na as in bebe gandanghari gay. yoko nun. hehe.

anyway, nakaexperience na ako ng m2m sex but i never had those butt fucking thingie.
masakit kasi yun, naka-try na ako though.

so, i’m asking sana you could help me find people like me here sa cotabato city.

i’m a very discreet bi pala. have i mentioned it na ba?

anyway, help me, migs!


— Datu

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