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Allow me to publish this note I received from a mother named Jennifer, who’s just beaming with pride because of her son. Jennifer – I am so proud of you! Dear readers, send Jennifer a dose of your rainbow thoughts and wishes!

Dear Migs,

Last week, my 7-year-old was on the football field happily holding hand with another little boy. After the game, as we were returning home, I asked him if he is gay. He said yes. I asked him if the neighbor girl was still his girlfriend. He said, “we’re just friends”. I explained that some people like boys and girls, and asked if he did. He replied, “I kind of like girls, but I’m gay”. I consider this a parenting win. I’m so proud that my child feels safe saying, “I’m gay”, without fear of judgement from his parents.


Sunday, May 9, 2010, is Mother’s Day.


I decided to pay my mom a surprise visit, and bring her my gift — ang matagal na niyang inaawitang eBook reader na Amazon Kindle. I arrived at her house and found her chit-chatting with 2 of her amigas. After giving me one quick eye swoop, one of the amigas quipped, “Mare, ang guwapo pala ng anak mo.” Natuwa naman ako ng slight, so I guess a bit of a smile inadvertently escaped my lips. The amiga followed up, now directing her attention to me. “May asawa ka na ba, hijo?” I responded, “Wala pa po.” To which the other amiga quickly retorted, “Eh girlfriend?” In an instant, my mom came to the rescue, “Natali sa trabaho. Siya at yung bunso ko, mga wala pang asawa. Tali kasi sa trabaho.”

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rocky12 Once upon a time, when Janvier Daily was the talk of town, his mother came to this blog to share her thoughts about the controversy surrounding her son. This time, it’s Rocky Salumbides’ mom who airs out her thoughts. Mga mommy, welcome po kayo dito. *hugs*

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Hi sa inyong lahat….maraming salamat to your criticisms and comments..some are nice, some are so hurting kahit di naman nila gaanong kilala ang tunay na pagkatao at pinagmulan ni Rocky. WHile Rocky is still inside the Big Brother house, just please watch him na lang. If you really know Rocky that well at gusto nyo syang tirahin, antayin nyo na lang lumabas at harapin nyo sya… It is so hurting to read the comments, especially those bad ones para sa akin bilang nanay nya.

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