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TJ Trinidad and Mylene Dizon The Fabcasters are back, and this time, with the Chris Martinez, director/writer/producer of “100” — the indie movie starring Mylene Dizon, Tessie Tomas, and Eugene Domingo. Chris is also the screenplay writer of Bridal Shower, Bikini Open, Sukob, and Caregiver. He was also the playwright of the fabulous musical play “Zsazsa Zaturnnah.”

The movie, Cinemalaya 2008’s most-awarded entry and rated “A” by the Cinema Evaluation Board, talks about the unfabulous topic of death, and an OC woman’s (Mylene Dizon) 100 raging things to do before kicking the bucket. The fabcast mostly talks about Chris’s experience in making movies (both writing and directing), in the indie scene and mainstream.

So I thought you guys would like a feature on an icon of success for us PLUs — here you go then, listen and learn, mga ‘teh!

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Here I go again, my perfunctory trip to the US. I’m writing this post while waiting for my flight to Los Angeles, California. I was a bit emotional leaving the house kanina, knowing I’ll miss my partner during the 3 weeks that I will be away. Haaayyy… and so just as I finished packing my stuff this afternoon, I went bloghopping. I found a treasure of a song, just right for the moment — it’s Kirsten Dunst singing Dream of Me. Beautiful song! I dedicate this to my partner, Marco. Why am I writing this very personal post? Well, I figured it’s just right for me to declare my love to the person who I have been with for the past 6 months — too bad I’ll be away when we celebrate our 6th monthsary. Mahal, in front of the 40,000+ readers of my blog, here’s the song “Dream of Me,” and I dedicate it to you. Advanced happy monthsary!

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I was in a Starbucks shop in Manila recently with no other than DowneLink’s infamous Dencio. He was with Paulo, his beloved partner (also of Closet Badets). We were waiting for Marco (the third guy who completes the triumvirate of the Closet Badets) who was then coming from a nearby school. To while away the time, I was teasing him about his almost magical prowess to hook up whenever he wanted, that was when he was still unattached. So the idea of a quickie interview came up — maybe I’d let Dencio give us some basic instructions on how to get laid in oh-so-gay Manila. Listen and learn.

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Here’s the second part and conclusion of the Sex Fabcast by the Fabcasters — where we talk about… top or bottom (sexual compatibility, how important is it? what if you’re both top? or both bottom?)… can love make you change your top/bottom preference?… Tony’s “finger test”… How to hook up a chubby chaser?… and a special shout out to the famous Agent Boytoy… these and more in this part 2 of the Sex Fabcast. Enjoy!

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Our very first podcast that talks about S-E-X. Join Fabcasters Tony, McVie, Gibbs, and I as we discuss this topic and its many facets. For Part 1: How much is too much? How much are you getting these days? Are you promiscuous? Straights say that gays are promiscuous — do you agree? What makes one promiscuous? Is sex on the first date a good idea? These, a revelation, and more in this first part of the SEX fabcast.

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Our dear kapatid, Gibbs Cadiz, won Best Blog – Arts & Culture Category in the recently concluded Philippine Blog Awards 2008, held at the One Esplanade at the Mall of Asia Complex. I knew he would win — such a well-deserved victory! Mabuhay ka ‘teh! And by the way, Gibbs is celebrating his birthday today, September 22! MGG readers, go to Gibbs Cadiz’ blog and send our well wishes to our fabulous friend, co-Fabcaster, and birthday celebrator Gibbs Cadiz!

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Here’s a very short podcast we recorded right after the awards night.
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The Fabcasters and the Closet Badets recently went out-of-town to seek relaxation and peace… and do some podcasting… now, listen to this very different podcast. Very, very different. Warning: this fabcast may shock you. Or not. Listen. (But careful with the volume.)

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Production by: McVie

If there’s one thing this past week that made me stop and think, ponder and reflect, it was Charlie’s letter.

I’m Charlie, turning 27 in a couple of months. I’d like to share my story with your readers… I found out about my condition (…) last year. I’m HIV positive.

His was the third I received this August, talking about being HIV-positive. His letter simply rendered me without anything to say, at least temporarily. I didn’t know how to react. It was overwhelming. I thought, if I fire off sweet, encouraging words, will that really help? Will that really make Charlie feel better about his condition? If I start playing the role of a cold jaundiced preacher, lecturing on lessons learned from Charlie’s experience and perhaps advocate “safe sex” till the cows come home, will it really make a difference? I don’t know.

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I was not able to stop it. I was trying to hold the topic off as long as I could but it was no longer possible. I had to give in. The podcast has been recorded. The topic: “Religion and the Gay Guys” errr… maybe this title here is better: “Homosexuality and Religion — how do you reconcile them?”

This has got to be the the podcast with the most number of people in attendance. The whole Fabcaster gang was present (Gibbs, McVie, Tony, CC, AJ, and moi) plus guests Dennis, James, and Senan (AJ’s boyfriend). Nine folks gabbing so this is indeed a riot — but because of the topic, I’d say this one is among the most substantial podcast we’ve recorded. That being said, I invite you: listen to this podcast, reflect and genuflect, and comment away answering the million-dollar question: how do you reconcile your homosexuality and your religion?

Streaming podcast and MP3 downloads after the jump.

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Closet Badets and the Fabcasters answer questions from MGG readers. Topics tackled include open relationships, straight-acting vs. out, transforming to being pa-gurrrl, getting married in the future, “Migs”, etc.
Here’s the continuation of our previous post, “Closet Badets Meet the Fabcasters

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Masterfully Produced / Edited by: McVie
Music Credits:
“Sayin’ Somethin’ Toxic” by Dunproofin’
“Promiscuous With You” by Party Ben
“Like I Love Your Generation” by Pheugoo
“Freak No. 5” by Missy Elliot vs. Lou Bega
“Yeah In The Shadows” by Go Home Productions
“Twelve String Milkshake” by Glen Campbell vs. Kelis